Resolution #2: How To Move More {Giveaway}

Y’all this has been one tricky goal to nail down! Let’s start from the beginning, shall we?

And if you’re confused on what goals I’m referring to, click on the link in the prior sentence. That should clear things up!

When I initially decided to use my new vívofit to help move more, it was easy. The bars on the screen would turn red, signalling my sloth-like behavior, and I’d get up and walk around the house.


Or go for a run.



Or hit up a day of skiing.


However, as is common with resolutions, I began a backwards slide.

Oh, the bar is red? Just 15 more minutes til I finish writing the article; then I will get up.

Well, 11,000 steps for the day was a lofty goal, right?

I went to CrossFit and did a lot of squats; those probably weren’t recorded accurately so I don’t really need to worry about targeting my goal for the day…right?


I hit an all-time low this past weekend in Crested Butte. To be fair, I was recovering from a nasty bout of the stomach flu {seriously, on a ski weekend! The injustice!}, but it really did a number on me. I accomplished a whopping 1000 steps for the entire day! 

And check out what it did to my sleep that night. Y’all don’t even want to KNOW how many trips I took to the bathroom…the stomach flu is nasty stuff!


Normal night of sleep on the left, night with the stomach flu on the right. Yup, there was A LOT of movement!


Needless to say, I’m looking forward to getting back on track this week and I don’t imagine it will be hard: it’s time for OR Show! {Quick definition here.} And while OR Show does mean that I won’t have time for 15 mile trail runs and long lake walks with Tals, I know I’ll still be moving a lot and getting my daily steps in. I tried wearing a pedometer at last year’s show but alas, I broke it after the first day. I’m guessing my vívofit will fare better!

I have appointments every 30 minutes from 9am-4pm and the booths are scattered throughout the convention center. The building is gargantuan so I’m honestly curious as to how many steps I’m going to take each day. If you follow me on Twitter, check over there– I’ll be posting my daily number! Thoughts on whether it will be easy or difficult to hit the coveted 10k steps?!

And with that, let’s talk fun stuff: how you can win a Garmin vívofit of your own! Actually, it’s pretty easy. Check out the Rafflecopter below, and good luck!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

This post is sponsored by Garmin and Whole Foods Market as part of their #PathtoFit program. The views and opinions expressed above are my own. As part of this project, I’ll be writing weekly for six weeks on the above goals. If you want to join in on the fun, use the above hashtag on social media to share your upcoming goals!



  • Reply Whitney at

    I earn my steps each day through exercise and also try to get up and move at the office. Hope you are feeling better!

  • Reply Linz @ Itz Linz at

    i earn steps by chasing after my 9 month old baby at home and my 4th graders at school! 🙂

  • Reply Melissa at

    I earn my steps mainly through running and chasing my 18 month old around everywhere!

  • Reply Art at

    I earn my steps by walking on my morning commute, by taking a lunch-time walk during my day, and by walking my dog.

  • Reply Joan Lorgus at

    I try to take a walk at lunch but cold weather here on the east coast in the winter makes it hard sometimes. It would be good to have something to remind me to get up and move.

  • Reply Ron at

    I earn my steps mainly by running and walking on breaks at work.

  • Reply Sandra Laflamme at

    I earn my steps by running and by constantly being on the go with my two kids!

  • Reply Jessica K at

    I earn my steps by training for my first 50k and walking my Aussie pup!

  • Reply Kristin at

    I earn my steps by running, taking breaks through out the day to walk around my office, and sometimes taking evening walks with my mom and dog.

  • Reply Kovas - Midwest Multisport Life at

    I earn my steps by trying to sit as little as possible and also chasing my youngest around as he never tires.

  • Reply Morgan at

    I earn my steps by running, and constantly walking to the kitchen at work to refill my water bottle.

  • Reply Jen K at

    What a fabulous giveaway!! I earn steps by walking to/from work (unless it’s uncomfortably cold out!!!) But a mile there and back gets me ready for extra steps throughout the day!

