Calling an Audible

(Just so y’all know, I had never heard that phrase until recently—maybe something to do with the fact that I never watch football?! Sorry, Peyton.)

So. Guess what I didn’t do this weekend?

Run the Xterra Trail half marathon.

Le sigh.

Here’s the deal.

I’ve been so excited for this race for months. I’ve never run a trail half; in fact, I’ve never run a trail race longer than a 10k! I registered for this a zillion years ago and have eagerly anticipated the end of September. I knew I wouldn’t do well (because when do I ever at a running race?), but I was just looking forward to the experience. I’ve grown to love the trails!

photo (56)

But then, life got in the way.

Ever since Will and I bought the house and moved in together, life has been insane. Not only do I work full-time, running our family’s company with my parents, but I also have picked up quite a few extra writing gigs. Not a ton, and nothing super famous, but there’s always at least one extra piece a week. Fortunately, I’ve also been asked to quite a lot of events lately because of my blog; again, that’s typically 3-4 more events each month. Poor Will is even worse! His corporate job has been crazy lately, and he didn’t even get home from work on Thursday night morning until 1am…and then he had to meet us late at dinner on Friday night because he didn’t get out of there till 8pm. When that combines with his additional work at Backpacker, he is pretty bananas!

I don’t say all of this to complain; we’ve both acknowledged that we’re ridiculously fortunate when it comes to the job thing since it allows us to travel and play, and I’ve gotten some amazing opportunities via my blog. I also realize most people don’t count on a nine month job season, which is my FAVORITE perk! However, it does mean there hasn’t been extra time to devote to our new home together!

Broomfield Days

Fam photo at Broomfield Days

Will sold his furniture with his house in San Diego, and my furniture was more appropriate for a small apartment, so we started from scratch when we moved into this house—and it’s a big house! Because of lack of time, it’s been incredibly sparse with almost no furniture, and even less attention to detail. We haven’t even picked out a couch, let alone add wall art or knick knacks! And don’t even get me started out the outdoor landscaping! We spent one day shoveling rock…and haven’t touched it since, completely because of lack of time.

My point in all this rambling? I called an audible this weekend. After work on Friday, we met up with friends for dinner which is always important to me. Cindy and Angel are my closest friends and we make a point to see each other at least every other week. Otherwise, life gets away from you and you lose touch! We finished around 10:30pm and Will and I were so tired that we came home and fell asleep in our clothes! I awoke at 3:30am only to realize every single light in the house was on and I was still wearing skinny pants and my Tiffany’s necklace. Lovely.

We woke up early on Saturday to go to Broomfield Days with my parents, a local tradition involving a parade, food and carnivals rides. We then headed to Boulder for a meeting before zipping home to make dinner to deliver to a close friend who just had a baby. I signed up for a meal train that her sister created so that the new family could have two weeks at home to adjust without having to worry about cooking. While driving over to her house around 6:30pm, Will and I were beat. I finally realized that getting up at 4am to drive down to Colorado Springs just wasn’t in the cards. Sure, I wanted to run, but not if it was going to interfere with life…or my sanity.

So, instead of running out on Marie and abandoning my friends and their new baby, I made a life choice and bailed on Xterra. It will be there next year but their new baby will already be a year old. Priorities, you know?

To capitalize on the bailing, Will and I were crazy productive yesterday! We cleaned; we bought new living room furniture that will be delivered this week; we bought knick knacks; we found fun kitchen toys; and I finally retrieved the rest of my clothes and house plants from my parents’ house (seriously).


Our bathroom has a semblance of color!


Too adorable not to buy….TJ Maxx Homegoods for the win!

mason jars

We saw these at Pier One months ago, and finally bought them: mason jars with chalkboard labels. Freaking adorable

Did I mention we bought fall decorations too?!


I got crafty with our formal dining table….skillz

And then, the best news of all wrapped up my weekend: I found out my LITTLE SISTER IS ENGAGED!!!! Looks like a Hawaiian wedding is in the works!!


Have you ever called an audible on life, slammed on the brakes, and rearranged your priorities?


  • Reply Miz at

    you made the right call—completely.


  • Reply Rochelle at

    Oh man, can I ever relate. Found out this week that my best friend is seriously ill. Talk about a instant change in priorities for a while but to be there for the people you love, it’s worth the rearrange. Hope you are feeling like life it running a bit more smoothly now that you got to tie up a few loose ends!

    • Reply heather at

      Oh dear, fingers crossed that everything turns okay for your friend. Thinking of you!

  • Reply Christy @My Dirt Road Anthem at

    That race will always be there nest year, I think you made a good call. The table looks great and I bet it felt good to get all that stuff done!

    • Reply heather at

      Waking up this morning was like a huge weight off my shoulders– at least our house is semi-lived in now!

  • Reply Rachelle Q at

    Sounds like you made the right call:) I have done that a few times when “real life” gets in the way. Love the fall decorations!

    • Reply heather at

      Thanks! We acquired a fancy wreath for our front door too…I’m so cheesy with seasonal decorations. I’m a mess at Christmas!

  • Reply Alyssa at

    OMG so exciting about your sister! Will you be the MOH?

    I’ve never heard that phrase but I think I did that this weekend. After spending Friday night and Saturday working my second job, and then catching up on grad work, I passed out yesterday at 6:30pm.
    Everything is a mess, there’s clean laundry everywhere – but the extra sleep was amazing!

    • Reply heather at

      Yes ma’am! (Or at least, I better be– we haven’t really talked about it yet!) Super excited for a Hawaiian wedding!

  • Reply Melissa at

    Your sister got engaged should have been the headliner, BWAHAHAHA!!! Appears you are finally nesting….. 🙂

    • Reply heather at

      Don’t worry– I’m sure your wedding will be front and center of many future posts 🙂 And nesting? Makes me sound like a bird, lil’ sister!

  • Reply Rachel @ Betty LIVIN at

    It happens to us all! I had to call an audible this summer. I got super sick in early June because I was trying to do it all and my body had enough. I opted to slow down and savor the summer ( While I didn’t slow down as much as I wanted, I did cut my commitments in half.

    And those races are supposed to be fun and add enjoyment to your life, pushing yourself to do it wouldn’t have been enjoyable.

  • Reply Amanda @runtothefinish at

    yup, a few years ago my parents came to visit the weekend I had a half marathon planned. I mentally had it all worked for everyone to come cheer, but as the weekend progressed I realized I was going to be sucking up a lot of everyone’s time with driving and getting up super early and it wasn’t the trip I wanted for them.

  • Reply Heidi @BananaBuzzbomb at

    Sometimes like gets in the way…but it’s supposed to. Good call!

  • Reply Christine @ Love, Life, Surf at

    A race is a race and there’s always another race. I think that a lot of people would have had a hard time bailing on the race because they think that they are expected to do it so they have to do it. I’m glad that you were able to make the decision not to run. Congrats to your sister and glad you and Will were able to make some progress on the house!

  • Reply Art at

    “we’ve both acknowledged that we’re ridiculously fortunate when it comes to the job thing since it allows us to travel and play”
    This is a nice sentiment, and so important to appreciate the perks of your life rather than concentrate on the negatives! I’ve called an audible on a lot lately as I’m planning a wedding. I have had to put a lot of my personal priorities on hold because there is just too much to do and it’s physically and emotionally exhausting. This has included allowing my blog to slowly die…which is very upsetting…but I’ll be very happy when I can get back to life and regular working out and writing schedule.

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