Come Out of Hiding! (Part II)

I did this once last year, and it remains one of my all-time favorite posts. Not because I was especially profound in my verbiage {unlikely} or because I used the most scenic photos. Rather, it was my favorite post because I got to know a little bit about you guys; the ones who read this blog; the ones who listen to me yammer on and on; the loyal readers who have been with me for years.

Because that’s how blog world all began, right? People took to the World Wide Web with their fingers on the keyboard, telling stories and documenting who-knows-what for the unknown internet masses. Some of those blogs are still with us today {hello! almost 11 years at this point!} but many more have disappeared to the darkest corners of the blogosphere, right along with MySpace and AOL chatrooms.


And as blog world continues to change {a topic I have oh-so-many thoughts on}, we all change with it. One of the biggest trends I’ve seen over the past 1-2 years is the lack of comments. Circa 2009-2010, comments were the jam. I comment on your blog, you comment on mine. Oh, that blog must be popular because they have 300 comments! Want to grow your blog? Comment on Hungry Runner Girl or Skinny Runner and you’ll get so many followers when her readers see your name!

Truthfully, I’m glad those types of comments are gone because it was all so silly. But on the flipside, I don’t get to know any of my readers through the comments anymore. No one really comments these days {unless I strike a nerve, a la last week’s post}, and I get it. Personally, I rarely do myself. I’m busy; you’re busy; we’re all busy. I love reading blogs, but I don’t frequently take the time to leave any thoughts in the comments. Click on the X and on to the next story.


Once per year, I aim to change that. It worked out really well last year and I loved reading notes from readers all over the country and the world. It gave me snippets of info to tie to your name when you commented later in 2015. I really mean it when I say that I value my readers and enjoy learning bits about your life.

So, it’s time to come out of hiding for 2016!

Who are you? Where do you live? Why do you like reading my blog? {Or maybe I’m a hate read for you? That’ll sting…..but okay} I would love to hear from my readers just this once, before you go back into internet hiding….

…..for another year.





  • Reply Whitney Vestal at

    Hello! I am Whitney! I live in Golden, Colorado! I also write a blog at My main focus used to be running. Now, I like to write about travel, health/fitness in general and still running a lot.

    I like reading your blog because A) you’re in colorado as well; and even if you didn’t write well written things, I’d probably still follow just due to that fact. b) you review a ton of place/things to do that I add to my “to do” list and C) I like your outdoor industry posts and post on respecting the wilderness! I too work in the outdoor industry owning a rock climbing guide business with my Boyfriend!

    • Reply heather at

      Hey Whitney! What’s the name of your climbing guide business?

  • Reply Jasmine at

    My name is Jasmine and I live in Eastern Oregon! This is a new blog for me but so far I love it, your humor is similar to mine. Keep adventuring!

  • Reply Holly at

    Here are my comments…

    I love your blog because it provides a vicarious pleasure reading about all the hiking, traveling, outdoor adventures and sometimes very amusing misadventures, you, often with Will and Tally (both a keeper), have. You seem to tell it like it is and keep it real. It’s very inspiring to see how much fun you manage to fit into your life. I’m much older than you and have slowed down a bit, not a lot, and your posts are often about things I wish I had done when I was younger. Take note all you young ones! I’ve never been to Colorado and like seeing all the possibilities out there, not that I don’t have many of my own not too far away from my home in the Boston area. Also appreciate the seemingly unbiased equipment reviews or comments. And lastly, I like your writing style like we were just hanging out and the great pictures!

    • Reply heather at

      Hey Holly– you know, that made me laugh because Will always tells me that I write “exactly how I speak” and I’m never sure how to interpret that. Turns out, you read it exactly like I sound in real life, apparently! 🙂

  • Reply KN at

    I just started reading your blog recently, stumbled across it looking for tips about Colorado while planning a family trip. I hail from North Carolina, and have enjoyed reading about your adventures (recent and through the archive). We have young kids and have a growing bucket list of things to do and places to see, and have really enjoyed bookmarking ideas and inspiration through you.

