An Open Letter of Gratitude

Dear Mama Earth,

Truthfully, I should’ve done this years ago and apologies for my manners. Seriously, how rude am I? I take advantage of your resources on the daily and I’m only just now sending you words of thanks.

When I think back to all of my life’s relationships, I dare say yours is the longest. Obviously, I met you on the first day of my life: only my mom and dad can say the same! But truly, I don’t think I took advantage of your bounty until my later years. Sure, my parents tried to force me into nature hikes and camping trips, but I was just a bratty kid. What did I know?

Fortunately I’m {much} older these days and with age comes wisdom, or so they say. I’m aware of the beauty you offer me daily and I can’t begin to express my gratitude. The views you show me while backpacking in the summer are surreal.


And the wintry wonderland you flaunt during the cold months is off the charts.


That night sky? It’s the thing of movies.


I never knew glacier blue was a real-life color until you showed me.


And yours views from above treeline? Get right out of town!


Thanks, Mama Earth, for showing us what real beauty means. I owe you.


Your Colorado Gal

*Per usual, thanks to Will for all photos!



  • Reply Ingunn at

    Love this. 🙂

  • Reply Cameron Jarman at

    Just did a write up about this as well. Hopefully our future generations will be able to enjoy the blessings of Mama Earth like we have!! Great photos and writing as usual, keep it coming.

    • Reply heather at

      Thanks Cameron! Here’s to hoping this place stays as scenic over the next 100 years 🙂

  • Reply Camilla at


  • Reply Anne at

    This makes me want to go paint some oil paintings, a la Bob Ross with some happy little trees and happy little clouds. You and Will make a great team!

    • Reply heather at

      Oh man, I love Bob Ross! As a kid, I was fascinated by his show!

  • Reply The Padre at

    Big Hugs!!!

  • Reply Crista at

    BEAUTIFUL photos! I need to start hanging out with you 🙂

  • Reply Grainne at

    This is so lovely!

  • Reply Fem länktips - Träningsglädje at

    […] An open letter of gratitude (och varför jag vill åka till […]

  • Reply Lynn Smith at

    Hi Heather!

    I’m a mom – so I follow a lot of “mommy” blogs where I live, I find that they are chalked full of great ideas for fun things to do in town with your kids, home activities and crafts, etc. My family and I are moving to Denver next month so I have been trying to read a few local blogs on the area, things to do with kids, see pictures of the area (I have only been to Colorado once and that was for 3 days in Aspen – it was a lot of fun but not nearly enough time to get to know the area). You have THE MOST AMAZING Colorado blog in existence and I really mean that. The pictures are incredible and your posts are enjoyable to read. I know that Colorado is beautiful but I haven’t seen any blogs do it justice quite like yours. Great posts! Great pics! Can’t wait to move and share these amazing locations with my kids.

    • Reply heather at

      Hi Lynn- Thanks so much for your kind words! Seriously, your comment just made my day 🙂 How exciting that your family is headed this way! If you are ever looking for fun things to do in the other with your kids, feel free to shoot me an email and I may be able to give you some suggestions. Also, my friend (actually, one of my former journalism instructors at CU-Boulder!) has a website dedicated to family travel, a lot of which is here in CO. She may be able to give you some fun ideas for your family! —>

  • Reply Kayla at

    Aw, this is so cute.

    Remember back in the day, when sometimes your blog posts didn’t even have pictures????? And now you have an amazing gallery to accompany every sentence. 🙂

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