  • Reply Meghan R at

    I earn my steps by walking around a lot at work and running!

  • Reply Jenny at

    I earn my steps by walking to pick up my daughter from school instead of driving. As long as the weather is decent. And I’m not running late. 😉

  • Reply Hayley@healthyregardshayley at

    I used to have the nike fuel band and it definitely made me add more movement to what I thought was already a movement filled day. Unfortuantely we are so used to sitting SO much more than our bodies were intended.

  • Reply John at

    On a lousy day I earn my steps by walking up and down the hills of Seattle instead of riding buses or driving. On a good day I walk up and down the Cascades. Sadly, the lousy days aren’t as plentiful as the good days.

  • Reply Kate Cody at

    I earn my steps at work (stairs) and on the trails. Can’t beat trail running in Colorado in January. I love getting out there snow, ice, mud, and dirt!

  • Reply Ashley at

    I earn my steps by running, walking back and forth to work, and just by moving as much as possible!

  • Reply steve weber at

    I earn my steps at work.. I’m constantly moving around and going from office to office.

  • Reply Sarah C at

    I try to earn my steps by walking to work and getting up from my desk regularly to go refill my water bottle. All I can do is estimate the steps, since I don’t have an activity tracker, but I’m really curious to know how I do with this!

  • Reply Becki @ Bites 'n Brews at

    I like taking my bike up around the dams.

  • Reply Beth at

    I think you’re going to nail 10K steps at OR show. There is so much moving and walking and checking stuff out!

    I find that there isn’t THAT big of a difference between the horrible 3K step days where you do nothing and the days where you log 13K steps. For me, on days where I walk to work (less than a mile each way), I have a really great head start. I also am actually *more* motivated to go for a run when I get home than when I was lazy and drove the car. Once I’m walking, I remember HOW SMALL this town is and walk to get my mail, walk to the thrift store, and walk to the grocery store to pick up last minute dinner things. (And yes, sometimes there’s walking to the liquor store for wine.)

    You’ve mentioned this before but I like how honest the vivofit keeps me. I can’t pretend that I was active, instead there’s the sad low step number that I just can’t hide from!

  • Reply Amanda Phillips at

    I try to get my steps in by walking on a trail behind my office. I don’t have a way of tracking it, but I can feel in my body that I am not moving enough!

  • Reply steph at

    just did my first half marathon! and I have a five-year-old. not sure which makes me run more.

  • Reply David at

    I earn my steps in tots of ways. Walking the dog 2x a day, taking the long way back from a break at work, going down or up a floor coming back from a break. Shopping at Costco! 🙂

  • Reply Karyn at

    Skinned to the top of A-Basin on Sunday morning! I never thought I’d be fit enough to do that!

  • Reply Allie at

    First of all, your pictures are absolutely gorgeous!! I hope to have similar weather for my upcoming ski weekend and no stomach bug!! Ugh, that must have been awful. As for the steps? I’m sure you’ll kill it at the convention. Have fun :-)…and thanks so much for the giveaway!

  • Reply Logan at

    Surely you can cut yourself some slack for this weekend 😉 I work from home, so I take breaks to play fetch with my dog or do some chores in-between meetings and projects. Thank goodness I run, though, I feel like it would be really hard to reach that many steps otherwise!

  • Reply Katie @k8tlevy at

    I know I’ve said this before, but I absolutely LOVE the photos you’ve had up lately. Awesome stuff 🙂 How do I earn my steps? On weekdays, it’s all about CrossFit! On weekends, I do everything I can to get outside and hike.

  • Reply Christy T at

    I get my steps everyday working as a Vet Tech at a busy practice and walking my own dogs. On the weekends I try to get outside as much as possible.

  • Reply Al Quackenbush at

    I earn mine through a bike ride and a run, when I fit it in. It’s one thing that needs more attention for sure.