  • Reply April at

    Hi! My name is April. I like to follow your posts because I live in Colorado, and we need more input from women doing outdoorsy type things! My favorite thing to do (besides hiking and camping in the mountains) is go to the dog park near Standley Lake. It’s a win-win for my dog and I – the views are perfect early in the morning! I have 2 very active boys, so I know I will never get to go on some of the types of adventures you go on. But I can appreciate your way of life!

    • Reply heather at

      I used to take Tals to that park all the time! The one off 108th and Simms?

  • Reply Elle at

    I’m Elle. I live near Golden, CO. I love reading your blog because I like your thoughts on outdoor topics especially from a fellow women’s perspective. I haven’t always agreed completely with your posts, we have had good discussions in the past if you remember me at all. And I always appreciate how you talk about sticky topics even if I don’t 100% agree. You always maintain a respectful dialogue and I respect that immensely and thus it further motivates me to read your thoughts and musings.
    You are real, respectful and open minded. And that is something I highly value.
    I love being outdoors myself as an avid camper, hiker, and outdoor yogi among other outdoor activities.
    Keep it up! Your blog is awesome and inspiring!

    • Reply heather at

      Hi Elle! I do remember you! We’ve had some good discussions in the comments before, and those always stand out in my mind. I’m not a huge fan of the whole “delete comments you don’t like” mentality so I try my best to be transparent…even when it’s something that totally crushes my ego or hurts my feelings 🙂 Thanks for reading!

  • Reply Mary Emerick at

    Hi, i.had to use an alias (my trail name) for WordPress because it doesn’t like blogger. I read this blog because it is rare to find blogs by outdoorsy women. I especially liked your rtrtr training posts and was really looking forward to reading about that trip. Darn it! The canyon is one of my favorite places. I’ve had a blog for seven years and you are right about the comments. I do try to comment on blogs but the WordPress issue drives me batty. I want the icon thingy to show my blogger blog and I am too lazy to switch over
    My hiking blog is at Mary

    • Reply heather at

      Ditto to that! I’m still hoping to get to Grand Canyon this fall or next spring, so stay tuned! My friend Logan still ran though, so if you want to see her photos, check out her site:

  • Reply Amy at

    I’m Amy, I live in Golden and I love seeing your adventures! I’ve lived in Colorado for 3 years, I absolutely love it here and you inspire me to get outdoors as much as possible.

  • Reply Cathryn at

    I’m Cathryn, I’m a Brit who lives in the San Francisco Bay Area (we emailed a few years ago about good places to ski with a kid in Colorado, we ended up going to Steamboat as you recommended!). I’m a runner, a camper, a cyclist and a very nervous skier. I have a six year old son who I love getting into the outdoors with!

    I read your blog because your photos are always wonderful, I love reading about the adventures you have and because I wish I lived in Colorado!! As other people have mentioned, good blogs about the outdoors by women are very rare so I appreciate yours very much.

    • Reply heather at

      Haha is it weird that I recognize your photo from Twitter too?! I remember when you emailed; so glad Steamboat worked out!

  • Reply Laura at

    If only we could time travel back to the healthy living blog heyday of 2009-2010. It was so much fun! My blog has long since died, but for some reason I keep renewing my URL, I can’t bear to part with it…
    Anyhow. My name is Laura, I’m from Milwaukee, and I love reading your blog to vicariously experience the wild wonders of Colorado. My sister lived in Colorado Springs for her post-grad studies, so for several years I enjoyed visiting her there and trying whimsical, bold hiking pursuits such as the Manitou Springs Incline (insane!) and the Barr Trail to Pikes Peak. I am looking forward to returning some day to revisit these favorites, but also to branch out further and try other 14er hikes or some extended backcountry trips.
    I love running long distances, but my body does not, so I am currently on a hiatus and enjoying short runs, leisurely hiking, and all of the other good stuff that comes with summertime in Wisconsin.

