I Dropped That Race Like a Hot Cake

It’s true. I did.

A few months back, I registered for the Loveland Lake to Lake Olympic triathlon.Β I completed this tri back in June, 2010, but at the time, my goal had been to simply finish. This year, I was hoping to do much better than that.

Clearly, I suffered through this tri last time! Apparently it brought me to tears!

However, as summer is creeping closer and I am thinking more and more about my race scheduleΒ and my life schedule, I came to a huge realization:

I just don’t want to do it.

I have a few different reasons for my decision, although part of me is still mentally torn. I’ve never full-on dropped a race like this (I emailed the race director and requested my refund, so it is officially a done deal.) Why did I do it?

1. Body Worries. Y’all have heard my moaning and groaning about my PF issues with my foot, and I’ve written multiple times about how I also have bunions. Well, these issues are coming to the forefront of my mind with the increase in actual running that I have been doing in order to train for my half marathons and the Denver RnR marathon in September. Now, in addition to the foot woes, I’m developing a wicked knot in my calf (I think) as a result of running funny to nurture my foot.

Are these issues serious? Not at all! However, I know myself and know that I will put additional pressure on myself to continue training when maybe I should focus on fixing these things. By dropping the tri, I have all of May (after the Colorado half) until the beginning of August (the Georgetown Half) to work on strengthening the ol’ feet out. Capeche?

2. Play Time. Back when I made the announcement that 2012 would be the year I became a runner, I also noted that this would be difficult for me because I like to do a lot of things.Β I love playing outside and mountain biking and climbing and hiking. While all of these things are great workouts in general, they don’t necessarily prepare my body for a triathlon. And this year, I’ve decided that I don’t want to give them up!

3. I Need My Vitamin D. If you’ve read my blog for longer than a week, you may have notice that I love to be outside. It’s who I am, it’s what keeps me happy, and it’s how I clear my head and keep myself sane. I specifically buy makeup products with SPF just because I know I’m outside an inordinate amount of time and need the extra protection! (Bare Minerals, if you’re curious!) However, in order to tri train, I have to get in the pool. Inside. At the gym.

And you know what? That sounds miserable to me right now! The weather has been insane in Colorado and I want to be outside– I don’t want to smell like chlorine and stare at the line on the bottom of the pool and turn into a shriveled prune instead of playing outside. I just don’t want to! πŸ™‚

Who could resist taking the bike out to ride here after work?!

4. Life is Busy! I may have mentioned it once or twice, but I know I never made an “official” blog notice: we are back up and running for the 2012 season! And by this, I mean that I am working again. If you don’t know, my family owns a landscaping company of which I am the manager. This is awesome because I have a reverse teacher’s schedule and get December- February completely off from work. Winning.

However, I am still a full-time grad student and I am looking at an August, 2012 graduation, assuming I can make some serious progress on my thesis between now and then. This was a perfect combo over the winter when I didn’t have staff issues and client complaints, but now I have it all coming at me on a daily basis… and we just opened up! It’s comes with the trade and I love my job, but I also need to make sure my thesis doesn’t suck. Basically, something had to give!

And yes, every. single. one. of these pics has been used on my blog before. But, I figured it was either repeat photos are me trying to act out the sentiments of my thoughts and honestly, would you really need to see that?!

Not gonna lie: I feel very mixed about this decision. What do y’all think of my choice?
It’s done now, so nothing can change my mind… but I’m still curious as to your opinions.
Have you ever dropped a race like this, before you’ve even started training for it?


  • Reply rmnpaula at

    I kind of love this! I too am strongly considering changing a race – downgrading from a full marathon in May to a half. I just refuse to give up skiing, my ultimate frisbee team, and CrossFit in order to fully dedicate myself to training! And I feel RELIEVED, not bad.

  • Reply Bean at

    It happens. Why do something you have no interest in doing? You know you could do it, you have done it before. Running a marathon is a big deal so maybe focus on that. I hope your feet woes get better soon!

  • Reply Janine@ThePurpleGiraffe at

    It’s great that you’re able to weigh the pros and cons – similarly, I frontloaded my race schedule because I knew that I wanted my weekends to be free this summer. So I could be outside. At the beach.

