The 2016 Outdoor Gear Giveaway

It’s become a bit of a site tradition for me to host a holiday giveaway, and this year is no different. But I like to shake it up and  I figured 2016 was the year to GO BIG. And trust me y’all: when I say BIG, I mean BIG. One person is going to walk away with over $1300 in outdoor gear and apparel!

I realize that many of you may just skip straight to the bottom of this post, and that’s quite alright. But for those of you sticking around to read the rest, I want to tell you this: thank you so much for your continued support and loyalty over the past bazillion years of this little site. There are many reader names that I recognize from years of comments and some of you have been with me for the long haul. I understand that the internet is a large place and there are plenty of places you can go to for outdoor adventure stories. I’m honored and humbled that you choose to hang out here with me.

Here’s to another year filled with powder days, dusty trails, and starry evenings in tents. I hope you come along for the ride!


Oh! And as for the giveaway?! The below items are going to be included in one RATHER LARGE prize package for one extra lucky reader. Keep reading for details on the items; options for entering are included at the bottom of the post. As always, I’d like to extend a big hug and high five to the brands who donated items. Obviously, I couldn’t do it without you!

{Items listed in alphabetical order}

Alpine Start Coffee


If you’re anything like me, coffee is a critical item for backcountry adventures. I simply don’t wake up without my morning cup o’ java! Sure, you can pack in a French Press but it’s kind of a pain {not to mention a waste of backpack space.} Instant coffee has always been my go-to choice but until recently, options were *very* limited. That is, until Alpine Start Coffee hit the scene!

Founded by a friend {Alex Hanifin} and pro climber Matt Segal, Alpine Start coffee is my jam. I was lucky enough to receive some samples awhile back and those tiny, caffeine-filled packets quickly became a staple in my backcountry kit. The flavor is rich in these Italian beans, and while I don’t quite understand how they made instant coffee taste so damn good, I’m not complaining. Rather, I’m counting my lucky blessings sine I can enjoy the good stuff while basking in the early sunrays of Mother Nature.

{Oh, and Will says thanks to Alpine Start too….happy wife, happy life!}

Arc’Teryx Proton LT Hoody {Featuring Climashield}

Seriously, you guys need this jacket in your life!


The Proton LT Hoody is honest-to-goodness one of the most versatile pieces I own. It features Climashield insulation to keep you cozy while backcountry skiing or tromping around the mountains. But along with the thermal factor is the crazy-awesome breathability. If you are into high-cardio winter activities like snowshoeing, backcountry skiing, or even hiking, this is a fantastic piece for your quiver. {Added bonus: it can take a beating which is an essential component for any piece of gear in my life!}

In a word: fan-freaking-tastic.

BUFF Hat, Neckwarmer, & National Park Neck Gaiter

BUFF makes products that, in my opinion, fly under the radar. You don’t realize how awesome they are since they aren’t the flashiest, but before you realize what is happening, you’re packing those items into your backpack for every.single.trip.


Truly, I’m pretty positive I throw in a BUFF neck gaiter on every outdoor adventure, regardless of whether it’s winter or summer. For ski season, I pack in a warm neck bandana {complete with a skull design!} and in the summer, I always have a UV-protective neck gaiter to keep Colorado’s hot sunshine off the back of my neck. In a pinch, these gaiters can do double duty as practically anything, so they’re incredibly versatile to have around.

Of course, BUFF carries more than just neck gaiter and I’m psyched that they have donated a smattering of items for you to get a feel for their product line. {Trust me: you’re going to fall in love with the toasty-warm Margo hat!}

Cotopaxi Dopp Kit & Kilimanjaro Backpack


Cotopaxi’s motto is “Gear for Good” and they do a great job of incorporating both sustainability and positive social impact into their products. Each item has a backstory, too. For example, let’s take a look at the Del Dia Dopp Kit. Del Dia means “of the day” in Spanish and that’s exactly what this dopp kit is. Each particular kit is made from repurposed materials and the sewer has creative control over the design. This means that each dopp kit is different depending on the design direction that sewer chose to go with on that particular day. How cool is that?!


For more information on Cotopaxi’s mission and how their brand funds solutions to help those living in extreme poverty, click here.

currexSOLE Insoles

If you’re like me, you likely use insoles for just about every pair of active shoes you have. I have specific ones for my ski boots and my running shoes and my CrossFit shoes. In fact, I’m willing to bet if I lined up all my insoles on the floor, they would easily trace around our kitchen!


currexSole is one such company that makes insoles for the active person. Every sport challenges our body in a different way and it’s not a bad idea to have an insole that provides support where you need it for each particular activity. For example, I pronate like crazy so when combined with my extra-flat feet, I typically use insoles for running to relieve ankle stress. It’s been quite amazing to see the difference since I started running with insoles– all my ankle aches and pains disappeared.

Heat Factory Hand Warmers

I seriously, seriously would not survive winter without hand warmers. Did I mention how serious I am?