  • Reply Art at

    Hi Heather!! I’m Art, and I’ve been reading your blog since 2013. I found it when it was rated one of the top outdoor blogs on, and I was really yearning to get more outdoorsy and thinking about starting a blog myself. Sadly, I have let my blog writing wane with the thoughts of, “who wants to read about me anyways” as I happily read about other blogs and other people. Sometimes our brains are funny. I was engaged then. Since then I’ve gotten married and now my first kid is coming in August, so there’s a bit of a timeline of growth in my life that has gone along with reading your blog. I have also moved from Washington, DC to the small-town of Sharpsburg, MD. I like reading your blog because it’s honest, well-written, it dares to say something good, and it’s inspiring to get off my tush and get out there. I hope you keep this going, Heather, it’s a good thing.

    • Reply heather at

      I remember when you first emailed me a few years back!

  • Reply Renee at

    I’m Renee and I live in central Nebraska. I have been reading for a long while but I don’t remember for sure–I know you were in my google reader. I love watching your adventures and I often show my husband something on your blog–look where she went and look what she did!

    • Reply heather at

      OH man, I still really, REALLY miss Google Reader! 🙂 Thanks of reading!

  • Reply Nicholas at

    I’m Nicholas and just recently moved to Colorado. My wife and I were/are looking for hiking and adventure stuff to do and stumbled upon your blog. Have gone back and read a LOT of your stuff. Really enjoy seeing/reading about all the things you do.

  • Reply Ashley at

    Hi! My name is Ashley and I just recently started reading your blog. I enjoy your blog because it’s well written (I’m a former newspaper reporter, so I appreciate good writing) and because you inspire me to get my butt outdoors and enjoy this beautiful state of Colorado! I’ve also just begun my own blog which has been interesting. I’m not really used to writing about myself and my little adventures, but it’s an outlet for me to write and express my feelings….as well as post cute pics of my dog Tucker.

    • Reply heather at

      Thanks for the compliment on my writing, Ashley! It does take awhile to get used to writing about yourself….it’s so inherently egocentric! But, the Tally photos more than make up for the photos of myself….or at least, I like to think so 😉

  • Reply Sam at

    I’m Sam and I live just outside of Boulder. I found your blog while doing google image searches and reviews of hikes I wanted to do in Colorado. I love reading about your adventures and you have introduced me to sports that are on my “to-do” list (pack rafting!!). I also appreciate that you aren’t afraid to speak your mind in an honest and constructive way.

    • Reply heather at

      Packrafting! Have you tried it yet? We don’t have anything on the schedule for this summer but I really wish we did!

  • Reply Ania at

    Hi I’m Ania. I’m an American going to school in Poland. I grew up in the Alps of Germany so I’m super into the outdoor life, and there aren’t really that many blogs out there that feature a chic doing outdoorsy things. It’s nice to live vicariously through you. I’ve always wanted to spend some time in the Rockies, whether to ski, hike, climb, etc. and seeing your pictures only drives me to go more. I’ve been skiing my whole life but have never really ventured far into the back-country thing yet. It never made much sense to me to go up, when you can just buy a lift ticket and skip to the good part. I got my first actual “up-hill set up” this year so I’m pretty excited to use that after reading a couple of your posts.
    I love that your blog has the travel and adventure aspects. I’ve recently started my own blog (, but have been really busy with school to write anything worth reading. Reading your blog has spiked an interest in writing about the things I do and see, and in however many years I can look back and revisit everything.

    • Reply heather at

      Maybe we can make a trade: I’ll check out your place in Poland and you can visit the Rockies. Deal?! 🙂

  • Reply Amanda Haas at

    I’m Amanda and I live in the Denver area! I love hearing about all your adventures – it gives us ideas for things to do here that are off the beaten path. Thanks for highlighting all the amazing things outdoorsy women are doing!

