Functional Fashion for the Outdoors {Giveaway!}

I haven’t mentioned it much on my blog, but I’ve spent the past year trying to learn how to dress myself.


I realize that sounds absolutely ridiculous. I’m 33-years-old and–in all likelihood– should know how to dress for my body type and style. But you know what? I absolutely don’t. I’m terrible at shopping; I’m terrible at spying cute clothes on the rack at a store; I’m terrible at identifying what will look good on my body. And to top it off, shopping just isn’t fun for me.


Because of this, I was psyched when Bogs Footwear reached out to me about partnering up to showcase their Sidney boots. Y’all, these things are freaking adorable!

I chose the Sidney boot in Lace Plaid in Black Multi because I thought the color scheme would match a lot of my winter clothes. You see, Denver is nothing if not functional when it comes to apparel. If a boot can’t be worn in the snow all winter, it’s useless!


Thankfully, the Sidney boots are 100% waterproof, which means I can wear them out on slushy, wet streets this season. Even better? These shoes are warm! They have a comfort rating down to 5 degrees, which means my toes will survive the winter.

I’m thinking they’ll look snazzy with my base tights for post-ski day beverages!

Anyhow, I imagine y’all want to hear about this giveaway?!



Bogs offered up a $50 gift card to one reader to help purchase a pair of their own boots!

I think it’s pretty awesome that Bogs is hosting this, so feel free to visit them on their Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or Instagram account. You can enter the giveaway through the Rafflecopter widget below. Good luck!


a Rafflecopter giveaway
This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Bogs Footwear. The opinions and text are all mine.  


  • Reply Carla at

    I want to win because the heat is finally breaking next week and I am going outside & may never come back in 🙂

  • Reply Andreya at

    I can totally relate to this. Those boots are adorable, and totally functional!

  • Reply Allie at

    I love those! I am in need of some good quality winter boots. I have a few cheap pairs that are pretty lousy.

  • Reply Ashlee at

    I live in Denver and am in desperate need of some new boots!!!

  • Reply Amy at

    I hate shopping as well and still don’t know how to dress at 51….hopeless! But I live in the mountains and could really use some boots like these!

  • Reply Julie at

    Very cool give-a-way! I’m loving all of the new styles Bogs is coming out with!!


  • Reply Johnie at

    I think you dress well already!! But those boots are pretty dang cute. I can totally relate—it seems like everyone else has their style nailed down to fit their life and personality, and I’m sitting here in a Star Wars shirt and fuzzy socks and calling it fashion, haha.

  • Reply Sara at

    I am always looking for new boots! You can never have enough…

  • Reply Chris C. at

    I want to win because I have lived in rural Maine for nearly three years and still wear my xtratuffs as winter boots. BRRRR cold toes!

  • Reply meg at

    It’s really hard to find good vegan-friendly winter boots, and those look like they are made of rubber and other man made materials. Perfect for everyday Chicago winters, and weekend adventures.

  • Reply Jen T at

    I love bogs! I’ve never seen ones quite as cute as these thought, but they always have fun designs!

  • Reply Whitney Vestal at

    Definitely looking for a good winter boot! That’s why I would want bogs!

  • Reply Kirsten at

    Oh, I would love a new pair of bogs! And what Colorado girl doesn’t need another pair of boots? ; )

  • Reply Andrea at

    This makes me feel so good! I’m almost 30 and have the same issue. I strongly dislike shopping and spending money, I have issues finding things that are both fashionable and functional, and finding pieces that are flattering is pretty difficult. It can be really embarrassing to try and talk with other women about shopping and clothes, because I just don’t get it.

  • Reply Ashley P at

    Functional fashion is the best! I need some good boots to keep me warm when taking the pup out for long walks this winter!

  • Reply Erin at

    I am desperately in need of new winter boots, as I discovered that the soles of mine had worn through at the end of last season (wet socks in the snow are no fun) The bogs look super cute and I love how some of the styles are rated for -40. My feet would definitely stay warm and toasty.

  • Reply Carla S at

    I want a pair of bogs for snow shoveling. Other boots are not waterproof.

  • Reply Wehaf at

    I’d love to win this for my boyfriend; every winter he complains that he doesn’t have any decent winter boots, but he never does anything about it. I have some Bogs boots for myself and I know how great they are. If I won I would put the gift card towards a pair of classic mid boots.

  • Reply Tammy at

    It’s the same here, function > fashion here in Montrose!

  • Reply Rachel at

    I live in Durango and need these!

  • Reply Katie @k8tlevy at

    Girl, I’m right there with you, it’s so hard for me to figure out what’ll look good on me! Those boots are adorable, and it’s super important to have boots that are both cute and functional. I need a good pair of kicks to walk to the train in the winter. We do get some snow in Philadelphia, and if nothing else, it definitely gets wet! Would love to give these a try.

  • Reply Heather @ FITaspire at

    How cute are those boots!! I still gate dressing myself – this is why I use personal shopping services. 🙂

  • Reply Kelly D at

    I want these so I can spend time outside and stay warm and dry, especially during the fall and winter months.

  • Reply Amanda S at

    I LOVE boots. I can’t wait for winter.

