First One Ever!

So, this is kind of weird! I never thought I’d be one to start a blog (seeing as I fall into the technologically disadvantaged category) but I thought this would be the easiest way to keep everyone back home up-to-date with all of my upcoming adventures.

On that note, for those of you who don’t know, I am leaving this week to start the “trip of a lifetime.” Steve and I are going to bike down to Florida–yes, I mean bicycle!–via a few long and winding routes (If you take a look at the map, the bright red line is the route for our first leg, and the maroon is the route for our second leg. The yellow line is a bike trip Steve did a few years ago, so it doesn’t really matter here!) After we get to Miami, we are hopping on a plane to head down to South America for a year or so…..or at least until we run out of money! We may head over to Southeast Asia or the South Pacific as well; we aren’t really sure yet, but I’m betting it will be a ton of fun-filled adventures and oh-my-god experiences! I am planning on updating this as frequently as possible, during both the bike trip and the South American experience. I’ll also email as often as possible, but hopefully this inept attempt at a blog will be able to hold y’all over!

Everyone take care, and will be “talking” to you soon!


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