  • Reply Mike Zellers at

    I live in Ohio. I like to walk around in the woods and take pictures. I also like to cross country ski, inline skate and ride my bike sometime. I helped my daughter move to Colorado for grad school and it looks beautiful.

    • Reply heather at

      Where in Ohio? My parents are both originally from Bowling Green so we go back to visit family a fair bit!

  • Reply RFC at

    This is such a FANTASTIC idea for a blog post, I might do it myself (if you don’t mind me borrowing the idea!) I remember when I started blogging back in 2009, I could publish a post about absolutely nothing at all, and it would get so many comments. But yes, comments seem to be out of style these days. I have NO IDEA who is reading my blog anymore, other than my mom, haha!

    But to play along, hi, I’m also Heather! You may know me as the girl who still wants to do R2R2R with you and Heidi this fall. I live in South Carolina where I run circles around one tiny trail, day dreaming about larger mountains elsewhere. P.S. I’ll be in CO Aug. 7-16th, I would LOVE to see you, if only for lunch or a quick run!

    • Reply heather at

      We definitely need to touch base regarding your Trans-Rockies run! We’ll be returning from OR on the 7th but maybe we can figure something out the following weekend? Email me!

  • Reply Jason Cleghorn at

    I am Jason Cleghorn, an Arizona based hiker, peakbagger and primarily solo adventurer. I’m learning that I enjoy the outdoor advocacy part of all this almost as much as the adventures themselves. I’ve tried to tailor my blog toward folks just starting out getting wild. There’s plenty of blogs and guides for experienced outdoorspeople so I am trying the everyperson approach.

  • Reply Holly K at

    Hi – I love your life! I live in the midwest and am envious of you and your mountain excursions! Thank you for being so willing to live your life out in the open and share! I’m a runner and we have some great trails where I live (in Rock Island, IL along the Mississippi) and that give me my hiking fix. Keep doing what you are doing!

  • Reply Anne at

    Hi again! I posted on last year’s post and try to comment once in a while, or pester you on Twitter 🙂 I’ve been reading your blog for about two years. I live in Michigan and my husband would love to live in Colorado (unfortunately so does everyone else in the world it seems so I’m not sure if I want to join in the overcrowding). Life and work might take us out of the state in the next few years. I also love following your blog for the #outdoorgal series and all the interesting blogs I find linked here!

    • Reply heather at

      Haha hi Anne! I remember you 🙂 You recently were asking about organizing a backpacking or hiking twitter with readers, right? (I’m thinking that’s the same Anne!)

  • Reply Shelby Jameson at

    I’m Shelby! I’m newly married and living in Western KY. I’ve been reading your blog for about three years now – I don’t comment much! The first post I ever read on your blog was a throwback post to your bike trip across America, so I went back and read all of it. It inspired me to be more active and more adventurous in my own life. In fact, it’s partly how I snagged my husband. He loved my adventurous nature and many of our first dates were hikes. Unfortunately, life has a funny way of derailing you from things and we’ve not been on a good hike in about a year. Recently, we joked around about just taking a summer off from work and seeing how far we could walk or bike. That joke is turning into a reality as we are now planning a summer long section hike of the Appalachian Trail next year.
    Thank you for being an awesome read, and for making those of us who maybe don’t get chances to get out as often anymore still feel welcome in the outdoors.

    • Reply heather at

      Oh man! I occasionally go back and read those old bike trip posts– so funny when I was so VERY clearly writing for my parents and best friend back home! I’ve considered deleting them a few times but it’s history and memories, you know? Your section hike of the AT sounds awesome! I’d like to hike the JMT someday!

