Big Horn Crossfit: Day #1

I finally made it to a crossfit box to give this stuff a legit try!

I mentioned last week that I would be making my first visit to Big Horn Crossfit sometime soon, and that day was last night. I geared up in my Reebok Poly PlayDry tank (which I continue to love!) and my Real Flex shoes and headed out to the 4:30 class.

For some bizarre reason, I wasn’t nervous; instead, I was honestly looking forward to getting a good workout in. I had some blood drawn yesterday morning and hadn’t been able to do anything physical 24 hours prior to my doc appointment. In short, the rest of my Vegas trip needed to be sweat out of my system!

I immediately noticed that everyone was wicked friendly and welcoming. There wasn’t any weird crossfit-cult vibe and no one made me feel awkward or uncomfortable for being the new girl. In fact, another woman in the class was only on her second visit! And you know what I realized after I got home? I didn’t even hear the phrase “WOD” a single time! These guys definitely seem to know what they are doing, but they don’t go crossfit-crazy on you either. I like.

The warm up, the “buy in” and the workout were listed on a whiteboard. Brian, the coach, walked us through each of the movements involved, but the workout was very straight forward. No weights were used last night, so my learning curve didn’t quite hit panic level!

The workout:

5 rounds for time:
500 meter row
15 knees-to-elbows
15 supermenย 
(supermans? How the hell do you make that plural?!)
Time: 19:24

I spent a lot of time rowing when my knee was injured, but it was nice to have a coach there to correct my technique. I wasn’t surprised to learn that my form was not quite 100% and I appreciated the critiques. No need to re-injure anything, right?! I also learned that knees-to-elbows royally suck, and I wasn’t even doing them in real form!

You see, anything in Crossfit can be altered or scaled down to your level. Knees-to-elbows require a person to hang from a bar and then use their core muscles to bring their knees all the way up to their freaking elbows…or at least, that’s what I gathered! ย Clearly, my baby abs aren’t on that level yet, so I scaled down to basic knee lifts. Trust me: 5 sets of 15 knee lifts was more than enough for me! My abs are pathetic y’all!

Honestly guys, I really enjoyed the workout! I forgot how much fun it can be to workout in a group environment, and the change in routine was pretty sweet. I’m still heading out for a run today (hoping the knee can handle an easy 4 miles), but I’m planning on heading back to Big Horn in the afternoon or on Friday. Time to get some muscles y’all!


What’s your fave ab exercise?ย 
Because I have no abs, I hate them all ๐Ÿ™‚

Any big workout plans for the day?


  • Reply ash & diz at

    I still can’t get knees to elbows. I’m somewhere between knee raises and knees to elbows. Wait til you try toes to bar. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    congrats on your first official CrossFit WOD. Will you be going back?

    • Reply Colorado Gal at

      Freaking toes to bar. You gotta be kidding me! Yup, actually heading back tonight!

  • Reply Jenna at

    Great job! I am still too much of a baby to try crossfit!! U go girl! Spa love!

  • Reply Big Daddy Diesel at

    I never done a box workout, I am interested in the DOMS you might get this week

    • Reply Colorado Gal at

      It’s kicking in already, although nowhere near as bad as I thought– I just have a bit in my abs and my chest from hanging on the bar. Tonight involves squats though, so I’m willing to bet the next few days will be worse ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Reply Kait Comiskey at

    nice, you encouraged me to try it out! might be a 2013 goal, we’ll see!

  • Reply Heidi @BananaBuzzbomb at

    Way to go! Any discomfort today?

  • Reply Chris Donnelly at

    Glad you tried it! Keep checking it out it’s pretty amazing, take your time and it’ll help you in all of your other activities. While i can get some of them Toes to Bar and Knees to Elbow always HORRIBLE! GOOD JOB!

  • Reply Kovas Palubinskas at

    Awesome you tried it — I’m intrigued but haven’t made the jump yet.

  • Reply MrsQ at

    I’m one of those weird people who likes plank. Well, actually I hate it, but I like it because I can compete with myself and try to hold it longer.

  • Reply Nathan at

    Awesome, Lydia was just talking to a friend that loves Crossfit. I completely agree with the workout philosophy, but can’t get over the cost myself. Funny thing everything she did that day we have at the house (pull up bar, kettlebells, and a place to run around the block). What you miss is the encouragement and collaboration, as well as ability to scale down exercises like pull ups. My favorite ab exercises come from Tim Ferri’s 4 Hour Body, one I use a bench and something to hold my feet and start negative and go just above horizontal. Other is the cat vomit, funny stuff.

    • Reply Colorado Gal at

      The cost is definitely a downside for me, so we’ll see what happens after the month trial. If I LOVE it, my regular gym membership may have to go to offset the cost. I’m sure I’ll keep y’all posted! The encouragement is key, I agree. I suck with at-home workouts for that reason.

  • Reply everydaylivingpnw at

    More and more I keep compiling evidence that crossfit is awesome. The addictive nature, the nice people, and the benefits. I am really going to have to give this a try!

  • Reply KatSnF at

    Love it, great job!

  • Reply Cupcake Kelly at

    Great job! I need to jump on this crossfit train!

  • Reply Courtney from Journey of a Dreamer at

    So glad you liked it! It is awesome to workout with other people who enjoy working out. Can’t wait to read more about it!

  • Reply Adrienne at

    I’ve been looking in to jumping on the crossfit wagon, especially after watching the crossfit games!

  • Reply Kayla Carruth @ kpLoving It at

    You’re going to put holes in the shirt from wearing it so much!!! I bet your other workout clothes are lonely!

    • Reply Colorado Gal at

      Ha, right?! It’s loose which I love– I hate it when tanks ride up while working out! But, don’t worry…I’ll wear a different tank tonight ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Reply Electra @ Vanilla Bean Lean at

    LOVE IT! I just posted about my first official workout at a Crossfit Box too. Definitely a fan. I do crossfit style workouts all the time but it was neat to be in that environment. I didn’t feel any CF cult vibe either, and the coach was super intent on making sure I was on spot with all my form. Definitely a fan! SO glad you had a great experience too!! We should WOD it up (wink! ๐Ÿ˜‰ hahah) sometime together. We may be coming out to CO so I’ll keep u posted!

  • Reply Christine at

    Great job Heather! It sounds like you had a great experience. I would love to try it but it’s always kind of intimidated me. I’m glad to hear that you everyone was nice and there wasn’t a “cultish” atmosphere. Hmmm, might have to give it a try!

  • Reply lovetoread600 at

    Be careful, I have seen marriages ruined by the Crossfit cult. I know that sounds crazy and if I hadn’t witnessed it myself I would have never believed it. I went with a friend to an introductory workout (she had been going about 3 months) and I just couldn’t shake the weird vibe. 3 months later she left her husband cold and has been screwing with him and their 3 kids ever since. I’m sure not all Crossfit gyms are like this but I keep hearing about the “cult” so it must not be the only one.

    • Reply Colorado Gal at

      Oh wow, that sounds freaking awful. Luckily, I’m single and have no plans to leave my dog behind, so I think I’m in the clear ๐Ÿ™‚ But, point taken!

  • Reply Neon Blonde Runner at

    I want to try Crossfit too sometime, I bet it would really help my running!

  • Reply Suz and Allan at

    That sounds like a great first day of crossfit!

  • Reply Crossfit Myths: Debunked - Just a Colorado Gal at

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