My Saturday at the Gas Station

You guys, I had one of the most random experiences ever this morning—and it was kinda fun!


Months back, the folks at Conoco contacted me about the #TreatYourCar campaign they have enacted in the Denver metro area. Unfortunately, Will and I were backpacking that weekend so I couldn’t participate in the event. However, Conoco has been spreading the love throughout the fall months so we were able to make additional arrangements so I could check it out. Thus, I spent my Saturday morning at a gas station!


Here’s the deal: Conoco had rigged some of the gas pumps with a “special squeegee.” Consumers could choose to use the squeegees to wash their windows and lo and behold, many of them were surprised by a whole handful of vibrations and neon lights {Seriously, the squeegee handles lit up with pink and yellow flashing lights!}

After they were notified they had won something, one of the attendants would come over to give the consumer a gift bag along with a Conoco gift card. The gift cards were worth varying amounts ranging from $5 to $50, and I swear—it was so fun to see the winners of the $50 cards!



My favorite was this lady:


I had been talking to one of the attendants when I just heard some hootin’ and hollerin’ coming from the far pump. I looked over and this gal was jumping around, cheering and waving her arms. She had won the $50 card, completely covering her gas fill-up for the day, and she was beyond excited!

Y’all, I never realized how fun it would be to watch dozens of people win something when they least expected it! All of these men and women just randomly pulled into the gas station because they needed gas, but every single one walked away with some amount of free money. We can all use that, right?!

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I’m not sure how long they’ll be in the Denver area, but follow along with the hashtag #TreatYourCar on Twitter to see if they’re coming to a pump by your house!

Disclosure: I was compensated for my day with Conoco, but I swear—I had a lot of fun!


What did you do this morning?


  • Reply Jill at

    Hi Heather,
    I am a faithful reader of your blog (but never comment, until now). I read it because I love your love of the outdoors. Today’s post left me kind of baffled – why, of all the possible things to promote, would you pick a gas station? I feel like it’s almost an antithesis of what your blog normally is about. As your readership grows, I think you should carefully consider what kind of promo things you say yes to, because it starts to cheapen things if you say yes to anything and everything. I totally didn’t not enjoy reading a story about a gas station which I could tell you only wrote because you were compensated, sorry. Anyway, as I said, I really like your blog but not today’s post.

    • Reply Jill at

      Sorry, that should read “I didn’t enjoy” not “I didn’t not”.

    • Reply heather at

      Hey Jill– Thanks for reading! I do love hearing from readers (even if it’s obviously not a comment that I’m going to enjoy!) In regards to your comment, I just wanted to offer my two cents and to clarify a couple of things. First off, I don’t accept every offer that comes my way– far from it (I think I blogged about this once but I can’t find it right now….sigh). I actually chose this Conoco sponsored post and denied others, and I did that for a few reasons. I like partnering up with companies doing stuff in the Denver Metro area (like the Premier Protein post a few months back) and prefer the partnerships more if they are doing something that I think local peeps would enjoy or benefit from– like getting free gas.

      I understand why you say it seems like the antithesis of my blog (I’m guessing maybe because of the whole environment vs. oil thing? Just a guess though). However, gas is a necessary part of my life, whether it is to get me to work or to get me to the mountains, and I know it eats up a fair bit of my budget, especially since I do drive an SUV. So, after that LONG winded explanation, my nutshell summary is this: I thought people would appreciate the extra bit of cash and wanted to help spread the word. After seeing the winners yesterday, I stand by that belief 🙂

      Having said all of that, I do appreciate your comment and I value your honesty…although I wish your first comment was on a positive note! We’ll have to remedy that in the future 🙂

      Let me know if you’d like to chat about anything else– HB

      • Reply Jill at

        Hi Heather,

        Thanks for your thoughtful reply! I guess I still disagree a bit (sure, we all use gas but in my mind we can still be critics of our energy system) but it’s your blog and you obviously took the time to think through the decision to feature a Conoco-sponsored post. I guess I’m sensitive to the issue because I study climate change and how it impacts glaciated places and mountains! I do really enjoy your blog and I will make an effort to post positively more!

  • Reply Electra @ at

    How fun!! Something unexpected and simple can almost always conjur up smiles!! 😀

  • Reply Alyssa at

    That actually does sound fun to make people’s days! Let’s see, I am way behind on posts – the morning of November 9, I ran with my friend then hit the road for a girl’s weekend in Richmond!

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