  • Reply Laraine at

    Hi, I’m Laraine. Based in the UK on a tiny island off the west coast of Scotland. Dabbled in blogging for the past few years but never fully committed to it. I’ve been following your blog for about four or so years now – that does actually make me feel like a bit of a stalker… I’ve always loved your blog because you do all these cool activities but you’re a normal person with it, you know, you run at a pace I can relate to, you do activities at a level I understand – except the ultra. That was crazy! Keep the blogs coming, I always enjoy reading them.

    • Reply heather at

      You first turned me onto some of the cross-country treks in Scotland!

  • Reply Morgan at

    Hello! My name is Morgan and I live in Georgia. I found your blog a couple of years ago when you posted about brining dogs on outdoor adventures. I love reading about all the fun places your outdoor activities and all the fun places you visit. I also like seeing pictures of Colorado. In Georgia we just don’t have those sorts of mountain views!

    • Reply Morgan at

      Oh my. I’m sorry my post doesn’t make much sense. I guess that’s what I get for trying to comment while I’m distracted at work! What I was trying to say is that I found your blog by reading a post about taking Tally and dogs in general into the backcountry. I am an outdoor enthusiast; I have yet to find an active outdoor hobby that I don’t like. Sometimes it is hard for me to get out, so I love reading about your adventures, big, small, and of any sort.

      • Reply heather at

        Made perfect sense 🙂 Thanks for reading!

  • Reply Teresa in Texas at

    Hi! I’m Teresa and live in Dallas, TX. I stumbled across your blog when researching a ski vacation to CO. I’m not very outdoorsy, although I wish that I were ~ it’s difficult in the Texas heat and city living. I love reading about your adventures and your lifestyle and it inspires me to dream about one day moving to CO and having a more outdoorsy lifestyle.

  • Reply fromcanyonstoclouds at

    Hi Heather, I’m Laura! I’ve been reading and not commenting on your website for a year or two 🙂
    I live in New Hampshire and get out to Colorado about once a year so your website provides a lot of vicarious Colorado living for me. As others have mentioned, I appreciate your down to earth writing style, and I also really enjoy the large, beautiful pictures that accompany your blog posts. I myself like to hike and have started dabbling in mountaineering in the last 2 years. It’s been a fun hobby for me to post about my evolving outdoor adventures on my own blog, which is mostly just read by my aunt. Please keep the blog posts coming, I’ll keep reading (and probably not commenting…oops)!!

    • Reply Beth at

      What a great blog name you have! It’s so perfect!

  • Reply Lindsey at

    Hey Heather I’m Lindsey. Started reading your blog about 2 years ago, can’t remember how I found you though. I’m also from Colorado (we’re like unicorns these days around here!), went to CU Boulder and now live in Denver. Love reading about your adventures and putting them on my to-do list (hello North Park Yurts). I appreciate your voice as a woman in a male-dominated industry and I also just like saying to myself, “oh hey I’ve been there and done that too!” (makes me feel good, ya know!?) You sometimes looks at my snapchats which also makes me feel super cool 🙂 If you ever want to go running at White Ranch sometime drop me a line, although you’re way faster than me!

  • Reply Sarah at

    I’m Sarah, a CO native living in Boulder! I found your blog when looking up race reports for the Antelope Canyon 55k, and have been following since. I’ve loved being introduced to new ideas for activities; packrafting, anyone?

  • Reply Amanda at

    I’m Amanda and I live near Red Feather Lakes, CO. Stumbled upon your site looking for other outdoorsy girl blogs and trail reviews – it’s great! I spend most of my time exploring the mountains via horseback and created a site ( to solve the problem we had with finding information on remote places to ride. There’s lots of info out there but very few sites that target riders and the particulars we need to know before we get there. Not much there yet since my 3 other jobs keep me too busy, but it’s a start! Thanks for inspiring women to get outside and enjoy Colorado!

