2015: The Year of Resolutions?

It’s inevitable. The ball drops, we kiss each other and the calendar flips to a new year. Without fail, my mind begins contemplating what I would ideally like to accomplish in the next 12 months. But here’s the catch: I don’t typically believe in New Year’s resolutions. If you want to change something, I think you should dive into the deep end of the pool and begin your new path immediately. Why wait? Why does January 1 have a perpetual grasp as the impetus of change?

Ironically, this year has been different. 2014 was one of the best years of my life. I traveled abroad multiple times; Will and I got engaged; my little sister got married to a fantastic man; my freelance career progressed and my blog continues to grow; I experienced ridiculous outdoor adventures; and our family business is flourishing. My loved ones are happy and I have an amazing support system in all walks of my life. Truly, I couldn’t ask for more.

But there is always room to grow and I’ve been thinking about a few ways for me to work on self-improvement. Some of my ideas are personal and don’t belong on this site. Others are just plain boring and not something I feel like including in the realm of outdoor adventure and fitness {hello, paying off student loans!} However, there are a few health goals that I’ve targeted for 2015:

Get My Eating in Order

I don’t write a food blog but truthfully, this has gradually become a critical element of my life these days, and not just because I need calories to survive. The way food reacts with my asthma is absurd and I’m making a concerted effort to dial in my eating habits in order to improve my lungs….and quality of life. As I wrote about last month, I won’t die when I eat certain foods; rather, my breathing just gets crazy, I cough a lot, my throat drains, and I develop blisters in my mouth. Even more, with the holiday binge known as sugar for days, I’ve noticed that it also causes my skin to go crazy with breakouts. Definitely not my favorite.


Will likes fruit (right) while I’m more of a veggie lover (left)!

As a result, Will and I are attempting to clean up our diet and eliminate all the foods which seem to adversely react with my suffering lungs. When Whole Foods and Garmin approached me about a partnership, it seemed ideal. I’m desperately in need of clean food right now and Whole Foods offers that up.

More so, I need to continue dialing in my nutrition while I run. Some of the tried-and-true ultra foods exacerbate my inflammation like crazy. And some of my absolutely favorite trail foods are becoming no-no due to my immediate and extreme reactions. Potato chips? I wish. Quesadillas? Only if I want to clear mucous from my throat for a solid 30 minutes. And my beloved Honey Stinger waffles? Love them but they are getting weaned out. This whole process has been annoying and frustrating but it needs to get done.

Move More

This is a different goal for me than the majority of America because I exercise plenty. I always get five workouts in per week and they are never less than an hour with some of the outdoor excursions stretching into 8-10 hour days. However, since Garmin sent me their vívofit, it’s been interesting to watch the regularity of my movement outside of exercise.

Garmin Collage

As I gain more and more freelance writing assignments, I spend more time at my computer. And when we are in season for work, my job has largely become personnel and HR and designs and client communication. All of this also takes place at a laptop. In short? I have become falsely confident in my level of activity. I know I exercise plenty so I assumed I get enough movement in. However, the vívofit has a feature that tells you when you’ve been sitting for too long, and I’m already slightly embarrassed at how often it starts flashing at me! It’s also been eye-opening to see how many steps I gather during a morning of writing. Some days, it has been abysmally low. It can’t be good for my body to remain sedentary for such long periods of time, so I’m hoping to use this new device as a reminder to move in the middle of my long writing sessions.

Finish the 50k With a Smile

Antelope Canyon is growing closer and every day thrusts my nerves up just a tad! For awhile, I was supremely confident in my abilities to finish all 34 miles. However, as my training days disappear from the calendar, my confidence diminishes a little. I still know I can finish the race, but I’d really like to finish it happy, with a smile, and not deep within the confines of a pain cave!


I think moving more on the daily will help with this, as will sorting out my food stuffs. However, I need to get more back-to-back long runs in during the month of January, and I need to enact this plan now. The holidays are over and there really isn’t that much time left. If I don’t want Heidi to drag my ass through that course, I need to continue training to ensure I finish it under my own esteem!

100k in Elevation Gain

After this post went alive, I immediately thought of another goal I’d like to add on for 2015: I’d like to climb 100k feet in elevation gain! This is a lofty goal, but I totally think it can be done with all of the hiking, backpacking and trail running we do. The downside is that I will need to wear a GPS on all of my activities in order to precisely track this, but I think I’m willing to give it a shot. 100k in 2015!

To Be Continued…

I have a few other adventure-related goals for the year, and one large one in particular. However, some of them focus on wedding adventures and honeymoon journeys, so they need to stay under wraps for the time being. Suffice to say, the above resolutions will help to accomplish even bigger obstacles in the coming months. Stay tuned!

