Lucky Laces 10k!

You know what I totally forgot to tell y’all until right now? I registered for another race!


Usually, my friends and I run the annual Running of the Green 7k that took place in Denver this past weekend. However, this year we thought it was kind of stupid that they purposely put it the weekend before St. Patrick’s Day, so we went on the prowl to find a race that happened on March 17.

And by prowl, I really mean that sent me an email asking if I wanted to register for Lucky Laces. I said yes.

Since I am still working my way up on the mileage ladder for my half marathon in May,Β I figure that I can just use this 10k as my “long run” for the weekend. No need to get hurt by trying to do too much, too fast, right?!

Anyway, that’s not the point. The real, serious point here is that I don’t know what to wear!

Priorities, people. Priorities.

You see, I happen to have this green and yellow tutu that you may remember seeing back when we did the Organ Trail Zombie Adventure RaceΒ in October.Β And by tutu, I really mean tutu. Not a running skirt or anything fancy made for running: it’s a tutu.

That’s the tutu in its package. I guess it’s more yellow, but I definitely see some green in there!

And that’s the tutu on me (on the right, in case you didn’t notice the green). There is no need for zombies on St. Patrick’s Day, so don’t worry– my face won’t look like this, although I can’t promise the same for my hair. What can I say? Festive times call for festive measures!

The problem with the tutu, quite honestly, is that it was uncomfortable as hell to run in! It kept riding up my waist, taking my tank top with it. To make it even worse, the tutu would then scratch my stomach and make it all red. I vividly remember cursing at it during the Organ Trail and I even remember threatening to throw it onto I-25! However, the Organ Trail at least had obstacles to break up the 10 miles of running. Those obstacles were perfect to readjust the tutu. Pretty sure I don’t get obstacles this weekend.

But, it’s cute. And festive. And let’s face it: I’m not running this 10k to win the race or set a PR. If there is beer, I will more than likely drink it. If there are headbands with little wobbly sequined green shamrocks sticking up like antennas, I will probably wear them. And I know that I will more than likely be running in pigtails of some type. My point is that this race is for fun, and not serious at all. So do I care if it’s annoying? I’m not sure yet.

Conveniently, my other option is my new OiselleΒ running shorts which happen to be green! And I love them. And they are comfortable. I could very easily find some fancy green knee socks and sparkly green ribbons for my hair and call myself festive.


I WILL find one of these before Saturday!

So…..decision time! Should I be comfortable and 85-90% festive, or super uncomfortable but really look the part?

(And if someone tells me this is a First World Problem, I’ll probably buy you a beer. Because, fact: it totally is!)


Help me decide which to wear!

Do you usually dress up for races? What’s the most festive costume you’ve ever run in?


  • Reply Heidi @BananaBuzzbomb at

    Ah, I feel your pain. I’m currently trying to decide what to wear for my next half marathon. Since I’m representing Team RWB I want to kick it up a bit but am having a hard time deciding due to the unexpected weather. Will it be hot or cold? Still debating. Good luck!

  • Reply Jamie at

    I don’t think I could wear the tutu if it was scratching me, even if you are just running the race for fun!

    I dress up occasionally, I did for a run near Christmas and I bought clover knee socks for our half marathon this Sunday. I am probably going to wear a green shirt and call it good!

  • Reply Callie @ The Wannabe Athlete at

    I’m doing a 5k on Saturday and I am seriously debating wearing my GIANT tutu from the Princess Half – BUT mine lasted all 13.1 mile without any scratching! Depending on how much yours bothered you, I’d go without. There are other ways to be festive!

  • Reply RunCupcake at

    Shorts, socks, headband – perfectly festive! Throw on some bright green nailpolish and eyeshadow (because face it, when else can you get away with that?) and you’re 100% festive!

    Then drink the beer like a festive pro πŸ˜‰

  • Reply TJ at

    I’ll be running the Lucky Laces 5K too! I found my “little wobbly sequined green shamrocks sticking up like antennas”, which is the perfect way to describe them, at King Sooper’s of all places! They had a bunch! See you there!

  • Reply Janine@ThePurpleGiraffe at

    I’ve been running in tutus for the last few races I’ve run, but homemade ones so I can make sure the elastic is the right size to not ride up – I love the tutu! Check out my Hynes 5 miler recap for my latest race outfit that is Irish-themed. I put cut-off socks on my arms as DIY arm warmers, but they had shamrocks on them – perfect!

  • Reply Lena @Fit on the Rocks at

    Maybe try safety pins to keep it in place on top of your shorts?

