A 30 Minute AMRAP & My Reebok Nano Speeds

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Inhaling cake and champage at Road Runner Sports’ Tuesday night Girls Night Out. Mmm, cupcakes.

I wore a pair of my semi-new shoes to CrossFit this week and tackled a somewhat unusual workout at Big Horn: a 30 minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible). Now, for the runners in the group, 30 minutes obviously isn’t rough, but for most CrossFitters, that is significantly longer than normal! I still reside somewhere in the middle, loving both CrossFit and my running, so I was psyched to see how well the two worlds would collide!

The workout:

In 30 minutes, do as many rounds of possible of:

800 m run

10 push presses @ 65#

20 jumping lunges

30 deadlifts @ 65#

Once you cycle through all of that, you mark it off as one round and head out for the second! In the end, I completed four rounds + an additional 400 meter run before my 30-minute time cap ran out. It was definitely bizarre in the sense that I had to be careful not to go out too quickly and blow up in the end. It was also much different than my regular runs because of all the strength stuff in the middle of each round—I found myself looking forward to the run just to “catch my breath”!

Anyway, I also got the chance to give my new Reebok Nano Speeds a try since the majority of the WOD was running. I’ve worn them for a few weeks now, but this was definitely the most running-heavy workout that I’ve completed since Reebok sent them to me (Yes, I received these shoes for free).

Nano Speed

My neon Nano Speeds. Yay, neon!!

The Good:

These are so much more natural to run in when compared to the regular Nano CrossFit shoes! They’re designed more like a running shoe so they roll easily underfoot. They’re also super lightweight and flexible but I still felt like I had a solid support cage to give me some assistance while stumbling my way through the workout. And, per usual with a CrossFit shoe (and my preference), they are only a 3 mm drop from heel to toe. Muy bueno. The regular Nanos are already my go-to shoes for CrossFit, and I’ve found these Nano Speeds to be my new fave for running-heavy WODs.

The Questionable:

Like I said, the Nano Speeds are super flexible and lightweight, but it makes me wonder as to their durability. Granted, I have absolutely no basis for that statement and they’ve held up great over the past month, so I may just be crazy. I guess time will tell!


CrossFitters: Do you wear the Nanos to WOD? If not, what do you wear?


  • Reply Danielle @ Its A Harleyyy Life at

    I love my nanos! They are awesome shoes!

    • Reply heather at

      Seriously! Reebok just allowed me to make a custom pair that just shipped this morning– psyched to see my new ones! 🙂

  • Reply Marissa @ Barefoot Colorado at

    I wear nano 2.0’s to WOD in. However, if there is a lot of running programmed for the day I wear my running shoes! Not great to lift in, but I can’t stand to run farther than 400m in plain old nanos!

    • Reply heather at

      Definitely check out the Speeds when the budget allows. Speaking from experience, I know lifting in running shoes is NOT ideal 🙂

  • Reply Andrea R. @ Morning Runner Girl at

    I WOD in my Inov’s! I love them!!! Although I am verrrry picky about what I run in, so If I see running in a WOD with lighter lifting, i will switch over to a more running type shoe.
    Great WOD!!! I will have to do this one next week! the last two week I have been doing a WOD for time that takes me 48mins! ((talk about a long one!!)) it kills me! In case you are interested– 19 power cleans with squats, 1 burpee over bar jump, 18 power squat cleans, 2 burpees, 17 power squat cleans, 3 burpees…. etc… until 1 power squat clean, 19 burpees. STarts out easy… ending kills you!!

    • Reply heather at

      That looks like a good one! Do you have any idea what the weight is? Thanks for the tip!

      • Reply Andrea R. @ Morning Runner Girl at

        Ya prescribed was 45#. Felt light and easy and I was “annoyed” that that was prescribed… but I was definitely thankful for it later! However, after a couple times of this WOD, I think I will increase it. ((depends if I want to go for a faster cardio-esq workout of more strength training))
        Hope that helps!

  • Reply Kelsey @ Ramblings of Change at

    I love my Nano 2.0’s – I’m wishing for some Speeds to enter into my life. =)

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