A Run for Life: 2018 Donor Dash

Before Liliana was born, I finally made the leap into the name change world. At that point, Will and I had been married for almost two years but changing my last name had been something over which I was dragging my feet. I knew I wanted to take his last name {while keeping my maiden name as my middle name so I could have both}, but I really, really hated the prospect of dealing with the logistics. The paperwork. The long lines at the DMV. Ugh, the social security office. Seriously, my worst nightmare.

So I procrastinated {as one does, right?!} and procrastinated until I realized Liliana could arrive any day if she was an early bird. It was important for me to have the change handled before her birth so there wouldn’t be any issue with her birth certificate, so I hustled to get everything done in time. I wrapped up the major documentation at the DMV {the longest appointment of the group…}, and learned two things in the process:

  1. Did you know you aren’t allowed to smile in your photos anymore? So weird.
  2. Not everyone adds that little heart to their driver’s license, indicating her wish to be a donor.

Once I got over the shock of my angry-looking driver’s license photo, I spoke with the woman at the desk about the subject of donors. Personally, I’ve been a donor ever since I received my first driver’s license at the age of 16. It’s always been important to know that I could help someone else with any viable eyes, organs or tissue, should the worst case scenario occur.

Interestingly enough, now that I’m older and have a child of my own, I feel even more passionately on the subject. As a parent, I would move heaven and earth if it would save my daughter. The way I see it, the more people that opt in as donors, the more people can help each other. The more people out there helping each other, the better chance one of us has should we need the assistance.

{Not to mention, there is a chance I will be receiving a donated ACL tendon when I have my surgery in August!}

This is why I am a staunch advocate of organ donation and thus, the Donor Alliance Denver 2018 Donor Dash 5k! While I won’t be around to participate {nor do I have the knee to do so…this year}, I’m hoping to encourage some of my readers to get out there and participate in the run to support organ donation.

In it’s 19th year, the Donor Dash 5k takes place on Sunday, July 15 in one of Denver’s favorite green spaces: Wash Park. You can run or walk; it doesn’t matter how fast you go as long as you are out there celebrating the lives of organ and tissue recipients and honoring those who are still waiting for their transplants. Last year’s race saw just under 6000 participants so hopefully we can add to that total this year?!

Added bonus: the first 15 participants using code JUSTACOLORADOGAL will receive a free entry! And, if you don’t make the cutoff, you can still get $15 off the regular entry price. For adults, the standard fee is $35 {$15 for children and seniors}, so depending on your age bracket, the $15 discount gives you a hefty discount *or* a completely free registration!

Individual registration closes on July 13 but you can still take care of it on-site the day of the event {if you’re a procrastinator, like me!}

So, who is going to register to run for her life?!



  • Reply Robyn at

    As the family member of a donor and a recipient I love this run and the cause it supports. Unfortunately I can’t be there this year but appreciate you getting the word out.

  • Reply golden triangle tour with tiger safari at

    Such a awesome pictures and post you shared! This post is really amazing. I appreciate your time and effort in your work. Thank you so much for sharing this post!! Keep posting.

  • Reply Laura at

    Thanks so much! I just signed up and am excited for the race 🙂

  • Reply Dana at

    Thanks so very much for the code. I had a great time this am!!

    • Reply Heather at

      Happy to hear it!!

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