  • Reply Kurt @ Becoming An Ironman at

    I say go with comfort; you’ll still be festive! I have a race on Sunday and my claim to dressing up is that my shoes are green (just by chance). haha

    The most dressed up I’ve ever gotten for a race was the christopher martin 5k in 2010. A couple friends and I made shirts with reindeer names on them and wore antlers. It rained, so the antlers only made it about 0.6 miles, but it was fun all the same.

    • Reply Heather @ Just a Colorado Gal at

      Kurt, Kurt, Kurt…. you sound like my friend Craig! He showed up at the Running of the Green last year with absolutely ZERO GREEN on! I ask you! Luckily, I happened to have an extra pair of green/white striped tights in my car (no clue why) so we fashioned him some good ol’ arm warmers. I think you should get some! πŸ™‚

  • Reply Kierston@CaNdYFiT at

    I love the Tutu! My first race is in May. I hadn’t thought of dressing up but the idea seems fun! πŸ™‚

  • Reply Heather @ Better With Veggies at

    I vote for mostly festive, but comfortable!! That’s the route I’m taking this weekend – my first race in costume actually. πŸ™‚ I’m wearing a rainbow tutu, which should be arriving in the mail today – yay!!

  • Reply Heather Montgomery at

    I loved running in a tutu for princess but mine didnt scratch at all. hhmmm… I would gow ith being comfy!

  • Reply at

    Absolutely 100% the second option. Comfort is key and the shorts-based outfit with the headband and maybe some green face glitter would be super cute!! The green knee socks sound so adorable too. Maybe you could cut fake “gold buckles” out of yellow construction paper and tape them to your sneakers to make them like leprechaun sneakers?! Let me know what you decide!

    • Reply Heather @ Just a Colorado Gal at

      Sounds like someone has a crafty side! I did see some bowties at Target the other day too… I could pass for a leprechaun! πŸ™‚

  • Reply Ali Mc at

    I love it! I remember that zombie in tutu race too – it’s when I first started following you and thought you were too crazy not to read πŸ˜‰ xoxo

    I am so excited for your race recap! you actually look hot in that tutu πŸ˜‰

    • Reply Heather @ Just a Colorado Gal at

      “Too crazy not to read”– LOVE THAT! (And it’s probably true lol)

      I was gonna tell you that a reader emailed me the other day, suggesting I try the Walkie Dog, or whatever that thing is that you suggested!

  • Reply Kristy@RunTheLongRoad at

    Chafing blows so I would choose the Oiselle shorts! Sounds like a fun race. Any race with beer is fun!!!

  • Reply Julia at

    haha. this race looks like a blast!!!! i hate being uncomfortable when i run so id prob choose the shorts but the skirt really is so cute so its a tough decision!

  • Reply Kayla Carruth @ kpLoving It at

    I say both. You can make my tutorial clovers!!!! πŸ™‚ P.S. I saw those head band antenna’s at the dollar store yesterday.

  • Reply Heidi Nicole at

    Dress up! But don’t chaf…that would suck!
    I’m wearing a mess of green on my race on Saturday. My greens clash but whatever, I’m it all – green shorts, green tshirt, green knee socks, green neon shoes, green headband, green SPIbelt, green gum… Yeah, I think I own too much green! πŸ˜‰

  • Reply Linda W. at

    Life’s too short to run in uncomfortable clothing. Ditch the tutu.

  • Reply Jocelyn at

    Wear the new shorts! Tutu is fun but save it for Halloween! (or after the race)

  • Reply Kathy at

    Chafing is not a good thing!!! I have seen some great St. Paddy’s knee highs in the stores. I’m think about cutting them off to the ankle (I’m fussy about my running socks) and wearing them just as knees highs this weekend!

  • Reply at

    I vote shorts. You can be festive with a wild tshirt, socks, ribbions, etc. I have one of those headband things that I wore last year in Chicago (found at Walgreens). If you don’t find one, I’m happy to get/send you mine!

  • Reply Ricole at

    You will look adorable! Where a longer tank or shirt underneath so hopefully it won’t ride up. Or tuck the shirt / tank into your shorts so it’s impossible to touch your skin? I already have my green tutu all made for my St. Patty’s day run too! So you won’t be alone! πŸ™‚

  • Reply Cara at

    Dude!! Joann fabric up here in FOCO has a whole St. Patty’s day aisle so they should have them down there too. everything from beads to tutus to socks and headband bobber thingys. I say go with the tutu because it is super cute, but as someone who has lived in tutus of all lengths her entire life, I can def. say ditch it if chafing is even an issue!!!

  • Reply Katie @ Will Race for Carbs at

    I say comfort, but I am practical in that way. There is not a whole lot of first world problems worse than chaffing. Ouch!! That tutu is pretty cute though.

  • Reply Suz and Allan at

    Can’t wait to see what else you pair with the tutu!

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