Road Trip 2016: We’re Off!

All photos by Will Rochfort

Today is the first day of February, which is crazy in itself. But even crazier? Today is the first official day of our month-long road trip adventure!

Ever the man of mystery, Will is continuing the suspense all month long. What do I mean by that? I didn’t know where we were going today until last night. We head for our next location on Wednesday and I won’t know where that is until we hit the road. Y’all, I am seriously dying! How does this guy keep secrets like this?! I would be bursting at the seams!

Fortunately for both me AND him, he is not bursting and instead, is reveling in his secrecy. I was psyched to learn of our first destination as we pulled into town this morning: Crested Butte, Colorado. It seems appropriate for the two of us to begin our adventure in our most favorite mountain town. And, lucky for us, we managed to time our trip perfectly. Not only did we begin our trip with two nights in CB, but we managed to snag the BEST two nights of the year: Crested Butte received 18 inches of snow last night and 28 inches of snow in the past 48 hours– with another 6-8 inches on the way tonight!

Crested Butte

For the record, I wasn’t falling. The snow was practically chest deep!

For those of y’all that aren’t into skiing, that likely sounds like hell on earth. But to skiers? Pure nirvana! We skied all day today, marveling at the stupid amounts of snow. Honestly, I can’t remember the last time I skied in powder this deep– it was up to my hips! There were even times when I’d straight-line into a powder stash only to realize that it was waaaaaaaaay deeper than I expected. And with more snow on the way tonight, I am beyond psyched for tomorrow!

Crested Butte

Like I previously mentioned, I’ll be updating here occasionally– when I feel like it. I enjoy blogging so I won’t say that I’ll be MIA for the month. That said, I also know that I won’t be planning content; it’ll happen when it fits in and I feel like it. BUT, I do know that Will and I are both snapping a zillion photos {as evidenced by this post!} so be sure to follow along on Facebook and Instagram— I’m regularly updating both!



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    What a fun trip – kudos to Will for keeping the secrets coming@

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    What a fun trip – kudos to Will for keeping the secrets coming!

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