I’m Not Too Busy

When I worked in a restaurant, the expression we used was “in the weeds.” I never understood why that particular piece of vernacular worked its way into the culinary industry, but nevertheless, I latched onto it and it remains with me to this day. Anytime I’m swamped with work or ridiculously busy, I find myself explaining, “I’m in the weeds.” Like, what does that even mean? That you’re mowing the lawn? I mean, I’d be psyched if I truly was in the weeds because that would mean that I actually got to go outside and play in the fresh air somewhere that weeds grow!

Because alas, my friends, I am most definitely not in the literal weeds. In this digital era, we hear it all the time on social media platforms: I’m so busy. And I will admit that I’ve felt that way over the past few weeks too. You see, for the first time in my adult life I daresay I feel like I bit off more than I can proverbially chew in regards to time management. And truthfully, it’s an interesting feeling. In the past when I’ve said those three words–I’m so busy–it’s been relative. I mean, I was busy but I was still getting sleep and finding time to workout and catch up with my husband and grab dinners with my friends. It was those things that made me busy. But right now, it’s that other kind of busy. You know, that kind where so many awesome things collided at once that you barely had time to realize what was happening before diving into Item #1 on your to-do list?


And that’s the thing. Life is good even though my darker daily moments try to convince me otherwise. Friends, you know I was contracted to write a book. And I knew signing the contract that it would be a tight deadline. Some people have a year to write a book; I have eight weeks to write 60,000 words. Five of those weeks have passed; I have 2.5 weeks left. What do they say about looming deadlines?

But I’ve also–suddenly–picked up so many additional freelance projects that it’s making my head spin. I’m excited about all of them but the checklist is growing longer by the day. Will and I shot some photos last night for a quick project with Gore-Tex and Saucony. I found myself running around a train station at 8 pm on a Monday night, only to head home afterwards and start writing the article. Both were due today and I don’t miss deadlines; ever.

Big Horn coaching training has been going well! I’m spending two hours/week at the gym, shadowing and learning from our gym owner. I moved beyond shadowing and will likely start running some warm-ups soon, and I’m psyched for the progress. But of course, the dark side of my mind is screaming at me: “Hey, you do know the only time you’ve set foot in this gym in three weeks has been for coaching training, right? You haven’t lifted a barbell in almost 21 days!” Nor have I gone for a run. Or a hike. Or any type of activity that lifts my heart rate above a sit-at-the-desk level.


All GTX/Saucony photos by Will Rochfort

Did I mentioned we moved? Probably not because we kept a lot of the details off the internets. But it’s true! We sold our house back in the winter and began building a new home. It was finally finished two weeks ago so the past fourteen days have involved late night hours with our storage pods and moving dollies. Since our home is new, we are responsible for the backyard landscaping and I’ve spent the past ten days hauling ass to get the irrigation and edging installed so that we could get the sod down with enough time to water it in before winter truly hits the Mile High City. It was a tight deadline but I pressured myself into hitting it because I really, really did not want a muddy mess of a backyard all winter. Can you imagine the shenanigans Tally would have found with her own personal mud bog?!

Of course, I still have our family business. You know, the real job that I head to every single morning but rarely talk about! As is usual with small businesses, that is never without its trials and this season has been fraught with them. It’s been an eye opening year for me in that regard. I’ve learned a lot about ownership and come to some realizations about hypothetical future situations once my parents are long retired.

When I sat down to start writing a blog post tonight, I wasn’t entirely sure what would happen. I’ve been sitting at my keyboard since 1 pm, working on my manuscript. I didn’t know if I wanted to type anymore but thought I’d see what came out. As it turns out, a lot. Of course, it’s a lot of abnormal stuff for this ol’ website but that will do.


More than anything, the takeaway is this: life is freaking good, man. I may use the words “in the weeds.” I may have a weekly breakdown to Will, sobbing about the space-time continuum not allowing for more than 24 hours in a day. I may try to regularly fit an eight-hour work day into six hours so I can have a bonus two hours to work on my book. One day, I may try to unpack the hundreds of boxes scattered around our new home {and find our laundry hookups in the process. Man, we need to do laundry!}

But you know, if the worst problem I have in life is too much of a good thing, I guess I’m pretty okay with that. I’m not too busy; I’m simply conquering my life.



  • Reply Sandra at

    So many amazing things happening for you! First of all, to move in your own home is incredible. You must be happy to be nesting into your new abode. And you are doing such great things with writing a book and everything else! Congrats! It sounds like it is a great kind of busy.

  • Reply Lynn @ The Not Dead Yet Blog at

    Douglas Adams once said, “I love deadlines. I love the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.” He always missed his deadlines, but he still put out great work. But stay on track, lady, because the sooner you write it the sooner I can read it! I know it’s hard to get 60k words out. I have an 85k project due in November. Some days I write 500 words, and some days I write 5k. (THOSE DAYS SUCK. But are still somehow fantastic.) When I’m stuck, I turn to Anne Lamott: “Write shitty first drafts.” You can’t edit a blank page. I think it applies well to both fiction and non-fiction!

  • Reply Caryn at

    Yes on the Space-time continuum! Hahaha. I’m glad all of your projects are enjoyable if they are to keep you so busy :). Can’t wait to keep reading about what all unfolds!

  • Reply Heidi at

    Hang in there! You’rr almost there!

  • Reply Rafael Kosoniscs at

    I loved your blog. I got here by chance. The google friend brought me here. I wish you luck in your projects. Being busy is a very good sign that life is moving, right? Sorry for the English, I am Brazilian. Blogger too. And I understand your distress haha.
    Now, I’m your younger player. 🙂

  • Reply Ashley L at

    That’s a lot on your plate – sounds like life is full 🙂 Congrats on the new house! Moving and all that comes with it is a Big Life Event in itself, hah. We’re finishing the last of our fixer upper and hope to move into the foothills over the winter.

    Good luck finishing up the manuscript, can’t wait to see the finished product!

  • Reply Jessie at

    I love this shift in perspective. It is so easy in society to talk about being busy and the competition that comes along with that. I heard this quote on a podcast a few months ago that really struck a chord with me: “How you live your every day is how you live your whole life.” If you go in and out of each day obsessing about how busy you are, you will feel that way your whole life. I like to focus instead on how full my life is and how grateful I am to be able to pursue so many opportunities and be active outdoors. Great post and reminder 🙂

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