This post is sponsored by Garmin and Whole Foods Market as part of their #PathtoFit program. The views and opinions expressed above are my own. As part of this project, I’ll be writing weekly over the next six weeks on the above goals. If you want to join in on the fun, use the above hashtag on social media to share your upcoming goals!


Do you believe in resolutions? What’s your biggest goal for 2015?


  • Reply Kovas - Midwest Multisport Life at

    The 100K is an ambitious goal! I started using a standing desk for a lot of my computer time, which definitely helps with sitting less – I’d love to get a treadmill desk (and a treadmill) to add movement to work time. Best of luck with your goals!

    • Reply heather at

      It is definitely a lot! I’ll be writing more about the specifics of my goals next week, but I’m excited to tackle that one 🙂

  • Reply Cameron Jarman at

    Thanks for the post! I enjoy reading your stuff am look forward to reading updates on the goals

    • Reply heather at

      Thanks Cameron!

  • Reply Caryn Struttman at

    Great post, yet again! Very curious about
    The vivofit and elevation gain elements. We will have to xc ski soon and catch up! Thanks for the fun reminder of keeping up on your goals, although nt necessarily needing them to be only for the new year. Absolutely agree on going for it no matter the time of year! Xo

    • Reply heather at

      Hey lady! To the best of my knowledge, the vivofit doesn’t track elevation gain– I’ll have to use a different device for that. But yes– let’s catch up soon!

  • Reply Heidi @BananaBuzzbomb at

    You know I’m right with you with this ultra. Let’s do this friend. We’ve got it. =)

    • Reply heather at

      Big run on deck for tomorrow– if I can feel ok tackling it, I’ll have a burst of confidence 🙂

  • Reply Krysten at

    Finish 50K with a smile sounds pretty BADASS!! You are going to crush 2015!

    • Reply heather at

      Thanks Krysten– I sure hope so! I’m going through one of those “OMG, what in the world did I do?!” moments, so I’m digging the boost of confidence 🙂

  • Reply CARLA at

    ahh ahh ahh I SO SO SO COVET YER GARMIN too!!

    • Reply heather at

      Kinda loving playing with this thing!

  • Reply Heather @ FITaspire at

    I’m not a resolution girl either, but goals sound good. I know it’s almost splitting hairs between the two though. 🙂 I am bad about sitting for long stretches too – the computer is bad for that!

  • Reply Hayley@healthyregardshayley at

    These are great ones! I too am trying to really get my eating in order. Why do we all eat things we know aren’t the best for us?! That and to keep following my heart, dreaming big and making sure I am doing everything in my power to get where I want to go oh and enjoying where I am (: Happy New Year!

  • Reply Sara from Sweden at

    I just found your blog and I will be delighted to follow you on your adventures. I’m keen on adventures myself but I’m also astonished to see how lazy I can be when I’m not out on the trails (when it comes to the Vivofit that is…).

    • Reply heather at

      Welcome! And you know, I was just thinking that! I reached my step goal super early today after an 8 mile run, but then I came home and sat at a computer for two hours. I looked down and the vivofit was flashing at me LIKE WHOA! Definitely a goal to move more regularly!

  • Reply Alyssa at

    You will definitely finish the 50k with a smile! And sign up for another! 2014 was such a big year for me I’m kind of struggling to think of of a goal for this year. Not that I don’t have anything to improve upon, 2014 will just be hard to top. I guess figure out some sort of balance between working and motherhood and not lose my mind in the process.

    • Reply heather at

      I feel like surviving and thriving during motherhood is a lofty goal in itself!

  • Reply Angela Leflett at

    I’m not huge on “resolutions”. More of 1 or 2 goals to work harder at achieving rather than having a list of things to do before the year end that lose track of my attention. My goal for this year is to run at least one 5k a month. A friend of mine did it a year ago and not only did she have fun, it helped keep her active. I’m running a half marathon in February with my brother (his first half, my 3rd), and I don’t want to do the half and stop running thinking “okay well I’ve completed that my training is done.” I feel doing a 5k a month will motivate me to keep my running up so that I excel at the races

    • Reply heather at

      Ha, sounds like we are the opposite! If I finish a big goal (like my upcoming 50k) I go crazy afterwards, registering for ALL THE RACES. Completing one goal motivates me to reach further. I love your goal of running one 5k per month! 5ks are the most painful race to me–since I’m so darn slow!– so I applaud you. I’d love to hear how it goes!

      • Reply Angela Leflett at

        Oh how funny! Run all the races! 🙂 I’m super slow as well, but I figure it’s better than sitting on my bum. 😉 I’m averaging a 13:30 min/mi but I’ve drastically improved since I started running, so I’ll take it.

        • Reply heather at

          Nice job! And I bet after running a 5k every month, your times will continue to improve!

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