  • Reply Kelly at

    I have to force myself to get up from my computer at work and walk around, otherwise I would average about 350 steps/day. I am the poster child for fitbits and pedometers and whatnot!

  • Reply Sydney A at

    I get lots of my steps in walking around campus!

  • Reply Lindsay S at

    I earn my steps walking to work, even when its dang cold out!

  • Reply Sara P at

    I earn my steps mostly either at work (retail).

  • Reply Nicole Dz at

    I earn my steps everyday by walking around in the parks near my home and through the trails.

  • Reply Chelsea Michael at

    I earn steps by hiking incline daily. This morning, I opted for a rocky, fog soaked scramble up the cliff side.
    A body in motion stays in motion! Never. Stop. Moving.

  • Reply Kim @livingdomestically at

    I’m currently doing Insanity Max30 every day during the week. I’m getting back into running. But majority of my steps are from walking my 4-legged fur monster.

  • Reply Krista Chenoweth at

    I hope you are feeling better! I have a very active job where I easily walk 5-9 miles a day.

  • Reply Natasha Hudnall at

    Honestly? I don’t earn my steps yet….but I need to start

  • Reply Benton at

    Days that I’m working I get more than enough steps walking all over the hospital, but days I’m in class it takes more of an effort. Usually I’ll take a walk at lunch to get some fresh air.

  • Reply Lauren Belisle at

    One small thing I do is basically pace around the office kitchen when I am heating up my lunch. every little bit helps!

  • Reply Erin Ellis at

    I earn my steps by running, chasing my kids, chasing the dog, and chasing my hubby 🙂 Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.

  • Reply Christy @My Dirt Road Anthem at

    At work I walk a ton, I am on my feet most of the day in the operating room, on my days off I run 🙂

  • Reply Rana Durham at

    Doing housework and dealing with kids

  • Reply Lindsay at

    Adding little extras:
    walking to the mailbox instead of stopping on the drive home.
    filling up the cart full of firewood and dragging it to the house
    park my car around the block at work
    and always…chasing my to little boys

  • Reply getfitchick at

    I have a job that requires a lot of sitting, luckily i work at home so I have a Varidesk which alternates between standing and sitting. I also bought a used stepper ($10) at a yard sale so I try to make myself do a few “steps” every couple of hours. I know the Garmin would help me move more by reminding me to do so!

  • Reply SRachel at

    I work in an office and it’s HARD to get my steps in. I try to get up at least once an hour to get water or chat with a co-worker and I usually go for a walk/run after work.

  • Reply Paige c at

    I hIt the gym since I cNt run right now and do the elliptical and walk on a treadmill!

  • Reply lynne at

    i try to get my steps in by refilling my water at the other end of the office frequently! however, i KNOW i’m not getting enough walking/active time in during the day – would love a vivofit to help keep me accountable!

  • Reply Jessica at

    I’m really intrigued by the bars that light up on the Vivofit to remind you to move. I just went back to using my old Fitbit to track steps. On the couple days I’m visiting houses walking dogs, hitting 10,000 steps is no problemo. It can be a struggle other days but taking the dogs for an hour walk usually bumps me right up there.

  • Reply Carla S at

    I park far away and I’ve been using the elliptical lately.

  • Reply I’m An Imposter at

    […] a new activity monitor – the Garmin VivoFit – head on over to Just A Colorado Girl and enter her giveaway (hurry because it ends in three […]

  • Reply Celeste at

    I earn my steps by walking my dogs and getting up to take the stairs when I’ve been sitting for too long. At the gym I earn steps by doing intervals on an incline machine after I’ve done weights.

  • Reply Marissa at

    I earn my steps by doing laps around the conference room.

  • Reply Christy at

    Would love to win! I so need some motivation.

  • Reply Lindsay Mazzetta at

    I am so glad i stumbled onto your blog! how amazing is this!! You are truly inspiring!!
    I am blessed to have a great job! I am a pet sitter and dog walker! So I get lots of steps in almost every day! I would love to be able to tell how many steps i get!!!
    Thank you for a chance to win!! And keep up the great work!!