  • Reply Jessica at

    I would love a new pair of boots!

  • Reply Erin Ellis at

    I would love to win because they are super cute, and perfect for our Big Bear hikes! Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.

  • Reply LaTanya at

    to keep my feet warm and looking cute this season

  • Reply Sandra Laflamme at

    I have loved BOGS for years now. They are a staple of my fall, winter and mud season wardrobe here in Vermont. I love the fun patterns and how functional their footwear is!

  • Reply Allison C. at

    Chicago winters are awful… but having a great (cute!) pair of BOGS snow boots would make this year’s more bearable!

  • Reply Ashley Smith at

    Hah my pair of books just fell apart this weekend and I was trying to figure out how to get new ones on my shoe-string budget before it gets all wintery here. I’m trying to bike to work through the winter this year so I need heavy duty boots for sure. Though in Minnesota, it gets much much colder than 5 F!

  • Reply Val at

    I want them because they’re adorable and I’m new to Colorado and think they’d be perfect!!

  • Reply Wil C at

    We are expecting a wet fall and winter, less snow and more wet cold rain. Bogs look less like galoshes and more like boots and are comfortable.

  • Reply Emily Smith at

    I live in Oregon and we have rain most of the year. I’m in need of a great pair of boots.

  • Reply Kimberly Ciesla at

    Seriously. I can totally relate! Honestly, I just finished watching an interview with Amy Schumer about positive body image and the inability to “dress myself”, and now your post. I feel the universe is speaking to me! haha Time to listen! I too, have always had the same issues in feeling awkward in knowing what to buy and how to dress myself. But when I came upon your post via twitter, it inspired me to take a look and the first thing I thought was “wow, she is an outdoors gal like me but has such great style!” This I have noticed before through your posts, but this one in particular caught my eye. I love the top you are wearing and most importantly I love those boots! I would never have picked out the plaid normally, but now that I see how perfectly they pair with the top and your outdoors lifestyle I can see how they would be perfect for me. I am familiar with the Boggs brand and know that Bogs are quality boots and the fact that these boots keep your feet warm and dry but are also stylish have me really excited! Time to try the Sidney Lace Plaid! Thanks Heather! 🙂

  • Reply ashley zanetell at

    I need a pair of Bogs because warm waterproof boots are essential for Colorado winters and if they look great what a bonus!

  • Reply Krista at

    These boots are ADORABLE! I was just looking for boot that are warm, waterproof, and super cute. These totally fit the bill!

  • Reply Krista at

    These boots are ADORABLE! I was just looking for boots that are warm, waterproof, and super cute. These totally fit the bill!

  • Reply Tasha at

    This is my first winter in Colorado-I want to try out some Bogs to keep my feet nice and dry every day!

  • Reply Erin M. at

    Anything to make a New England winter a little easier would be wonderful!

  • Reply Zoe at

    I want to try bogs because I have been endlessly searching for a boot that can straddle the line between cute and waterproof. I’m tired of spending the day in wet socks after my hour long walk to work!

  • Reply Rust at

    I want a pair of Bogs because they’re so versatile and practical, and I love the way they look!

  • Reply Stephanie ABDON at

    my dog ate mine. so not kidding.

  • Reply Shannon at

    Bogs are the best! Mud, rain, snow – they’re so functional. I’d love a pair!

  • Reply Angelica at

    The best is when you can combine function with fashion!

  • Reply Maria at

    Really need to win these because I just moved to Colorado after living in the south U.S. and my shoe wardrobe consists mainly of sandals and flip flops. These boots look functional and fashionable at the same time. I

  • Reply Cassie @ Rural Running Redhead at

    I seriously can’t dress myself, either. I tried Stitch Fix and even that didn’t help. But boots I can do!

  • Reply Corey at

    I would LOVE a pair of Bogs!

  • Reply Renee at

    Those are super cute! I’m trying to fill my closet with clothes that look good, but are always ready for an adventure.

  • Reply Whitney at

    Those boots are awesome, perfect for Satrudays in the yard and small hikes! I’m still learning to dress myself too!

  • Reply Lindsey at

    You are definitely speaking my language! I have no idea how to dress myself. Just when I think I have found something that looks good, my husband tells me I look like a grandma! Ha! These boots are adorable and I think they would be very functional for my Oregon lifestyle without looking like a grandma!

  • Reply Laura M. at

    The Bogs would be great for Wisconsin winters, too!

  • Reply Cristal at

    It’s Alaska, I could always use another pair of waterproof boots, especially cute ones!

  • Reply Amanda Brooks at

    Last week in Prague, I realized that while I might love my running shoes they don’t work for every situation…particularly lots of walking in COLD WET weather!

  • Reply Kati at

    These boots are awesome! I’m a college student and love hiking and would love a versatile warm pair of boots, especially these!!

  • Reply Natalie @ Free Range Human at

    I’m definite need of a good pair of winter boots. Although I don’t need them all the time, when that snow rolls around, I’m always wishing I had a pair!

  • Reply Chanelle @ at

    I can’t remember how I first heard about Bogs, but I’ve been dreaming of a pair for years!

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