R2R2R Training: Week #2

This week simply didn’t go as planned! And I stressed about it for awhile, but in the end: meh. I originally had big plans to get major climbing in with major mileage to help begin R2R2R training, but then a blizzard happened. My house received a foot of snow in 12 hours, and it was absolutely glorious! Tis the season for snowballs and hot chocolate, right?

December 14-20, 2015

Monday: It was one of my favorite types of workouts at Big Horn CrossFit: chippers! Typically, a “chipper” is a workout that has a variety of movements so you “chip” away at each one until you’ve completed the entire workout. They’re always my favorite because I think they’re fun, but also because I’ve noticed a huge increase in my strength and endurance as a result of these WODs. Monday’s was a good one:

50 stationary lunges

50 push-ups

50 double unders

25 knees to elbows

5 rope climbs {15 feet}

50 box jumps {20 inch box}

25 overhead squats @ 45 pounds

25 strict pull-ups {assisted with a thin band}

50 sit-ups

Time: 17:29

Technically, the pull-ups were supposed to be L-pullups but since I can’t do that, I modified accordingly.

Tuesday: I had big plans for a couple thousand feet of climbing but alas, Mother Nature did her thing and dumped some snow on us. Instead, I shoveled our driveway {three times} and took Tally on a one hour hike near our house. The two of us broke trail in knee-deep snow, so it was actually quite a workout. I came home covered in sweat!

Wednesday: I thought the trails were packed down enough to run, but I quickly realized otherwise. I made it seven minutes before I threw in the towel. Rest day!

R2R2R Training

Thursday: I headed back to CrossFit and was once again reminded why I love Big Horn. My wrist was feeling all wonky for reason unknown, and the entire programmed workout was filled with power cleans and ring dips—neither of which are easy on the wrist. Instead, my coach took the time to quickly program a different workout for me so I could still get my sweat on without irritating my hand. I did:


{So, 30 of each movement, then 20 of each, etc}

Alternating one-handed kettlebell snatches @ 8 kg

Deadlifts @ 130 pounds

Time: 7:49

Then I came home and took Tals on a quick 1.5 mile “jog” around the neighborhood.

R2R2R Training


Friday: Yurt trip! Yurt trip! We recently booked the Clark Peak Yurt in the Never Summer Nordic System {trip report coming soon!}, so we headed north late Friday afternoon. We didn’t leave the trailhead until 9:45pm, but we didn’t even need our headlamps; we skinned the entire two miles by moonlight. Overall, it was one hour of skinning with 600 feet of elevation gain.

Saturday: We woke up to a beautiful bluebird day so, of course, it was time for some backcountry skiing! We toured for four hours with a total of 1,350 feet of elevation gain.

R2R2R Training

Sunday: We skied out from the yurt and drove home. Roughly an hour on my feet, but not a lot of work. We’ll call this active rest!


Will and I are headed to San Diego for the holidays, so I’ll be missing from my site this week. It’s time for family, food and festivities! But, I’ll be sharing plenty of photos on my Instagram and Facebook account; be sure to check those out and follow along on the road trip! Happy holidays, everyone. May peace and joy fill your lives in the coming week.


  • Reply Alyssa Lindsey at

    Hiking in snow is no joke! Enjoy SD and have a great holiday!

  • Reply Sandra Laflamme at

    Look at all of that glorious snow! We are seriously lacking in NH and although I have to admit I’m enjoying it for my running I am longing for some to adventure in like you!!!

  • Reply The Padre at

    Best Dog Day Ever!!!

  • Reply Laura at

    As much as it sucks when snow throws off training, I kind of love being trapped in the house in the middle of a raging snowstorm. Just got out this morning after last night’s storm to run some fresh snowy trails for a couple of hours, and it was glorious!

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