Gnarly, Dude

I spent the day gallavanting with my sister and watching her try on wedding dresses (FYI: She found a gorgeous dress!) so I don’t really have a ton to write. I did, however, want to share my latest post over at Sierra Trading Post with you guys! I wrote a tongue and cheek post on how to prep for ski season, beyond the standard muscle conditioning. You know, important things like how to look badass on the slopes!


Clearly, it’s a fantastic photo…so it’s not mine. All photo cred to Will, my adorable boyfriend who snapped this photo of Steve while we were skiing on last year’s NYE trip to Park City

Here’s a sneak peek:

We all know that if you didn’t catch it on camera then it didn’t happen, right? Do yourself a favor and prep the helmet mount for your GoPro and wipe the lens clean. Next time you drop that gnarly line of pillows, you’ll be sure to capture footage for bragging rights with your friends. Sick, bro.

If you’re looking for more tips on how to prepare your coolness factor for a day on the hill, hop over and check out the rest of my post. Or, if you want to just chat with me all day about random fun things involving the snow, I’ll be co-hosting the Twitter chat tomorrow at 4pm MST. Honestly, I’ve never hosted a Twitter chat before, so really, if you’re wanting to see a train wreck, this may be the place to be. Here’s to hoping Sierra Trading Post has a good sense of humor…right?!

Seriously guys, come chat. If no one comes to my twitter chat, I’ll be a loser with no online friends. Wait a second…


I have no questions to ask you. Please come to my chat! Smile


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    ummmmm kind of in LOVE with this photo!!

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    SO wish I could make the chat!!! I am an ER nurse and work crazy hours so unfortunately I won’t be there but when I get home in the middle of the night I will SURELY be rereading all the tweets!! 😀

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    I LOVED helping my sister shop for wedding dresses! It’s so much fun for someone else! Plus she has a perfect figure so it’s easy because they all look good on her 🙂

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