Skiing and the Grand Mesa

It finally happened this weekend guys: I got to go skiing!


I’ve been trying for weeks to ride some snow, but the world seemed to be conspiring against me. Sure, I’ll be able to ski fairly frequently starting next week since I’ll be done with work, but I was itching to get some November laps in.

Luckily, everything worked out and Will and I met up with Heidi bright and early on Saturday morning. I have yet to get my AT boots fitted to my feet, so we all knew that backcountry options were out of the question. However, that didn’t mean we couldn’t hit up Keystone for some inbounds snow!

And you know what? For pre-season snow, it was freaking fantastic. There was literally fresh whiteness everywhere and I couldn’t get over how decent the conditions were for mid-November. This feeling was locked in when we were standing at the top of the hill, waiting for Heidi to strap her board on. I looked over and realized that people were getting onto the Outpost Gondola, the lift that takes riders into The Outback. You see, The Outback is the intermediate-advanced backside of the mountain that typically relies more on natural snow rather than the manmade stuff. These parts of the resorts typically don’t open until at least December, so we were pretty ecstatic to learn there was enough snow to ride back there. However, after talking to ski patrol who guaranteed we would wreck our gear on the exposed rocks, we opted out of The Outback. We still have the rest of the season, after all!


Ignore the gaper gap on my head–lesson learned. Clearly these goggles don’t work with this helmet!

Even better? I’ll likely get to ski again this Friday! You see, I’m headed over to the Western slope tomorrow to spend Thanksgiving with my parents at their log home. I haven’t been to their cabin since last spring, so I’m pretty psyched to relax and enjoy the quiet mountain air. I’m really hoping to hit up some trail running, some snowshoeing and of course, some skiing with my mom at Powderhorn. Plus, there are like zero people over there so Tals and I typically get the snow and the trails all to ourselves. Not too shabby huh? (Unfortunately, Will is spending the holiday with his family, so there won’t be a recreation of last year’s infamous push-up photo!)

Everyone enjoy Thanksgiving with their friends and family—I’ll catch you on Friday to announce the winner of the Reebok custom Nano giveaway!


What are your plans for the holiday?



  • Reply Alyssa at

    I just heard a hilarious story about skiing last night. A girl on my broomball team went down an Olympic practice slope by mistake on her first time. Actually I guess you had to be there. So what I’m really saying is….come hang out with me.

    • Reply heather at

      So, are you saying you want to come skiing with me?!

  • Reply Kelly @ Leafy Not Beefy at

    I’ve never been skiing, but wow, that looks beautiful!

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