  • Reply Heidi @BananaBuzzbomb at

    I don’t blame you one bit. Actually, I applaud you for making the decision! =)

    • Reply OatmealBowl at

      I’m with Heidi on this one, too. Have fun playing. ps – you make me consider moving to Colorado with all your fabulous outdoor fun. =)

  • Reply Heather Montgomery at

    I have had to drop a race due to injury and it really sucked, I think you are doing the right thing if you don’t want to do it!

    • Reply Heather @ Just a Colorado Gal at

      I’ve done it for injury before too (i.e the DNS at my snowshoe race in November bc of asthma issues!) but never just BECAUSE. It’s a weird feeling!

  • Reply Jess at

    I absolutely think you made the right decision here. At the end of the day, you’re choosing balance in lieu of chaos and I think that’s the right way to go.

  • Reply Liz at

    I’m signed up for the Boulder 70.3 and I’m thinking of dropping out. I want to spend the summer hiking and biking how much i FEEL like, not cause I HAVE to.

    • Reply Heather @ Just a Colorado Gal at

      That’s pretty much it! It’s easy enough for me to run and bike as part of my play time, but swimming is a struggle for me. It takes a lot of effort to get to the pool and I’d rather spend that time doing other things… like mountain biking πŸ™‚

  • Reply Emily @ Journey to the Center of Manhattan at

    I know exactly how you feel – and I would have done the same thing! My life is super busy right now too, and if there isn’t time for something I’m not 100% committed to and am going to enjoy/feel like its worth my time and energy, I drop it like, well… a hot cake =)

  • Reply Shannon at

    Don’t feel bad about dropping the race. I think we’ve all done it a time or two for whatever reason, but everything always works out. You’ve got other priorities and our recreational activities are supposed to be fun and not stress us out. Be proud of yourself for taking control and now you can move your focus elsewhere :).

  • Reply Lauren at

    I’ve never dropped out of a race that I’ve registered for, but I did make a choice about two years ago to STOP doing them all together. I just haven’t been feeling it anymore- maybe I burnt out. But, it’s OKAY and your reasons are completely valid! Just have FUN.
    Does your bunion bother you? I’ve got a mega one on my left foot and if I run more than about 5 or 6 miles, it throbs like crazy after. I need to get the surgery one day, but really don’t feel like not being able to do anything fun for 6 months.

    • Reply Heather @ Just a Colorado Gal at

      Oh, yes ma’am, it does! Well, sometimes– it really depends on the shoes I wear. If I run over a 10k, it gets really sore, and hurts pretty bad after 13.1. I’ve never run further than that so I’ll let you know this summer! It also really kills when I wear heels but I’m so used to it now that I just deal πŸ™‚ My mom has had surgery on both of hers and I probably will at some point also– but like you said, it’s when I’m willing to accept all of that down time! She had surgery in December and is just now able to get on the bike and swim, but still no running, yoga, etc. BLAH!

  • Reply Jen at

    Best decision ever. You need to do what makes you happy and feels right.

  • Reply Julia at

    i think i would be sad to miss out on your running/biking/climbing/seriously awesome adventures pics if you were to drop those so im glad they are sticking around πŸ™‚

  • Reply Kara at

    It’s better to realize all of this before the race is here and you realize you haven’t trained enough to perform how you want! For endurance event training, you have to really want it, and there is nothing wrong with not wanting it!

  • Reply Kayla Carruth @ kpLoving It at

    Oh no…. ugh oh…… aw shoot….. she’s falling off the deep end. First not finishing a race, now dropping one…!

    Just kidding. You should totally take care of your feet. You have to walk on them for the rest of your life. And I completely believe that if you were doing something for fun, and your heart isn’t in it anymore, then do what your heart IS in to.

  • Reply Neon Blonde Runner at

    AAACK love it!! We really are twinsies. And we even both recycled old photos in our posts haha.

