Oakley Gift Card Giveaway!

As I mentioned last week, I plan on doing a series of awesome giveaways throughout the month of December to say thank you to all of my awesome readers. First up on my list?

A £100 gift card from Sunglasses Shop that you can spend on any Oakley frame of your choice!

If you caught my review yesterday, you already know that I recently received a pair of Oakley Commit sunglasses from Jess at Sunglasses Shop, and that they have become my new go-to shades for any outdoor activity. Seriously y’all, these are great glasses.

Photo by Will Rochfort

However, I get that not everyone has the same face shape and a number of you left comments or emailed me yesterday, mentioning that you have a smaller face and that was a problem for you when finding glasses. Since I have a big ol’ head, the Commit shades may work out differently for you than me. Who wants to get stuck with sunglasses that don’t fit their face?

That’s why Sunglasses Shop is allowing the winner to choose from any of the Oakley frames! Here is how you can enter:

1. Follow Sunglasses Shop on Twitter. Then, tweet the following:

I want to win a £100 @Oakley gift card, thanks to @SunglassShop & @AColoradoGal! http://shar.es/6j2oq

Leave a comment below, letting me know that you did!

2. If you want a second entry (or aren’t on Twitter), leave a comment here, letting me know which Oakley sunglasses you’ll choose if you win.

The giveaway will be open until Sunday, December 9. A winner will be chosen at random and notified on Monday, December 10. In the meantime, hop over to Sunglasses Shop’s FB page and check ’em out. They’ve got a lot of good stuff going on over there!

Good luck!



  • Reply Kayla Carruth @ kpLoving It at

    Twittered!! I need a good pair of glasses so bad!! I actually asked for some for christmas!

    Kayla ‏@kpLOVINGit
    I want to win a £100 @Oakley gift card, thanks to @SunglassShop & @AColoradoGal! http://shar.es/6j2oq

  • Reply Lori at

    I tweeted! Hope I win! 🙂

  • Reply Kayla Carruth @ kpLoving It at

    It’s difficult to know for sure just from looking online, but I think the Oakley Bottle Rocket, Brown Smoke OO9164-05 Polarised, looks like a good compromise between function and fashion for me…….

    Maybe I’ll actually get lucky this time!

  • Reply eric at

    Yiggity yo. I am not able to access twitter from school.. ya know.. blocked… anywho… I would get the ones you reviewed. I might anyway.. I am needing some new glasses anyway. There you have it! i’ll tweet when I get home.

  • Reply Marissa at

    I Tweeted! Wooo!! 🙂

  • Reply Marissa at

    I’d pick the Oakley Caveat polished black! Love them!


  • Reply Hanna at

    I tweeted!!! I tweeted!!! And liked sunglass shop on twitter!!!!

  • Reply Hanna at

    Iike the M customs but it would be a really tough decision

  • Reply ADKinLA at

    Leaning toward jury brown!

  • Reply Colleen Faherty at

    The Caveat Brunette look pretty awesome! They have a great shape.

  • Reply Glamorous Ski Bum at

    Told you I would enter the giveaway 🙂
    I don’t have twitter so unfortunately I only have 1 chance, but if I’m the lucky winner I would get the Caveat, Pampered or Confront. Too many pretty shades!

  • Reply Christine at

    I followed Sunglasses shop and tweeted!

  • Reply Christine at

    Agh! So many choices. I’m leaning towards Twenty Tortoise or the Jury Brown or…

  • Reply Zepphead at

    tweeted! Great giveaway 🙂 If i win, i may choose one of the Jackets i think they’re called? Great for cycling & running.

  • Reply tanyasylvan.com at

    Tweeted! Hard to tell online, but I’d love to try the Commit or Polish. Loving the hot pink Razor Edge too! Anything that will stay on my face while running in the hot Alabama sun is perfect for me.

  • Reply Erin at

    I am ALL OVER THIS! I need some decent running sunglasses for spring/summer running! I tweeted and I’d probably get Drizzle or Urgency.

  • Reply Heather at

    Followed and tweeted! (@heatha262)

  • Reply Heather at

    There are so many choices, but I really love the gold frogskins!

  • Reply lgsmash.com at

    My fingers and toes are crossed! I think the Commit look like they’d be a great pair of active sunglasses.

  • Reply Chris Taylor at

    Hey Heather! I just followed and tweeted the Sunglass Shop. Such a cool opportunity, I hope I win! Cheers!

