Doing What You Love: Coach Kane is Heading to Regionals!

Hey guys! Hope you all had an awesome Memorial Day weekend. We returned from our backpacking trip to Canyonlands last night {trip report coming soon!} and it felt so good to be removed from the world. We were trekking in an area with no cell service, absolutely no other hikers and not even a trail. We bush whacked our way into our campsite and the utter solitude was priceless!

During our hours of hiking, I had a lot of time to think about people who do what they love. Obviously, I thrive in the outdoors and the dirt and open sky help me feel alive and mentally restored. I tend to think people excel in activities when it is something they are truly passionate about. For me, it’s the outdoors; for Coach Kane, it’s definitely CrossFit!


Kane came to Big Horn last year and in his short time at our CrossFit gym, he has definitely led by example for the members. He immediately began coaching and admittedly, it took me a hot second to get used to his gruff teaching ways! However, the more I’m around Kane, I admire his love of CrossFit and dedication to the sport. He pushes all of us to better ourselves, regardless of our skill level, and I truly enjoy being coached by him.


Judging at the in-house comp at Big Horn


I’m also incredibly proud to see how Kane does at the CrossFit Games Regionals this weekend! For those of you who avoid CrossFit like the plague, let me give you a quick explanation. The CrossFit Games are the worldwide competition that will take place this July. However, it’s definitely not easy to participate, and athletes must conquer both the Open and Regionals before they qualify for the Games. Colorado is part of the South West region, and over 3,895 men completed all five events in the Open. Of those 3,895 men, the top 48 qualified for Regionals…and Coach Kane was one of the 48!

Kane is heading to Regionals in Salt Lake City this weekend, and I know I speak for everyone at Big Horn when I say that we are beyond excited to see him do what he loves. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to travel to SLC for the comp but you better believe I will be glued to the online streaming! Also, if you want to come wish him luck yourself, all of us will be at the Road Runner Sports in Westminster tonight from 5:30-6:30pm. Big Horn and RR Sports teamed up for a promotional WOD so that we can all send Kane off in style!


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