Initial Thoughts on the Mizuno Wave Sayonara

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Guys, the shoes are  offered in pink. Do I even need to bother with the rest of the review?!

Wave Sayonara

For those of you who apparently don’t make all of your running shoe choices based on color (just kidding! Sorta…), let me give you the details. According to Mizuno, the Wave Sayonara are like a love child combination of the Elixir and the Precision. Now, I’ve never tried either of those shoes before, but everyone and their grandmother has referred me to the Elixir, so it seems to be a pretty popular shoe! For me, I was mostly interested in trying out the Sayonaras because I am still looking for a fairly cushioned shoe to round out my running rotation. I love my Mizuno Evo Cursoris for my zero drop shoes and my Brooks Pure Cadence for my 4mm drop, but I’m still searching for that perfectly cushioned shoe. I’ve spent a fair bit of time in my Wave Rider 16s, and while I really think they are comfy, they have a but TOO much cushion for my taste.

Right off the bat, I was digging the lighter weight of the Sayonara. They clock in at 7.1 ounces which is pretty good for a shoe that has a 10mm drop from heel to toe. I also really liked that the heel/toe height was 19/9mm instead of the more traditional 24/12mm heights of the Wave Rider. No, it’s not anywhere near a minimalist shoe, but it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for in terms of a “cushioned” shoe. And, did I mentioned how light it is?! I’m convinced that means I’ll be fast like a cheetah!

Clearly, the Sayonara shoes are so fast that even technology has to slow them down a bit!

I also noticed that the Sayonara had an interesting tread pattern on the G3 sole that actually makes them a lot more grippy than I’ve come to expect from road shoes. I live by a lake that has tons of dirt trails that rarely require actual trail shoes. I tested out the Sayonara on those dirt paths and definitely noticed an improvement in the “stickiness” of my footing.

Wave Sayonara

My only initial hesitation with the Wave Sayonara was the width of the toe box. I put them on immediately after they arrived and was a little bummed to feel that the toe box was a tad more snug than I usually prefer. Because of this, I wore them around for two days while doing errands, hoping that they would loosen up just a tick. And you know what? They did! They still aren’t as wide as I would love them to be, but that is also just a function of my feet. I have feet that just continue growing, and with my bunion issues, they tend to run a little wide. However, I definitely wouldn’t say that they Sayonara shoes run narrow—they just aren’t extra wide! (I know Christy thought they actually ran a bit loose!)

To date, I’ve only run a total of 12 miles in the Wave Sayonara, which hardly makes me an expert on the shoes! I can say that I am totally loving the lightweight feel and ease of stride, in addition to the snazzy color choices. I plan on working them into my running shoe rotation over the next couple months because I’m pretty confident that I may have found a good fit!


Do you own any Mizunos? I ask because I feel like they are a company that is growing dramatically, but it was all via grassroots support. I’d never even heard of them a few years back, and now I can honestly say they make some of my fave running shoes.


  • Reply Natalie at

    I LOVE Mizuno. I have the Nirvana, Inspire 9s, Elixirs 8s and now these. Running in these shoes have totally changed my running. They are awesome!

  • Reply Renee @ Renee Runs Miles at

    My last pair of shoes were the Mizuno Alchemy. They weren’t bad, but wasn’t the right shoe for me. I loved the fit of them though.

  • Reply Kristen L at

    I’ve run in both the Elixers and the Wave Inspire and both of them were great! The only downside was that my Inspires wore out super fast, even though I rotate shoes, so now I tend to stay away from Mizunos in favor of shoes that last longer.

    • Reply heather at

      That’s crazy! My minimalist shoes definitely wear quicker but the others don’t. Hm!

  • Reply Christy @My Dirt Road Anthem at

    love these shoes. Just ran in them again. Great review!

  • Reply Kaitlyn at

    I love Mizunos. It’s all I buy. I rotate through three different pairs.

    • Reply heather at

      Which ones do you wear?

  • Reply lynne @ lgsmash at

    like you, i didn’t know mizuno did running shoes until the past couple of years. for years and years, they were the only volleyball shoe i’d wear, though!

  • Reply Lynda @ Hit The Road Jane at

    They’re so pretty!! Awesome review chica

  • Reply Art at

    How many pairs of running shoes do you own? How do you use the different ones?

    • Reply heather at

      Oh dear…I’d say I have at least a dozen running-specific shoes (not including other forms of exercise like cross training or CrossFit), but I wear 3-4 pretty religiously. I wear my trail shoes for the trails, obvi, and I like to rotate between various drops. I love zero drop shoes the best but I wonder if I should have a bit more cushion for the higher miles, so that’s when I incorporate the other shoes. Make sense?

      • Reply Art at

        sure does! i’ve never tried a zero drop shoe (and i’m frankly scared to given my intermittent knee soreness) but I hear that I may love them. My theory is to buy a pair of shoes and run in them, and only them, until they’re fallen apart but…my frugal side hates to say this but it’s true…I know there’s a better way!

  • Reply Erin @ Girl Gone Veggie at

    Great review! I love these shoes!

  • Reply Shelly at

    My first pair of “official” running shoes were the Mizuno Wave Precision 12-LOVED them! I ran about 5 months past when I should have replaced them, but I still was getting the support and comfort I needed. I just purchased the Inspire 9s for over pronation support and I’m excited to give them a try! I also live in CO-best place for outdoor running! 😉

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