  • Reply Darby at

    Hey, I’m Darby. I live in Maryland (though I’m originally from Evergreen, CO – hoping to go back someday!) I love rock climbing, mountain biking, and backpacking and am starting to get more into trail running, so I love reading about (and being super envious of) your adventures! I’ve been reading your blog for probably a year-ish…and have definitely been hiding in the woodwork the whole time (whoops!). I like hearing about another woman’s perspective in the outdoors industry and your adventures/experiences with Tally – especially since I have an active pup who seems about the same age. I also love to write (and am studying creative writing) and your blog has inspired me to start writing adventure and outdoors/ecologically-based pieces, which I’m really loving!

  • Reply Amanda at

    Hi! I’m Amanda. I just moved to Colorado for work, but I’ve been reading your blog for a few years now. I’m from western Washington, in the foothills of the Cascades. I love the mountains, I’ve spent a lot of time in the Cascades and Sierra Nevada, and now I’m excited to get to experience the Rockies and some of the awesome places I’ve seen and read about in your blog! I found your blog when I started working for the NPS and environmental issues were on my mind, you wrote about the scout leaders in Utah who toppled the rock formation in Goblin Valley. I kept reading and have really enjoyed (and usually agree with) your perspective on outdoor issues, and learned a lot too. I also really appreciate that you highlight outdoor women, so awesome to see!

    • Reply Beth at

      A Colorado transplant from Washington? Me too!

  • Reply Kelly at

    Hi! I’m Kelly and I live in Union, Ohio. I love hiking, traveling and adventure. I read your blog to learn about new places I might like to visit. I also have a dog and am a Crossfitter, as you are. Can’t believe you didn’t do the Games this year!!

  • Reply Melissa at

    Hi! I’m Melissa from Eastern Massachusetts (about 45-50 mins) southwest of Boston. I have been reading your blog for yours and I can’t remember how I found it. At first I LOVED (still do) your adventure stories (from when you were biking across the U.S.), now I love those more and also enjoy getting a peak at your normal every day life. Also, reading about your experiences, even through product reviews. I don’t hike but I would love to but there isn’t much of an opportunity in my neck of the woods other than taking a road trip to NH or ME. I am an avid runner and biker (road bikes). I am trying to fall in love with trail running but again, nothing good around me that strikes my interest so I live vicariously through you! I love your new blog posts about highlighting outdoor women, so great to hear their stories!

  • Reply I Stole This From Another Heather. at

    […] days ago she wrote a post called “Come Out of Hiding“.  Heather talks about how back in the hey day of blogging, everyone was quick to comment on […]

  • Reply Andrea Nagel at

    Such a fun idea! I might just have to copy it 🙂 I’m Andrea and I blog over at By day I’m a communications/marketing specialist for our local health system and I blog, write and do photography in my spare time. My husband and I love to explore and try new things but also do our best to take advantage of living in a smaller, rural community through hiking, biking, etc. I think I first discovered your blog through the Merrick Backcountry affiliation program last year (my pup was also a proud representative). I love your blog and I love seeing the community of female outdoors enthusiasts grow online. It has been missing for so long.

  • Reply Patrice at

    Hi! I think you “know” me now, but I found your blog in 2013 when we starting doing contract work for BP and pseudo living in CO. Then all the pieces of the BP puzzle tied together. I’m always amazed just how small the outdoor world is.

    I try to comment on blogs bc I know how much I love them, but you are right how times are changing. I would love you to write a post about that since you’ve been in the thick of it so long.

    I love your blog!!!!

  • Reply Katy at

    Love this! I’m over the pond in the UK but have been on holiday in the US a few times and love your great outdoors. So I guess I’m reliving my hols vicariously through you! Great pics and I have total dog envy 🙂 I love the outdoors, especially while running…..I dabbled in triathlon for a while, hence my blog ‘Trying to Tri’!