    I support your decision 100%!! And this way you’ll get totally healed and rested up before your running adventures in the fall πŸ™‚

  • Reply Alyssa at

    I’d probably be conflicted as well but you totally made the right call! These things are supposed to be hobbies, things we do for fun, and life is too short to do things that you dont want to. Enjoy yourself! I love open water swimming but I freaking hate swimming laps at the YMCA!

    • Reply Heather @ Just a Colorado Gal at

      I thought of that today while driving around for work– isn’t it crazy how “hobbies” can become so intense if we allow them to?

  • Reply Julie at

    I can’t blame you a bit…One of the really bad things about having to sign up for a race so early is you never know what will be happening so far down the road. I think you made a good decisions. It’s great that there is refund too!

    I so hope you can get over that PF..that sucks!

    • Reply Heather @ Just a Colorado Gal at

      That’s so true! I feel like they fill up so fast out here than you have to register now, think later… usually that works, but sometimes, not so much!

  • Reply Cara at

    Ugh Bunions. mine are opposite your on the outside vs. the inside of my foot. gotta love pointe shoe damage. Such a pain! You do so much cool stuff, are in school, and this weather is glorious right now so I don’t blame you one bit for not wanting to be at the gym, or doing the tri.

    I also completely understand the busy season we are scheduling into June right now. Now that spring came early, people expect to be done like yesterday even though they are calling in March instead of Jan when they should have. So I say, if you only have limited time, then do what you enjoy doing, don’t beat yourself up. Cause you rock. Seriously. No way could I manage this landscaping business and do school at the same time. No way!

  • Reply Suz and Allan at

    I completely see where you’re coming from and I would do the same thing. This is a year that’s all about running for me and taking more time for myself so some things just have to give. As long as you know you made the best decision for you, that’s all you ask for!

  • Reply Christy MyDirtRoadAnthem at

    I think following your heart is the best thing you can do. I wouldn’t want to be inside a stinky gym pool either not when it has been this nice outside!

    I love that you do so many different things and are so active.

  • Reply misszippy at

    I know it’s tough to make a choice like that. But if your gut tells you to do it, then it was the right choice Don’t look back.

    I did the same this year with the big Bay Swim I was all set to do. but as I got into the training for it, I realized it was just a burden and not where my heart was. Took myself out of it and I’m happy I did!

  • Reply runderbykat.com at

    I respect your decision… and I totally feel the same way. Life happens and sometimes you don’t want to put all the time (or just don’t have the time) to train. After dropping the half a few weeks ago, I initially felt regret, but I’m getting smarter as I get older because it was probably the best thing for my body. My heart wasn’t in it so my mind wasn’t in it so my body definitely wasn’t in it. Way to be smart!

  • Reply cisforcourtney.com at

    Luke and I have been thinking about dropping to the 1/2 for Colorado marathon. I was so gung-ho (is that how you spell that?) in the beginning. but training just hasn’t been working out. races will always be there! it’s not like you aren’t motivated, you’re just doing a TON of other things like look 50 million times more fun than a triathlon! i’m hoping to do one this fall, if you are interested! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  • Reply Lena @Fit on the Rocks at

    I think that if you feel much better now, then you absolutely made the best decision! You’re so active that I’m sure the extra time you gain doing other stuff will make you happier and keep you fit no matter what you feel like doing.

  • Reply Linda W. at

    I’m with you – I don’t like to clutter up my summers with too much training. Not when there’s trails to hike and camping trips to plan. I feel that way in the winter too – don’t want to squander my ski time with training!

  • Reply mymarblerye at

    You have to do what is best for your mind and body. Isn’t that REAL healthy living? You made the best decision for YOU.

  • Reply RunCupcake at

    I think it’s a great idea. You are doing what YOU NEED to do for YOU.

    And I’d much rather be outside too!!! I LOVE BEING OUTSIDE!

  • Reply Jamie at

    I think you made a great decision! I’ve never dropped a race, like this, before but I did make the decision to not get a second Masters degree so I could focus on running. It was a hard decision but ultimately the best one for me!

  • Reply Kayla Carruth @ kpLoving It at

    Who doesn’t love pictures??? Is there a such thing??

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