Custom Design Your Own Pair of Reeboks! {Giveaway}

{I was compensated by Reebok for the following post.}

Y’all have heard ad nauseum about my love for my Reebok Nanos, right? It started last year when I got to visit Reebok HQ outside of Boston. At the end of our trip, the Reebok crew gave us a gift card and basically totally us to go wild in the on-site store…which naturally, I was happy to do! I acquired quite a few items, but I also walked away with my first pair of Nano 2.0 CrossFit shoes:


Truly a thing of beauty, no? Since then, I’ve managed to accumulate a couple more pairs, including a pair of the Nano Speeds and some Nano 3.0s. And you know what? I love them all! The Nano really works for my foot and I’ve been super happy with its performance at CrossFit. It has a wide toe box but a very minimal heel-toe drop which I love. Yes, I use the shoes for CrossFit but I know others that just love the shoe for any type of cross training. They’re pretty sweet.

So, y’all can imagine how bananas I went when Reebok afforded me the opportunity to custom design my own Nano or Nano Speed shoe! I thought long and hard and screwed around on the site. I never really realized how many different customization options go into a shoe until I had to make my own! Shoelace color? Eyelet color? Side of the sole? Bottom of the sole? Inside of the shoe? Mesh? Reebok logo? SO MANY OPTIONS!

Reebok Shoe Design

In the end, I chose a neon green/purple combination because I don’t have any other shoes like that. I chose a solid color instead of the pattern above because I wanted a slightly “quieter” shoe….but who am I kidding?! All of my shoes are loud and bright! Naturally, I had to add a little shout out to Big Horn CrossFit on the heel. Kinda fun how you can put your name or gym or something on the shoe if you want, no?


Anyway, the good part: Reebok is going to give one of you a gift card to customize your own pair of Nano Speeds, Nano 2.0 or kids ATV19 shoes!

To enter, take a look at the Rafflecopter below. Good luck!

If you don’t win, you may want to take a look at some of the upcoming sales Reebok is having on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Don’t say I didn’t warn you! As an FYI, keep in mind that the custom shoes take 6-8 weeks to arrive since they are made all special just for you!

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  • Reply Jason at

    So very sweet. My buddy just got his Reebok Crossfit shoes yesterday.

  • Reply LeeAnn at

    No idea which shoes I’d get – I’d have to research to make sure I chose the best for my feet. However, I’m certain they would have grey in them – I love grey shoes? Probably a touch of orange too…

  • Reply Miz at


  • Reply Kathleen at

    I love the look of the Nano 2.0s. I’d probably get my alma mater colors- purple and gold!

  • Reply Melissa B at

    I would have to do a lot of research to see what type of shoes I would get. I am more of a runner than anything else so something that is good for running but something of either pink or blue colors.

  • Reply Danielle @ Its A Harleyyy Life at

    I would get nanos for sure!

  • Reply Wreckingroutine at

    Love your final design. I’ve never worn Reebok’s, but I have just about every other shoe. Might have to give them a try now.

  • Reply Becky at

    Love Nanos! Nano 2.0, not sure on color!

  • Reply RFC at

    Nice! I have the Nano 2.0’s and LOVE them, I would love to try a pair of Nano speeds! In a kicka$$ custom pattern, of course 😉

  • Reply Corrie Anne at

    Love my nanos, but I’d love to try the speeds!!! yay

  • Reply Lindsay @ The Lean Green Bean at

    i have been DYING for a pair of 3.0s and of course i’d make them green purple pink and orange- blog colors 🙂

  • Reply Elizabeth at

    Love these! Would get something in my fav color orange 🙂

  • Reply Heidi Nicole at

    The Speed Manos…because that means they are fast, right? And in a green/purple combo!

  • Reply Amanda H @eathardworkhard at

    I already have a pair of Nano 3.0s which I love, so I’d get the speeds for running workouts. I think bright pink would be awesome.

  • Reply Mindy @ Road Runner Girl at

    I would get the Nano Speeds…in purple and pink! 😉

  • Reply Natalie Fraser at

    Oh man. I have no idea what colours I’d use! Something with my fav colours – purple, black and grey. This would be awesome!

  • Reply Rachel at

    I love my nanos! I’d probably go for the nano speeds in green and yellow!

  • Reply Becki @ Bites 'n Brews at

    The Nanos 3.0! I’d probably go for pink and black.

  • Reply Sara at

    Probably the 2.0s with some kind of lime green or pink

  • Reply Meg @ Meg-in-Training at

    I would get a pair of their lifting shoes! I can’t decide which color combo I like most, but i really love neons!!!

  • Reply Andrea L at

    I’d probably get the nano speeds in a blue.

  • Reply Julia Tock at

    I actually like your colors! Definitely lime green/chartreuse as the base and the trim maybe aqua or grey!

  • Reply Marissa @ Barefoot Colorado at

    I’ve been waiting for this!!!! I have a zillion +1 ideas in my head about what shoes I’d design

  • Reply Karen Poole at

    I’d get the nano 2’s in the brightest color combination I could find!

  • Reply AK Stout at

    I would get the ZigKicks in Black & Teal!

  • Reply Anel Winney at

    I would love the Nano speeds!!! Choosing the colors would be the hard part!! I would love something “loud” and bold; happy shoes = motivation! I would pick a yellow and pink or a red. I do however love how the coral and blue go together! SO many choices!

  • Reply Darren at

    I would probably get the crossfit nanos. I would choose a color scheme involving grey, white and black. Or, I would choose something along the lines of blue and orange since I love the Broncos!

  • Reply Stephanie Ann at

    I would get the nano speed in Black/Ultra Violet/White/Purple Glow/Excellent Red

  • Reply Megan @ Fiterature at

    What a fun giveaway! I’d do something in a turquoise, I think!