  • Reply Laura at

    Hi! I’m Laura and I live in Superior, CO. Like many people, though, I’m a transplant – moved to Colorado two years ago from New York City. Growing up, I HATED the outdoors so much – when my family would go camping, I’d sit in the car (away from the bugs) and read books the whole time rather than actually enjoying nature. I thought it would be the same when I moved to Colorado, and that I’d just admire the mountains from a distance, but slowly I’ve been getting into more of the outdoorsy activities (even though I am definitely an absolute beginner at everything). I learn SO MUCH by reading your blog – gear tips, trail etiquette, and new-to-me sports and activities to try. So far I’ve just done some really beginner trail running and hiking, plus two car camping overnights, but I’m hoping this summer to expand that a bit more.

    I started a running blog in 2008 and agree with you that commenting was so different back in the day! I read everything you post but these days I rarely comment 🙁 I still blog about the new goals and challenges I take on at

    Lots of Colorado readers here – maybe we should all get together for a hike sometime?

  • Reply Nina R. at

    Hi! I’m Nina, and I just came across your blog today when Bloglovin’ suggested it in my sidebar 😀 I’m from Norway, but I’ve been living in Boulder for six years now, and I love everything that lets me spend more time outside … except for on days like today when it’s so hot that I’m hiding in front of my AC 😉 I’m excited to catch up on your blog!

  • Reply Michelle at

    Hi! I’m Michelle. I stumbled upon your work of art about a year ago while planning a backpacking trip. Since then, your blog has been a wealth of information for other hiking, backpacking, and yurt trips we’ve planned over the past year. Thank you for your great trail write ups. Besides the wealth of information you share, I also LOVE your pictures!

  • Reply Sara S. at

    Hi, Heather! We’re Sara and Josh from Houston, TX! This summer we’ll be on the road visiting National Parks and backpacking Europe before relocating officially to Colorado! We stumbled upon your blog post about van living, and as we’ll be driving our Subaru across the country, car camping and hiking along the way, your advice was much appreciated. Your blog has been helpful in planning our trip! It’s also getting us super excited about moving to Colorado. We’ll be documenting our travels at We posted our first blog entry Sunday and hope you’ll follow along as we hit the road July 2nd!

  • Reply Amanda L. at

    Hi Heather! My name is Amanda and I live in Denver, CO. I stumbled upon your blog while looking for some good camping spots and I ended up going to the spot you blogged about out near the La Plata Peak Trailhead. The camping was amazing and I really appreciate your recommendation! I love reading your blog becuase it inspires me to spend more time outdoors. I’m learning to ski and I’m really intrigued by your backcountry posts. It looks like an amazing experience, but I don’t think I’m quite skilled enough for it yet. Maybe soon! I’m also really looking forward to visiting one of the Never Summer Yurts at some point. I recently snow-shoed into the 10th Moutain Division hut and it was incredible! Thanks for sharing your experiences with us. Maybe I’ll meet you out on the trails someday!

  • Reply Brandy at

    Hello, my name is Brandy. I live in Southern California and share your appreciation for the outdoors. About 3 years ago I committed to filming and traveling the Southwest with my boyfriend so I was looking for some tips for living on the road. In the process I came across your blog. The first post I read was about your bike trip I believe. I have been reading your blog ever since. Your blog is very welcoming and at times has been a source of motivation for me. You always bring up great topics, have good insight and are genuine, all reasons I read your blog. Also I am a dog lover so I adore your Tally post. I saw your post like this last year and thought what a nice idea but never left a comment, a bit of social anxiety got in the way but not today, been working on it. Thanks for all the great post.

  • Reply Kristen at

    Hi! I’m Kristen, and I just moved (back) to Colorado from Washington DC! I was actually born here, but tragically moved away with my family when I was very young. I’ve been following you on Instagram and Twitter for ages (because of a long-time obsession with getting back to CO), but only in the past few months realized that you also had a blog… Because I am clearly not as observant as I’d like to believe – ha! But I’m so glad I came across this site because your posts have been really inspiring in terms of both getting me back to this state, and getting me to take on more outdoorsy adventures. I’m also in love with your husband’s photography and the Caveman Collective as a whole. I love their work.

