A Romantic Getaway: WildSpring Guest Habitat

Looking for a romantic getaway this weekend? WildSpring Guest Habitat should be at the top of your list!

Located in the teeny-tiny town of Port Orford, Oregon, WildSpring is a veritable utopia for those looking for a blend of comfort, beautiful scenery, and eco-friendly accommodations.

Romantic Getaway at WildSpring Guest Habitat

PC: Will Rochfort

I knew WildSpring was going to be special when we pulled up to the gate. Rather than the typical lobby or check-in area, there was merely a simple open-air covered kiosk with five wicker boxes. Each box corresponded to one of the five cabins on the property. Inside the wicker box was a welcome packet with your information, check-out info, map to your cabin, and intercom instructions {to notify the owners that you had arrived safely.} Next to the wicker baskets was a wheelbarrow: no bellman for WildSpring! Instead, we wheeled our luggage to our cabin.

Our cabin itself was absolutely charming. It was a quaint little place nestled in the thick greenery that is coastal Oregon, but the character didn’t end when you opened the front door. The cabin was divided into three rooms: a front living area, a bedroom, and a bathroom. Each cabin is decorated differently with antique and vintage finds from various shops, overstuffed furniture, and unique lamps and pillows. Y’all I immediately fell in love with this place!

Can you imagine a more picturesque place to spend a romantic getaway with your significant other?!

Romantic Getaway at WildSpring Guest Habitat

Romantic Getaway at WildSpring Guest Habitat

Romantic Getaway at WildSpring Guest Habitat

Romantic Getaway at WildSpring Guest Habitat

In addition to the five cabins, WildSpring has a beautiful guest hall located on the bluffs overlooking the ocean of the five-acre resort. The guest hall was maybe a two-minute walk from our cabin and we walked by unique-yet-mythical decorations like the sculpture garden, walking labyrinth, and lounging hammock.

The guest hall itself was awesome. Not only did it flaunt floor-to-ceiling windows to look at the ocean, but it also had a working kitchen. Breakfast is included in your stay; it was vegetarian when we were there, but I’m not sure if that is the norm. It did include fresh fruit, steel-cut oats, fresh-baked pastries, granola, breads and jams. {The WildSpring folks also took note of special request the night before– they made me some hardboiled eggs!} We enjoyed our breakfast by the windows, watching the ocean crash beyond the bluffs. If you visit in the summer, be on the look out for wonderful whale watching!

The kitchen is open for any guest who wishes to cook their own meals rather than go out to eat. Will and I took full advantage of this while we were there; we actually threw together soup one evening just because we were too lazy to go out!

Romantic Getaway at WildSpring Guest Habitat

The guest hall kitchen

All of the amenities are gorgeous, but the eco-friendly nature of the place truly impressed me. To begin, WildSpring only needed to remove two of the old trees to build the entire resort– that’s it. They rearranged everything else in the construction to work around the existing 2nd-growth trees. They also used local, sustainable materials whenever possible. All of the vegetation is native and the decorations and furniture all came from consignment and thrift shops in Hollywood, so it was all reused for the sake of WildSpring.

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The resort also strives to keep their operations as eco-friendly as possible. All the cleaning products are non-toxic and scent-free, and all the appliances and light bulbs are low-watt and energy efficient. The neighborhood does little to recycle, so WildSpring stores everything and takes it wherever is needed. They recycle and compost everything possible, and donate any unused food to a local person who then takes it to those who need it. Basically, they have reduced their footprint as much as possible and offset the rest to achieve a zero carbon footprint. That’s seriously impressive!

{I could go on and on about their eco-friendly efforts, but if you’re interested in reading more, check out their website.}

Romantic Getaway at WildSpring Guest Habitat

The sculpture garden

The next time you’re in the PNW and looking for a relaxing and romantic vacation, definitely consider WildSpring. I mean, the photos speak for themselves!


  • Elle at

    My favorite hotel was a Bedouin Village I stayed in the Negev Desert during my travels in Israel. It had a mess hall with traditional food served, even little local shops a dance area and an open air tent that we slept under the stars. Yours sounds equally as amazing.

  • Patrice at

    That so cool about how few trees they removed to build! Looks so, so charming!! And now I know the origin of that creepy forest sculpture picture from your IG feed a while back. Go Will!

  • Kristen at

    This looks like a fairy tale forest with the accommodations to match. It’s too bad you couldn’t stay longer! Places like this always make me feel like I need to spend more time to really soak in the atmosphere. Love that they are so eco-conscious too!