  • Reply Becca at

    Flak Jacket gray with pink 🙂 great giveaway!

  • Reply lgsmash.com at

    i also tweeted 🙂

  • Reply Just Jen at

    I tweeted!

  • Reply Just Jen at

    I would try the Radar lock path

  • Reply Diary Of a 6 Hour Marathon Runner at

    Followed and tweeted – really need some glasses for cycling so fingers crossed! 🙂

  • Reply Julie @ Swim Bike Running on Empty at

    The Commit and Frogskins look awesome! I have been searching for a new pair of athletic sunglasses for outdoor winter exercise and these would definitely fit the bill!

  • Reply The Eskimo at

    I would choose the Obligation Raspberry Parfait – fun color!

  • Reply Jeff Gallup at


  • Reply Jeff Gallup at

    The Shaun Whites are pretty sweet…

  • Reply lynnb1984 at

    I followed and tweeted and I would go for the Women’s Overtime, because I have a small head and love big sunglasses!

  • Reply tommy at

    tweet has been posted. i would probably go for the “Plaintiff” at first glance, looks like a cool design. thanks!

  • Reply JennyT at

    I tweeted!

  • Reply JennyT at

    And I think if I tried a pair I might go with the one’s you used. I also have a big head 🙂

  • Reply Kels at

    Backhand Polished Black

  • Reply Kels at

    I tweeted! @Christianqt07

  • Reply Lindsey at

    I followed, tweeted, and finally posted! @LMTurner424

  • Reply Naomi at

    Followed and tweeted!

  • Reply Naomi at

    Oakley Women Ideal Polished White <3

  • Reply Heidi @BananaBuzzbomb at

    Tweet, Tweet!

  • Reply Heidi @BananaBuzzbomb at

    It’s hard for me to wrap my idea around actually owning a pair of Oakleys….although I’ve always wanted some. I dunno if they’d work for my face but the Commit Mellow Yellow are pretty rad.

  • Reply Ed at

    I tweated the hell outta that!

  • Reply Mindys fitness journey at

    I tweeted and I am following them on twitter! Already follow you!! @mindyartze

  • Reply Mindys fitness journey at

    How could I not want the Oakley Women Commit SQ in freshwater like you… precious color!! Holy crap!!! I need those! I have not had sunglasses for the last 6 years bc I hate the idea of spending that much money. I am a single mom so it’s hard to justify. As a relatively new runner, these would be perfect! Fingers and toes crossed!

  • Reply Running In Boise at

    I like the Overtime Tortoise glasses.

  • Reply Debbie @ Live from La Quinta at

    Wow, there are so many great frames to choose from! It’s hard to tell without trying them all on. I love the look of the commit frames on you. I’d have to choose those.

  • Reply Cupcake Kelly at

    I tweeted!

  • Reply Cupcake Kelly at

    I would get the Frog Skin Acid Pink

  • Reply Andrea L at

    I tweeted (handle carpediem_LM)

    • Reply Andrea L at

      And I followed them on twitter!

  • Reply Andrea L at

    I’d have to pick twenty tortoise!

  • Reply Heidi Nicole at

    I tweeted! @runaroundaroo

  • Reply Heidi Nicole at

    The thought of picking out sunglasses online terrifies me…to be practical I’d go with the polished black. To go soley by color it’d be the FrogSkin Acid Green. Duh! 😉

  • Reply Neon Blonde Runner at

    tweeted it!

  • Reply Neon Blonde Runner at

    and I’d love a pair of the Overtime glasses 🙂

  • Reply Maria H at

    I would go for the Oakley Women Half Jacket

  • Reply Erin Adams at

    I would choose the Women’s Confront in brown/black

    • Reply Jen at

      oops – meant following Sunglass Shop! 🙂

  • Reply Jen at

    LOVE Radaredge Freshwater!

  • Reply Brenna Donoghue at

    The Bottle Rockets in Brown… love! (my oakley’s broke in a bike crash a few months back, so I’ve got my fingers crossed for these!)

  • Reply frhuman.com at

    I think I’d definitely have to pick the Crosshairs. They’re pretty cool!

  • Reply frhuman.com at

    And I started following the Sunglasses Shop!

  • Reply Kelly at

    I think I’d choose the M frames for biking!

