2017 Holiday Gift Guide: The Best Gifts for Adventure Travelers 

The Best Gifts for Adventure Travelers 

‘Tis the most wonderful time of the year! Truly, I’m a Christmas junkie and this year is exceptionally special. Not only is it our first Christmas with Liliana, but it is also our first Christmas in our new home! Last year, we flew to New Zealand on December 8 and didn’t return until the end of the month, so Will and I spent Christmas morning in a hut on the Kepler Track. Of course, I’m not knocking it, but I am really excited to enjoy the holiday at home!

I’m sure you’ve noticed an absolute surplus of holiday gift guides since they tend to crop up every 42 seconds this time of year. When I thought about my list, I hoped to make it as authentic as possible. As such, here are my favorite items from 2017 that I bought myself. No sponsored items. No freebies. No pay to play. Just a wide smattering of items that I purchased, loved, enjoyed, and want to pass the memo on. Now, get traveling!

Note: Links below may be affiliate links which means I receive a small commission if you purchase anything. As always, I appreciate the support!

The Best Gifts for Adventure Travelers

The Best Gifts for Adventure Travelers 

Canon G7X Mark II

Guys, if you love to travel and love snapping photos but don’t want to invest in a DSLR {or mirrorless} but want something better than a phone, the Canon G7X Mark II is seriously the camera for you. It’s been just over a year since I snagged one for myself and I couldn’t be happier. Technically, it’s a point-and-shoot so if you aren’t into shooting manual, don’t fret. But, if you are looking to learn more about cameras and practice your manual skills, this one is a great option. Plus, it is full frame which is really rare to find in a camera of this price and size. While I am looking to upgrade to a big-girl camera soon, I still think this may come on a lot of our adventures simply because it is so easy to cart around.

Buy the Canon G7X Mark II here.

The Best Gifts for Adventure Travelers 


Kindle Paperwhite

Maybe I’ve mentioned this before, but I really love to read. It’s my go-to activity before bed {or at least, it was before we had a kid and I can easily fall asleep standing up} and I’ve been known to completely miss a bedtime in order to polish off a trilogy.

Whatever. It’s my thing. I’m okay with it.

Back in the day, I had purchased a Kindle Fire which, to be honest, kinda sucked. It was good enough for books but it was heavy, clunky, and backlit which made it impossible to read in bright sunlight. Nevertheless, I trucked along with it for a few years, not wanting to justify purchasing another Kindle. Finally, I bit the bullet and bought a Kindle Paperwhite and I am so glad I did. It’s lighter and smaller than the Fire, making it easy to tuck into my small purse when on the go. Plus, it has zero screen glare, even in bright sunlight. I took the Paperwhite to Vegas this past spring and I read it by the pool while Will was in conferences.

Buy a Kindle Paperwhite here.

National Parks Pass

What kind of outdoorist would you be without a national parks pass?! In all seriousness, Will and I purchase one every year and it easily is worth the $80 investment. Not only do we use it every time we visit Rocky Mountain National Park, but it’s come along on all of our road trips to Zion, Yosemite, Yellowstone, Canyonlands, Great Sand Dunes, and the rest. If you have an adventure junky in your life that really enjoys playing outside, this could be a great bet-you-didn’t-expect-that gift.

Note: If you purchase it now, it will be valid beginning on January 1, 2018.

Buy a National Parks Pass here.

The Best Gifts for Adventure Travelers 


We kind of have a thing in our household: we buy a Buff wherever we travel. It’s our kind of souvenir because we figure it serves two purposes: It holds memories and we can actually use it in “real life.”

Of course, we used to each purchase one but we quickly realized that was beyond excessive. Now, Will and I agree on one design we like that signifies something memorable from our trip. We purchased one with Maori symbols on it while in New Zealand and one with the Camino route on it while in Spain. Not only do these come on every single hiking trip over the course of a year, but they tend to be multipurpose: wash dishes, wipe away sweat, pull hair off your face, or use it as TP {in a serious emergency, of course!}

Buy a Buff here.

Joby Tripod

I realize this isn’t a “real photographer” tripod, but I don’t really care. These GorillaPod tripods are my favorite for travel where outdoor time is guaranteed and flat surfaces are not. I’ve wrapped the tripod around branches, logs, trekking poles, tents, and even Will’s arm. If you have a larger camera, it likely won’t work but it holds my G7X up just fine.

Buy a Joby GorillaPod here.

The Best Gifts for Adventure Travelers 

Patagonia Infant Hi-Loft Down Sweater Bunting

Just because we had a baby doesn’t mean we’re willing to give up our winter yurt trips! Of course, Liliana needs to bundled up since she won’t be the one breaking a sweat while breaking the trail.

The Patagonia Hi-Loft Down Sweater is likely one of the pricier buntings on the market but Will and I liked it for its tech specs: traceable down {to ensure the geese aren’t mistreated}, 600 fill, water repellant and windproof. We have a backcountry hut trip planned in February with Liliana {assuming it finally snows!}, so we bought this to keep her toasty on our adventures. We figure the more comfortable she is, the happier we will be!

Buy the Patagonia bunting here.

Adobe Creative Cloud Solution

If you decide to buy the Canon {or any manual camera}, the Adobe Creative Cloud Solution is an awesome accompanying gift for any adventure traveler. This includes both Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom for all of your editing needs. Will and I each have a subscription and I’d wager we use it on a weekly basis. I love being able to edit all of the photos I snap on our travels!

Buy a Creative Cloud Solution download here.

The Best Gifts for Adventure Travelers 

Backpacking 101

What kind of author would I be if I didn’t promote my own book?! Backpacking can feel intimidating but it doesn’t have to be! I hoped to cover the basics for anyone looking to get into backpacking: gear, emergency situations, food, and overall trip planning. If you know someone looking to dive into the sport, give my book a look.

Buy Backpacking 101 here.




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