    Recently, I’ve found myself checking your blog more often than most others I read because I’m so drawn to your lifestyle as a freelance writer. You really seem to have it down! It’s something that I’d like to pursue as well, and it’s always good to have a role model, right? Plus, the more I read here, the more I realize what all there is to see in Colorado, and now that I’m finally here, I feel like I can actually get out there and see it! Thank you for all of your posts. They are fun to read and very informative, and if you’re ever in the Centennial area, I’d love to buy you a cup of coffee and hear more about your life!

  • Reply Janet at

    I stumbled across your blog, when I was building mine and loved it! I’m a fellow outdoor lover and grew up in Utah so I’m particularly attached to the Rocky Mountains. We live in Alaska now which I absolutely love,! And, I”m always rooting for women who get out there and enjoy nature!

  • Reply Beth at

    I love this Heather. <3

    And hello to the rest of Heather's fantastic readers. I live in Colorado and adventure with my pup quite frequently. …I wonder why Heather and I get along?? 😉 I blog at and always love getting Heather's take on the world. Now if only I'd stop working long enough to mosey Front Range way and actually SEE her.

  • Reply Amy-Lynne at

    I’m Amy-Lynne from Alberta Canada, I love the outdoors and going on hiking adventures with my dog too! I work full time as a paramedic and find it hard to get away to do extended excursions but am hoping to change that in the future. I love your stories and the pictures you guys capture make me want to get out to travel and explore. Looking forward to more posts!


  • Reply Grace Jemison at

    Hello! My name is Grace. I live in Philadelphia and have always lived in PA. However, I am a huge outdoors fan and fell in love with trail running and hiking adventures when I studied abroad in New Zealand. I found your blog a few months ago and I love seeing your adventures. I got to do some hiking around the Breckenridge area for a post-grad trip and made sure to check out Just a Colorado Gal for your suggestions (I actually did the Boston mine ruins– but not nearly the intense route you did, with all the snow!).

    Thanks for providing such an exciting, down-to-earth spot on the internet!

  • Reply Dani at

    I meant to comment on this post when it came out but quickly got distracted! I follow you on Instagram and I think a recent post brought me back to your blog, and then I had a long work meeting today that helped me catch up on your recent posts. I don’t know how I ended up finding your blog initially, I’m guessing maybe through IG? I have siblings in CO and did grad school in Denver, plus a year in Pueblo for work, so I get nostalgic for all things Colorado… plus I still visit every year. So it’s fun seeing places I can put on the list for next time! I live in Sitka, Alaska, but am originally from back east. I’ve been up here in AK since about 2000 with the exception of the 4 years in CO. I work for the USFS and love to get out in all sorts of ways, with work and for fun and with my kid. I love that your blog is… I hope this doesn’t sound bad… but you sound normal. I am a big fan of women getting outside, and love when women are doing totally crazy stuff, but I also hate the messages that I hear sometimes that you have to be a bada$$ to be out there doing things, and you’re only worth knowing/speaking/listening to if you’re doing something EPIC and GNARLY. Which, in my opinion, is a fairly male-centric way to do things. So in my old age (ha: 39!) I just like hearing women getting out, doing whatever the heck they want to do, and the more people that hear them, the better!! I really liked your “outdoor snobbery” essay. The one-upping and the general “scene” of it all drives me crazy–sometimes I totally want to be a part of the “cool kids” who have the right gear and the best photos and the funniest and scariest stories… but then I get all “Oh whatever, everyone just go away!” The noise of it all can be hard to filter out sometimes. Anyways, I like your blog, I don’t come here all the time but only because I don’t really follow any blogs all the time–I’ve transitioned somewhat more to IG though I do still love when I find time to write on my own blog as well as read others. Anyways, thanks for listening and I will see you around!

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    […] said, I’ve noticed many new readers {as evidenced by this post} and I realized it’s been a hot minute since I conducted a reader survey. Time to change […]

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