  • Reply Kelly @ Leafy Not Beefy at

    Maybe the 2.0s (whichever style is better for a wide foot), and colors… eeesh, so many choices! Maybe a carbon/modern blue/aubergine combo … or silver/buzz blue/navy… oh the choices! 🙂

  • Reply Laraine Wyn-Jones at

    Cool! I’d get the 2.0’s in Dynamic Pink with Aubergine and a few Mandarin Orange highlights!

  • Reply Laura @losingrace at

    I would try the nano-speeds for sure. Definitely some hot colors.. maybe a bright purple and yellow?

  • Reply Caitlin at

    i just love those nanos that are ALL pink!

  • Reply jenny at

    The nano speeds sound awesome! Also… I had no idea so many people love the neon green/purple combo. That’s always what I go for… I have many shoes and clothes to combo those colors I match on accident now

  • Reply Stephanie @FoodFit4Real at

    Mine would be the brightest nano shoes I could design, probably a combo of orange, pink and purple.

  • Reply Holly @ EatGreatBEGreat at

    I would get the crossfit nano 2.0. My colors would be teal, purple and pink!

  • Reply Aimee - funfitgirl at

    probably the 2.0s in some crazy awesome colors of course!!

  • Reply Sara @ lifebetweenthemiles at

    What an awesome giveaway, I’ve been wanting to try some Reebok shoes as I have never worn this brand. I know I’d get ones with a lot of blue in them, as that is my favorite color!

  • Reply Yanet at

    I would love the nanos.. teal, purple and pink 🙂

  • Reply Jessica at

    I love the pattern! Customizable shoes are such a cool idea!

  • Reply Francine at

    Love these! Love the bright, fun colors.

  • Reply Becky at

    I love purple and blue together. Or maybe some orange.

  • Reply Carrie at

    I’d pick the Nano Speeds in something green and blue!

  • Reply Jen at

    Nano Speeds….in all sorts of Purples!

  • Reply Michelle at

    nanos in ALL THE PURPLES!!!

  • Reply Debbie @ Live from La Quinta at

    I’d get the Nanos, but I’m not sure of the color..too many choices! I know there would be some purple and blue involved though!

  • Reply Cathryn at

    Cracking competition. If I won, I’d probably get the kids ones for my little boy…he’d choose light green and sky blue.

  • Reply Annette at

    I’d probably get Transition 4.0 in blue/turquoise.

  • Reply Kelsey @ Ramblings of Change at

    Definitely the Nano speeds – I love the look of them! I would probably choose the reds + purples – it was a fun combo to make!

  • Reply Jordan D at

    I’d get the Nano 2.0 in buzz blue, charged green and dynamic pink. Love these shoes!

  • Reply Kim @livingdomestically at

    The nanos in pink and teal! My favorite color combo!

  • Reply Robin at

    I loooooooove the hot pink!

  • Reply Margaret at

    I would get the nano speeds in purple and green!

  • Reply Emily at

    Nano speeds. For sure

  • Reply Skiing and the Grand Mesa - Just a Colorado Gal at

    […] ← Custom Design Your Own Pair of Reeboks! {Giveaway} […]

  • Reply Sara at

    I would LOVE to get the new 3.0 Nanos!! Probably would be in a light blue color combination!

  • Reply Kim at

    I’m itching to try the Nano 3.0s, but I’d probably be lost in the website customizing like you were! Great giveaway!

  • Reply Michelle Milligan at

    How exciting! I would love to win this gift card!

    • Reply Michelle Milligan at

      I don’t follow directions well, Nano 3.0 and something NEON!

  • Reply Denise G. at

    I’d probably go with the Nano Speeds to help me get back in shape after baby early next year. I love blues, so I’d get something with probably a blue and black combo.

  • Reply art at

    I’m going to plan out my shoes on the Reebok website…and then hope I win. If I don’t, I may buy them anyways.

  • Reply Teri at

    I’m thinking Green and Gold in honor of my Green Bay Packers!

  • Reply shalama jackson at

    THey would be some loud neon yellow with a contrasting blue.

  • Reply Anna Kiser at

    I would get the Nano Speed in Ironstone/Candy Pink/Neon Orange/Porcelain. I also really like the ONE Cushion Trail in Black/Blue Blink/Techy Red/Neon Yellow 🙂

  • Reply Stacie M. at

    Probably the Nano speeds in blue and green!

  • Reply Trenda T at

    Pink and white, Nano speeds

  • Reply Renee at

    I’ve always wanted to design my own shoes! I’d probably having an insanely hard time picking anything!

  • Reply Kristen M at

    I’d choose Speed. I’m horrible at making design decisions. I’d go with some kind of red combo since red is my “power” color.

  • Reply Tiffiny Costello at

    I would get turquoise and coral because I LOVE that color combo!

  • Reply Anna at

    I think I’d get the Nano Speed in purple and white. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  • Reply Camille at

    So cool! I’d have to go with the Nano Speeds, with pinks and grays!

  • Reply Cecil @ Dreadmill Drummer at

    I would go with the ATV19’s. Being a runner, I think they would be the better of the models for me. I would probably do a combination of Neon Yellow and the Blue Blink.

  • Reply Emily L. at

    I would get the Nano Speed in pink and yellow!

  • Reply Sara at

    I would also have to do some research on what kind of shoe I would wear. I have flat feet.

  • Reply Danielle F. at

    What an amazing giveaway – the sneakers would be for me. My current ones are literally at least 8 yrs old and these look so cool. I don’t know what design/colors or kind I’d choose but probably a grey/pink or grey/green type of combo.

  • Reply Jessica Kohler at

    Probably something blue 🙂

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