Post-NYE Recovery: Technogel Review

Happy New Year’s Eve y’all!

As I mentioned before, I am out and about in Park City, gallavanting around the ski slopes with my fellow OmniTen. Tonight is the all-important NYE and like many of you, we definitely plan on enjoying it in style. For me, however, this also includes the after-party sleep session that I deem to be a critical element in my lifestyle.

Y’all, I really like my sleep.

Because of this, I was flipping ecstatic when I received word a few weeks back that I would be receiving a Technogel pillow as part of my affiliation with FitFluential. I had the opportunity to choose one of the pillows to review, and I went with the “classic.” Some of the other options tempted me and tried to lure me in by their fancy description, but I know myself; I prefer a smaller pillow and anything else would just kink up my neck. Besides, with my back the way it is, I definitely do NOT need help adding aches and pains to my daily routine!

Out like a light

The pillow originally arrived when I was visiting Will in San Diego, so I had to wait a couple of days before I could get my hands on it. However, I’ve been sleeping on the classic pillow exclusively for just over two weeks now, and I am absolutely in love. In fact, I put that pillow in my car (along with every piece of ski gear I own!) and drove it to Park City, just to ensure that I would have it with me to help recover from our snowshoeing/skiing/NYE shenanigans!

One of my favorite aspects of the Technogel pillow is that is absorbs my head and neck via 3D deformation (and yes, that phrase makes me giggle too!) Basically, this means that the pillow absorbs the weight of my head and cushions it by expanding in three different directions instead of just one as with other pillows. This ensures that pressure is spread throughout a larger area and my head and neck joints receive an improvement in blood circulation along with a less-stiff feeling when I wake up in the morning. This has become a huge problem recently with my lower back issues, so I’m definitely appreciating my healthy nights of rest.

Additionally, I need to add that this pillow allows me to sleep more soundly than I have in the past. I have never had problems sleeping and have been known to crash anywhere, anytime, and any place. However, since I received my Classic pillow, I have noticed that I am OUT within minutes of my head hitting the pillow, and I don’t wake up once till morning. I’m not sure what technical aspect allows me to sleep so happily, but I’m willing to accept it without questions….this pillow is legit.

Unfortunately, the Technogel pillows are pricey and my Classic pillow costs right around $169. Yes, I definitely realize that money is something that the majority of consumers need to take into account. However, this pillow appears to be incredibly durable and sturdy, so if it lasts a long time, then I think it is entirely worth the initial price. Plus, catching a solid night of sleep is something that we can ALL benefit from! If you’re interested, you can find a list of dealers in your area.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, it’s time to change out of my ski gear and head out ‘n about for our NYE celebrations. After all, I’m pretty darn excited to get back and crash out on my Technogel 😉 Stay safe tonight y’all!

I received this pillow via my affiliation with FitFluential at no cost to myself. All opinions expressed are my own.

What are/were your plans for NYE?

What is the most expensive item you have purchased to ensure you get a good night’s sleep?


  • Reply Neon Blonde Runner at

    Looks so comfy!!!!

  • Reply Alyssa at

    I love our memory foam mattress topper. I can’t imagine life without it. My plans for NYE were eating all the meat I missed out on the rest of the year. Nailed it.

  • Reply Heather @ Better With Veggies at

    I love everything I’ve heard about this pillow – it’s on my list for an eventual purchase, I know I would love it! We stayed in for NYE and it was great. From the instagram pics, it looks like you had a great time too! Happy New Year! 🙂

  • Reply runnerbydefault at

    I have never heard of this pillow until now. Looks pretty sweet!!

  • Reply MIz at

    Im NOT NOT NOT SLEEPING well in my new home.
    I need I need 🙂

  • Reply Ali Mc at

    I want one!!!

  • Reply Five for Friday - Just a Colorado Gal at

    […] deign so low as to sleep at the bottom. In fact, she actually prefers my pillow…. the $200 Technogel pillow that I love so much that I travel with it! The catch is that she is being a freaking ninja about […]

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