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I’ve seen both Lynne and Lauren do these “currently” posts, and they are always entertaining to me. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, is it not?!

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Currently: My Neighborhood {Seriously}

TV Show: Still juggling Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad. I have 1.5 more episodes of GoT left {until next spring, agh!} so I might have a heart attack. I’m dying to start the second season of Orange is the New Black, but I can’t do it until I know I have the time to binge watch the entire season. Learned that lesson back in season one!

Books I’m Reading: I scoured Alyssa’s blog for book recommendations since she and I typically agree on our reading selections. I decided on Escape from Camp 14, a horrific story about the only known North Korean man to escape from one of the labor camps. Y’all, it is seriously fascinating in an absolutely horrid type of way. Shin Dong-hyuk was actually born in the camp so he knew absolutely nothing about the world outside, yet he managed to escape in his early-20s. In addition to his story completely fascinating me, I’m also learning a lot about the situation in North Korea.

Music I’m Loving: I’m a hard rock chick and typically love semi-noise like Rage Against the Machine and Pearl Jam, but I’ve been on a wicked classic rock kick lately. In particular, I’m loving Led Zeppelin and CCR!

What I’m Eating: For some reason, I’ve been obsessed with lettuce wraps! I bought a box at the grocery store and since then, I’ve been making everything a wrap instead of a sandwich {although I did draw the line with peanut butter and jelly}. I’m once again trying to gradually eliminate processed foods from my diet since they truly seem to inflame my lungs. The downside? I want to eat ALL THE SUGAR! I’ve even asked Will to check my sugar consumption from time to time {which you know is a disaster waiting to happen. Who comes between a woman and her sugar?!}

What I’m Drinking: Not sure where this one came from but I’ve been digging margaritas {rocks, salt} ever since the temps warmed up. I’m typically not a crazy liquor girl and stick to beer and wine 95% of the time. However, margs have just been extra tasty this month! In fact, I just got an invite to a press event next week for one of the few female whiskey distillers in the country. The focus of the event is obviously alcoholic beverages, so it’s almost like they read my mind or something!

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Running North Table Mountain a few weekends ago

Where I’m Running: Trails, trails and more trails! I tried running a road once a few weeks ago and I made it 2.5 miles before I cashed out. Now that everything is green and alive, the trails in the area are extra fun to run. I recently registered for the Moab Trail Half Marathon in November, so I’m really making a concerted effort to not crash-course my training this go ‘round. I figure if I’m regularly running now, I’ll be golden in the fall.

What I’m Lifting: Bit by bit, I’ve been making gains at CrossFit and although some areas are going more slowly than I’d prefer, I’m still improving! I set a new deadlift PR of 225# last week, and am finally beginning to string pull-ups together. Progress makes me happy, especially with the Girls Gone Rx comp looming in September!

Big Horn

Recycled Photo…but can I point out my one right-handed glove and one left-footed sock?

Current Wish List: I’ve got a few things that I’m coveting right now, but two big ones are occupying my brain. First, Will is leaving for Brazil tomorrow to go to the World Cup and I am beyond envious that I can’t join! He and a buddy travel to all of the World Cup events {this will be his third}, and I was obviously included on the invite this year. Sometimes you have to be a big kid and weigh your priorities though, and with Bali and Jordan in April and Hawaii coming in August-September for my sister’s wedding, I just couldn’t swing everything. In a way, I think it was meant to be—he and his friend can have some guy time!

I’m also dying for an irrigation system in our front yard! The house we bought doesn’t have one which is fine if you just water occasionally, but I have big plans for our landscaping, and none of them will work without water! I need to get the rock wall built first and we’re trying to spread out the major expenses…but man. Hand watering is the bane of my existence!

Plans for the Weekend: After I take Will to the airport, I’m in for lots of fun! I’m testing out a CorePower Ryder class with Cindy tomorrow morning and I’m really looking forward to it. I’ve never been, but Cindy was saying that the bikes tilt and lean so you engage your core to manage the bike. I’m sure I’ll cause a scene in the class so I’ll fill y’all in next week.

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After that? Sunday is 14er day! We’re heading up for our first 14er of the season and I’m really looking forward to getting outside. The snowpack is pretty high up above so I’m not sure how it will turn out. I’m debating bringing snowshoes, but haven’t decided. I also can’t decide if Tals gets to come on this adventure since the conditions seem so unpredictable. She just celebrated her eighth birthday yesterday and I am beginning to dial down her excursions in her later years. She always wants to come and it’s so hard for me to leave her adorable face behind, but I notice that she recovers slower than she used to. We’ll see; maybe I’ll take her for a nice hike tomorrow after spin so that she feels the Colorado sunshine-love too!


What’s on your current list?


  • Reply Marissa @ Barefoot Colorado at

    I’ll be at that event, too! See ya there, sister!

  • Reply Alyssa at

    LOL next time just ask me instead of scouring my blog! I’m happy to share! Let’s be Goodreads friends! I seriously did not sleep for like a week and a half or however long it took me to read that book. Yeah… you pretty much just said it all. Horrifying.

    We are exactly in sync on TV except I’m done with GoT and in a depression and Eric and I had a huge argument over whether or not to start season 1 or 2 of OITNB and we decided to let the baby settle it except I lied about when he kicked but Eric could tell because I’m a horrible liar.

    I’m running on the treadmill exclusively because it’s hot and nasty and I need bathroom access every 4 minutes.

    I read this recipe in a magazine for collard green wraps bc they are more sturdy than lettuce, and they were actually really good (anyone reading who has married into a black family knows what a big deal it is that I tried collard greens of my own accord).

  • Reply Suzanne at

    Happy Belated Birthday to Tals! I just read The Alchemist for book club and it was amazing. I don’t know how I haven’t read that one until now.

  • Reply Kayla at

    Good call on the PB&J thing. 🙂

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