  • Reply Emily at

    i get my steps mostly at work at a humane society and walking my dogs.

  • Reply Kelley at

    I’m recovering from pelvic floor dysfunction, and am just now (after a year of PT) able to start exercising again. So I really earn my steps! And do the best that my my body allows 🙂

  • Reply Lynn at

    I am terrible at earning my steps. I have a stand up desk, so I hope that helps!

  • Reply Resolution #2: How To Move More Giveaway | Outdoor Bottle at

    […] Resolution #2: How To Move More Giveaway […]

  • Reply Diane R at

    It is challenging during the week to get my step in, working full time at a sit down job cranking out numbers all day. I do take the stairs.

    On weekends, I get it by hiking, my love and passion 🙂

  • Reply Liz @ Loving to Tri at

    I earn my steps my running and teaching ballet. I’d love to win the Vivofit, though, to make sure I’m getting as many steps as I think I’m getting 🙂

  • Reply Ingunn Markiewicz at

    Great timing for me, I was just sitting here looking at different exercise bands! I earn my steps by walking the neighborhood trails with my four-month old in a carrier, but I want to step up my game now that hiking season is fast approaching.

  • Reply Whitney S. at

    Mostly running! But we have the flu this week, so steps are low!

  • Reply Donna at

    I try to earn my steps by taking my dachshunds outside to go to the bathroom several times a day. I don’t own a tracker so a vivofit would be wonderful.

  • Reply Emily at

    I earn my steps training for a marathon! Would love to try the Vivofit

  • Reply Grace Jemison at

    I try to get my steps by walking through Philadelphia for classes, meetings, and work! And of course, a good run is always the ticket, especially now that I’m training for a half!

  • Reply L Thomas at

    It depends on the day. Mostly exercise and daily activity.

  • Reply Cora Seip at

    It really differs from day to day. Sometimes I have to work hard to get 10.000 steps (and take several walks around the block), other days I reach the magic number before lunch… I’d love for the vivofit to remind me to take small breaks!

  • Reply Patsy at

    Running around a hospital all day , I’m a nurse

  • Reply Amanda Sakovitz at

    I earn them by running daily

  • Reply Elle at

    Well, I do a lot of walking outside and also running. I think these new tools are fun and motivating.

  • Reply Stephanie O'Day at

    I earn my steps by walking my dog!!

  • Reply Lorrie Rodgers (pinklady705) at

    I earn my steps by walking as much as possible around the house, parking far from the front door when running errands, and going for walks at the park.

  • Reply Nona Nelson at

    Yesterday I went snowshoeing, but usually I get my steps by walking my beagle dog around the lake I live on!

  • Reply Angela Leflett at

    I earn my steps through walking my kids to and from school, as well as the treadmill when the day’s are not suitable for running/walking outside.

  • Reply Kealy Broach at

    I earn my steps through working with kids before and after school. They are constantly on the move. 🙂
    Also, I wanted to know, what kind of jacket are you wearing in that picture? I just moved to CO, and I need something warm with a hood (I also love the color).

  • Reply Joanna at

    I walk to work, which is about 2.5 miles each way. 🙂

  • Reply nicoleroannef at

    I earn my steps by walking ti and from work every day, about 50 minutes each way.

  • Reply Joan at

    I get most of my walking through working in the house and the yard. At it becomes warmer I will try walking to the library and store that is close by.

    Always enjoy your comments and the stunning photos!

  • Reply Cassie @ Rural Running Redhead at

    I walk around my classroom a ton and try to use the farther-away bathroom when there’s time (4 minutes between classes is not much).

    P.S. My Fitbit just died today, so winning this would be pretty perfect. 🙂

  • Reply Colleen at

    I can earn steps by going on a walk before and after work.

  • Reply Thomas Murphy at

    I go for walks outside.

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