  • Reply Eliza Kasztner at

    Did everything :3
    twitter name : @toocooltobe
    favourite from online shop is definitely “Oakley Frogskins Danny Kass” 😀

    Thank you !


  • Reply Joana* at

    I’m following Sunglasses Shop and I tweeted!!! https://twitter.com/joanadiasr/status/276007354980503553

  • Reply queenB at

    Just tweeted and followed Sunglesses shop!!!!

  • Reply queenB at

    I’d pick the Oakley Twenty!!

  • Reply Jenny Lee at

    hi! i’ve never had a pair of oakley shades, i have to buy sunglasses that have the “cheater” magnify square at the bottom and am not sure if oakley makes those…however-i see my son picked the “Plantiff” so i would choose those for a christmas gift to give to him 🙂 thanks for the chance to win.

  • Reply katscreamy at

    tweeted as @katscreamy

  • Reply Anonymous at

    The best is Oakley Garage Rock!

  • Reply Ali Mc at


  • Reply Ali Mc at


  • Reply Lynn G. at

    I would love to win a pair of Oakley women drizzle polished black metallic iris!!!

  • Reply Lynn G. at

    I tweeted!

  • Reply Debbie Harris at

    I like the overtime tortoise.
    Great giveaway.
    Thank you.

  • Reply stefanie gladden at

    I would choose the Oakley Plaintiff in chrome!!

    also tweeted – steffers516

  • Reply Kristen at

    I tweeted! @kmwoe

  • Reply Caroline at

    I follow on twitter and I tweeted the giveaway

  • Reply Caroline at

    I would like the women half jacket
    Thank you for the chance to win

  • Reply Balázs Szopkó at

    Love the Jury Brown! Cool opportunity!

  • Reply snapshotsofhappiness at

    I tweeted about the giveaway @Happy_snapshots

  • Reply snapshotsofhappiness at

    If I won, I think I would get the Forehand Polished in black. =)

  • Reply Patti at

    I tweeted! @cootertiger

  • Reply pilotingpaperairplanes at

    Entry 1: Followed and tweeted! (@LarissaDaltonS)

    Entry 2: These are the ones I would pick I think – http://www.sunglasses-shop.co.uk/oakley/crosshair-20/polished-chrome-oo4044-05/14289.aspx

  • Reply Jenn at

    I would get the Underspins in Tortoise!

  • Reply Amy at

    I would love to have the Ti Crosshair Pewter Polarised…thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  • Reply Jessica at

    I follow on twitter via @jshallow01
    jshallow01 @ hotmail.com

  • Reply Jessica at

    I would pick out the Antix Custom

  • Reply sunshine91 at

    Thanks for this giveaway!
    I twitted here: https://twitter.com/sunshine91231/status/276368861115346944
    twitter: @sunshine91231
    email: volley_91_@hotmail.it

  • Reply sunshine91 at

    Probably I’ll choose Underspins in Tortoise!
    email: volley_91_@hotmail.it

  • Reply Rachel B @ Busy Mama Fitness at

    Tweeted! @TurboRachel

  • Reply pickyrunner at

    I would get a pair of aviators!

  • Reply irunwithit at

    Following and tweeted! (@michellecruns)

  • Reply leahmoves at

    I love the Disguise Black Peppermint sunglasses!

  • Reply Suz and Allan at

    I like any of the Crosshairs!

  • Reply Christina M at

    Tweeted abiut the contest @christinamccall!

  • Reply Dave N. at

    I’d go for the Half Jacket 2.0 Black if I won. I’ve also Tweeted and followed! @RunnerDave20194

  • Reply Jonathan at

    Tweeted and followed from @jwlevitt – i’d also go with the half jackets! love oakley!!!

  • Reply Anonymous at

    Tweeting now

  • Reply Kate B at

    I followed on Twitter and tweeted! @socalrunnergal

  • Reply Kate B at

    I like the Oakley Holbrook glasses!

  • Reply Kayen Yub at

    Tweeted! :)) @ken_yub13

  • Reply Kayen Yub at

    I’d choose The Plaintiff Chrome!

  • Reply Kay Bautista at

    I tweeted @cailynmd

  • Reply Kay Bautista at

    also i’d love to own a pair of Oakley crosshair polished black… 🙂

  • Reply M. Louise Cunningham at

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  • Reply M. Louise Cunningham at

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • Reply bear at

    Please could you give me the gift cardd it is for my dads birthday please

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