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  • Lauren at

    Hey Heather hope your week has started of great. I work at Medi-Dyne Healthcare Products and wanted to see if you would be interested in doing a product review for us? We have several different products and they range from stretching to support & compression braces. Our website is if you wanted to check it out and see if this might interest you. I would love to talk to you further if this is something you might want to do!


    • heather at

      Hi Lauren,

      Please shoot me an email at and we’ll see what we can work out!

    • Catherine (Katie) at

      Hi Just a Colorado Girl:

      I started reading your blog this past fall after my friend posted about winning one of your contests! I moved to Colorado two years ago and have found your blog very inspiring! It’s definitely helped me get outside more to check out some of the amazingly awesome places you write about! I don’t know how you do all the things you do but thank you for inspiring me to get outside more!

  • Bubble Run at

    Hi there!

    We came across SITE as we looked for running blogs in Denver and thought we would reach out to you. Bubble Run™ will be in Denver on July 13th and we are looking for several partners to help us spread the word.

    Here is a 2 minute video from our event in Las Vegas, that will help you get the idea of what Bubble Run™ is. If the link does not work, here is the URL:

    We typically offer 2 free registrations that you can use any way you would like: in giveaways, use them yourself, share with friends, or whatever you would like to do.

    Then we give you a custom coupon code that you can use to show your readers some love. We ask that you share the code in a post about Bubble Run™, and share it on your social media page.

    We are also open to other options, if you have any suggestions!

    Marketing Team

  • Mark at

    Love your blog, pics and stories. I grew up in Lakewood, CO but joined the military and it hasn’t allowed me to move back yet.

    I was just curious (if it’s not too personal) how you funded the travel riding across the US and to South America? I read you lived out of a tent and back pack so I am assuming you didn’t need much financial support.

    Have a great day.

    • heather at

      Just saw your email– I’ll shoot you a response asap!

  • Andrejs Rozitis at

    I’m just getting up and running for a new business idea: Colorado Outdoor brands and gear. I searched “colorado outdoor gear” and came across your site. I would love it if you gave us a “like” or “follow” on Facebook and checked out our early site: My wife and I also love to travel and explore the outdoors. Who knows we might all bump into each other on the trails out here…


  • Jurgen Bogaert at

    Just wrote you a message to contact you but it doesn’t seem to go through?

    • heather at

      Hey Jurgen–

      Sorry! This form has been going crazy lately and not working. Shoot me an email at Thanks!

  • Last Adventurer at

    Great blog; and great insights – everyone should read it!

    • heather at

      Thanks Chris!

  • Nabamita at

    Superb blog 🙂

  • Prudence Franklin at

    Hi, your story is really inspiring. My son just left for Haiti to do a mission trip with Teen Missions International at an Orphanage called “House of Hope” in Ouanaminthe, Haiti. Is that the same one you went to?
    Actually, are there more than orphanages in Ouanaminthe?


  • Beth at

    Hi Heather,

    What a great site and solid blog! I’m another journalism major now living in Boulder, Colo. and just started my own blog. As a fellow adventurer (climber, camping junkie) I was wondering if you had any advice on how to set my blog apart and really launch strong. There seems to be one million female adventure blogs out there now covering travels and gear reviews. Any suggestions for success? Thanks, Heather!


    • heather at

      Hey Beth! Glad you like my site 🙂 These days, it is tough to get out there because it does seem like everyone has a blog of some sort! In the end, my advice would be to write content that you would like to read. Don’t get caught up in what OTHERS are doing and what seems to work for them– everyone is different and the individuality is usually what makes blogs stand out (In my opinion.) Also, social media is a HUGE component of blogs these days– it’s tough to find any success without cross-promotion on twitter or IG or FB!

    • Jeff at

      Beth we are looking for a few good bloggers to cross promote with if you are interested. You can check us out at, we could certainly put a free ad on the side of the Denver group newsfeed linking to your blog if you can help us spread the word of our new singles website that is trying to be more social and linking other singles that enjoy the outdoors, hiking, skiing and running.

  • Daphne at

    Hi Heather,

    I happened upon your blog when looking for information about primitive camping in Colorado. I will be visiting the area in July and am looking for somewhere to camp near Estes Park and another place near Grand Lake. I’m not at all familiar with the geography of the area so I’m not sure which areas would be good locations. Do you know of a website that has a map of areas where camping is permitted and/ or good spots for those areas?


  • Gene Roncone at

    Hi. Been reading your blog. My wife and I pull a 30 foot camper and would like to try some desperced camping sites in Colorado. The 4×4 truck is 20 feet and the camper is 30. Do you know any spots that we could access with a camper that large?


    • heather at

      Hi Gene–You know that one is tricky. We don’t have a camper so I’m not as familiar with the best places to take something that big. Sorry I’m no help!

  • Michelle O'Donnell at

    Hi Heather 🙂 I just found your blog today and I just had to let you know how great I think it is. Can you believe I found your blog whilst looking for Elle Woods inspiration outfits. Absolute madness where the internet can take you but I believe it was fate. I have a 10 year plan in place at the moment where I hope to become a fully qualified counsellor ( I start my first course in 2 weeks) and then get some experience behind me and eventually I hope to make the move to Colorado to try and set up my own small office to counsel young kids in need of help. At the moment it sounds so far away and something that sounds only like a dream but reading your blog and seeing what you have achieved has given me hope. Colorado has never looked so good from looking at some of your photos 🙂 Take care and I look forward to reading some more posts. Michelle – LilFashionLover

    • heather at

      Hands down, I think this might be the *best* way someone has ever stumbled onto my site 🙂 Although I’m not sure I can accommodate in regards to fashion, I’m glad you found me!

  • Jesse and Amanda at

    Hi Heather

    my wife and I are going to Denver, Co for 2 days we would are interested in going hiking and seeing hot springs near Denver if any, what do you recommend for hiking trail, we are beginners, also staying in Englewood, Co any ideas for outdoor fun, which is affordable as well. kayaking, hot springs, zip line, etc