2015: My Favorite Adventures

It’s tradition.

Every December, I find myself culling through blog posts from the past year, jogging memories from my favorite adventures of the past calendar year. In a way, that is quite honestly my favorite thing about having a long-standing blog: I can look back at my favorite memories and smile. This year is no different and I found myself excited to discover what I’d include in my list of favorite 2015 adventures. My favorites are below; enjoy!

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Discovering the Nokhu Hut


All photos by Will Rochfort

We’ve spent many nights in a variety of backcountry accommodations, but Will and I were psyched when we stumbled on the Nokhu Hut. In fact, I daresay it is one of our favorite huts!


Nokhu is up in Northern Colorado, near Cameron Pass. It’s a super easy trek to the hut–1.5 miles–but the  hut itself is adorable. It’s teeny tiny; perfect for four people. But most important is the ski access! There is some amazing touring and skiing around Lake Agnes and the four of us had an awesome day exploring the crunch snow. When I think about all of our backcountry trips, Nokhu stands out as a favorite.

Antelope Canyon 55k

I’ve waxed on and on about this race for the past 10 months, so what’s one more time?!


In short, the Antelope Canyon changed my running mindset. I always wondered whether I could go further than the minimum of double digit jaunts. Antelope Canyon proved that I could. Antelope also helped push my envelope in regards to upcoming races. It is entirely this race’s fault that I’m signed up for both the Bryce Canyon 5ok and the R2R2R in 2016. It helped me realize how much more I wanted from myself.

Our Bachelor/ette Weekend


Will and I didn’t follow the usual path leading up to our wedding. Instead of separate bachelor/ette parties, we did one large combined event where we rented a big house in the mountains and all of our friends spent the days skiing together and the nights playing games over beers and jokes. It was, in a word, perfect.


Little sis has hops!

That said, my favorite part of the weekend was realizing how much my friends care and what they are willing to do to support our friendship. My sis flew in from Honolulu; my other friend road tripped from Nebraska. Others flew in from Florida and California and Arizona and braved storms to drive up from Denver. It meant the world to have so much love surrounding us in support of our impending nuptials, and I know I’ll never forget that feeling as long as I live.

Skiing My First Fourteener

Getting into backcountry skiing was always a big goal of mine. Once that was accomplished, I wanted to ski a 14er. Finally, Will and I got the opportunity last year when we tackled Quandary Peak.



Because, fashion.

And truthfully, it was nowhere near as scary as I thought! We didn’t summit the peak–I was simply gassed–but the experience was awesome. Views from above 14k are always amazing, but it was even more impressive in the winter when everything was dusted with white snow. I’m really looking forward to skiing another one this year!

Packrafting Canyonlands

Maybe it was the ridiculously hot temps, or maybe it was my absurdly heavy, ~45 pound backpack. Whatever the reason, this trip goes down as the MOST exhausting trip of 2015!


The rafting itself was fine {aside from that whole, “we forgot a boat” thing!} But the {two} hikes out of the canyon worked me. I remember looking at Will and Stew and Kalen hiking ahead of me, seemingly unfazed by the steep climb and heavy packs. Truthfully, it was disheartening. Why was it so much easier for them than me?

As it turns out, we were all suffering {although I’m convinced I was hurting the worst of the group.} But rather than dwell on the fact that I was the weak link, I used that experience to remind me that I can always push a little harder, go a little longer. Should be helpful when training for the upcoming R2R2R!

My First CrossFit Competition


I was terrified going into this comp! I can run races or whatnot, but there is something inherently intimidating in a CrossFit comp. So many people watching and staring while you try to lift heavy objects; awkward!

Needless to say, this team even was a lot more fun than I expected–and way less scary.  I did a workout that I’ve never been able to do before {at the prescribed weight} and it was so exhilarating. Sure, it was tough but I DID IT. I felt incredibly accomplished after that!

Our Kurgo Honeymoon Road Trip


Without a doubt, this road trip changed Will and I forever. It wasn’t the *typical* honeymoon and we realized that early on when coworkers asked Will if we were living in a van because we had spent all of our money on the wedding! But for us, it was perfect.


We traipsed around the Canadian Rockies for two weeks, stopping and camping whenever and wherever we wanted. We hiked every day and nestled up in our van every night, drinking wine and planning the next day’s adventures. It was far more idyllic than we ever imagined…so when can we go back?!

Our Wedding


Wedding photography by Andrew Bydlon

2015 wouldn’t be complete if our wedding wasn’t included at the top of the list! Hands down, marrying Will was the highlight of my year. After months of planning a rustic wedding on our family’s property in Western Colorado, the entire day went off without a hitch. The weather was perfect; the vendors all showed up; and of course, we both said “I do.”



Here’s to a million more adventure with this guy!


What would be at the top of your 2015 adventure list?


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    Quite a year!!! But at the rate you two are going, 2016 could top it!

  • Reply Alyssa Lindsey at

    I love having a blog for the same reason! Not that my reflections look anything like yours, but you get the idea. My running buddy is climbing Everest for her honeymoon, makes me think of you! You guys are seriously the perfect couple, you have so much fun together! Weddings are amazing for that reason – the only time all your friends and family will be in one place. Here’s to an awesome 2016!

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  • Reply Rund är också en form! at

    Wow, what a year!
    Amazing photos (too)! 🙂

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