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Whether you’re a hard-charging outdoor woman or brand-spanking-new to sleeping in the dirt, my hope is that Just A Colorado Gal will give you a sense of adventure, comfort, and an extra bit of encouragement. For more than ten years, I’ve been sharing outdoor adventure stories with women in the hopes that it will help them find their own path to the Great Outdoors.

Because here’s the thing: I’m a normal female, just like you. I have a job {well, quite a few of them} and a husband and a mortgage payment. But I still try to get outside to crush it as frequently as possible. I love hiking and trail running and try to get out all the days.

Five Best Trails Within 30 Minutes of Denver

Hiking Atlantic Peak

Antelope Canyon 55K

Just A Colorado Gal

But even more than hiking and trail running, I truly-and-madly love backpacking. I love the feel of trekking into the wilderness via self-powered travel. You know that moment when the morning sunlight hits the wall of your tent and you stick your head out the door to see the dawning of a new day rise over a shimmering peak in front of you? That feeling; that is why I love backpacking.

Nine Tips for Backpacking in Great Sand Dunes National Park

Backpacking to South Zapata Lake

Oh, and backcountry skiing. I’m enamored with exploring Colorado’s never-ending network of backcountry huts. I love skinning in, drinking some hot chocolate by the fire, and hitting the hill for some fresh powder turns in the morning.

Skiing a 14er: Quandary Peak

Never Summer Yurts: Nokhu Hut

Just A Colorado Gal

Here’s the other thing: adventure travel is my jam. If I can combine any of the above outdoor activities with a unique and/or foreign location? I’m all over that. I mean, there is so much to see in this world and the perspective you get from atop a mountain on the other side of the world is unsurpassed. What greater way to explore the globe than on your own two feet?

Hiking New Zealand: Mueller Hut

Hiking The Narrows in the Winter {Zion National Park}

Dining with the Ghost of Wreck Beach, Australia

See anything you like? I hope so. Because truly, that is my goal: to inspire women to get outdoors in whatever way they see fit. So, pull up a chair. Stay awhile. Kick those feet back and get to know me. If you feel so inclined, read my book so we can chat all about it.

Just A Colorado Gal

And then let’s get outside. Let’s find an adventure together.

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