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Guys, guess what: I’M RIDING MY BIKE AGAIN!

Let’s rewind so I can tell you the full story. Years ago, cycling was my jam. It was my main form of exercise, and we all know that I lived on my roadie for a few months in 2005. I eventually became more interested in mountain biking, and then I kinda fell out of love with all of my wheeled contraptions when I discovered trails and CrossFit and running. Since then, I’ve dabbled on my road bike and done Elephant Rock with my dad for a couple of years, but that is the extent of my current cycling ways.


Recycled photo but it comes from the living-on-the-bike days!

However, last summer I teamed up with the Colorado Venus de Miles cycling event, an all-female cycling tour in northern Colorado. Unfortunately, the devastating floods hit the state and the event was canceled, so I spent race day volunteering at flood cleanup rather than riding my bike anywhere.

It looks like I get a second chance at the course!

This year, the Venus de Miles crew did something a bit different and chose four ambassador from Colorado to represent the VdM program and help spread the word. Fortunately for me, I was chosen as one of the four!

So…what does this mean?

I’m coming back for the Venus de Miles course in August in the form of the 51 mile course! I don’t feel quite ready for the 100-miler and I know that I could tackle the 33-miler with minimal effort. Besides, a few girlfriends are registering for the 51 miler too, and let’s face it: cycling for hours is far more entertaining with friends!

Truthfully, I’m not really sure how this training cycle is going to work for me. I’m still CrossFitting and running, but I’m hoping to get on my bike a few times per month. Maybe I’ll look at this as an experiment in the efficacy of cross training?!

Venus Memorial Day Offer

And lest I forget….you should come ride bikes with me too! From May 23-30, you can get $10 off the registration cost if you use the code COGal. It will work all summer as well, but only for $5. Why not save the extra cash and register early before the cost increases?! Even better? The VdM cycling event supports Greenhouse Scholars, a fantastic program that helps underserved youth get to college and reach their academic and career potential. I met one of the Scholars last year, and she had just been accepted to medical school!


Who is coming to ride bikes with me?!


  • Reply Carla at

    ILL COME…and use my Street Strider 🙂

  • Reply Alyssa at

    Sounds awesome! I will cheer you on in spirit!

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