I’m naturally a cold person. I also have a common ailment known as Reynaud Syndrome where blood flow is reduced to spasm arteries {especially in my fingers.} It happens all the dang time and it’s pretty normal to look at my hands and see chalk-white fingers with a red palm. It’s extra bizarre when it happens during the dead heat of summer. It can be 95-degrees outside but if you park me next to an air conditioner, my hands turn blue and my fingers go numb!

That said, I almost always have Heat Factory hand warmers in my mittens while skiing or winter camping. It’s not even something I think about anymore, and Will always includes at least a dozen in my stocking at Christmas every year. I’m not willing to give up my beloved winter activities, so this is my chosen workaround. I love these things: you just open the package, shake ’em around for a second, and put them inside your mittens. Voila! Toasty-warm hands no matter the conditions.

Krimson Klover Sweater

This Boulder-based brand has my heart: not only are they passionate about sweaters, but they are also female owned-and-operated. {And, of course, local!} While I do spend a lot of time on this site talking about outdoor playtime and the items that go along with that, I actually wear “normal” clothes for the majority of my week. Krimson Klover’s products fall into the latter category.


Krimson Klover specializes in quality sweaters with yarn sourced from all over the world. As an ambassador for them, I have a few pieces, including the Moxie Hand Painted Base Layer. Once I saw the sassy moose on the front of the top, I immediately fell in love! Of course, they make more sweaters than base layers, and I’ve been wearing the living daylights out of my Bundled Cable Vest. It’s SO DARN WARM!

Added Bonus: If you want to purchase a Krimson Klover sweater as a holiday gift, use the code KKBALOGH for a 30% discount through the end of 2016.

Leatherman Signal Multitool

Leatherman is a brand that likely needs no introduction. In fact, my Leatherman multitool has been a staple in my outdoor quiver since early 2001– and it’s still going strong!


These multitools are a must-have to ensure wilderness preparation. Not only does the new Signal multitool have all the usual items {think: pliers, wire cutters, knife, can openers, bottle opener, wrench, carabiner} but it also comes with a few added niceties like a diamond-coated sharpener, a fire-starting ferro rod, and an emergency whistle.

Fun story: Will and I just finished building the fence to our new backyard and we needed wire cutters to trim down the pet mesh. We quickly realized we don’t own any since DIY home projects aren’t really our thing. But fortunately, we do have a Leatherman! We ended up using the wire cutters on my original Wave to do the entire thing. How’s that for double duty?!

LEDLenser Neo Headlamp

If you play outside, you are going to need a headlamp at some point. Whether it’s traipsing around camp after dark, finding your way down a mountainside during a post-dusk trail run, or heading uphill for a pre-dawn summit, headlamps are a critical component in any gear kit.


The LEDLenser Neo headlamp is just what the doctor ordered. Not only is it bright {90 lumens with a 150-degree wide beam}, but it’s incredibly lightweight. The entire headlamp only weighs 1.9 ounces which makes it perfect for trail running or even summit bids. We’ve all had those days on trail when you are sure you will make it back after dark…but then don’t. With a headlamp that weighs less than two ounces, inclusion in your backpack is a no-brainer.

Did I mention it comes in various colors like pink, yellow or green?!

Mountain Hardwear Stretch Down Puffy

There is a good chance you’ve heard of this little company called Mountain Hardwear…. am I right?!


New for Fall 2016, the StretchDown jacket is quite the innovation. It’s the first-of-its kind puffy jacket that uses stretchy materials and welded seams for an insulated jacket that actually moves with your body. These welded seams expand with movement, creating a jacket that is more comfortable and flexible when compared to other puffies on the market. I mean, think about that for a minute: a puffy jacket that doesn’t have a single stitch. Welcome to the future, my friends!

I’ve owned this jacket for almost a year and it really does move. You can pull on the fabric and actually see it stretching. While it’s too warm for cardio activities, it’s been a favorite on camping trips and overnight excursions. The 750-fill down is toasty warm!

tasc Performance Workout Apparel

I first heard about tasc Performance a few years ago and was intrigued by the concept. Rather than using polyester in their workout apparel, they opted for fabrics sourced from Moso timber bamboo. While the original iteration didn’t work out as well as hoped, it did give tasc Performance some ideas on how to move forward with bamboo. They spent two years developing a new process and the result is BamCo, the materials used today.


The bamboo is certified organic and is responsibly managed and sourced from China {certified via the Forest Stewardship Council.} Bamboo rejuvenates quickly too, without the use of pesticide or even water. I’ve been wearing a pair of the capris for the past few months and while I was skeptical at first, I’ve grown to love them. They’re cute, functional, and odor resistant– everything I look for in workout apparel.

What Will You Win?

One reader is going to win the following in a single massive prize package:

**Five boxes of Alpine Start Coffee

**One Arc’Teryx Proton LT Hoody {men or women}

**One BUFF Knit Neckwarmer {Margo Orange}

**One BUFF Yosemite National Park Neck Gaiter

**One BUFF Margo Knit Hat {Margo Orange}

**One Cotopaxi Del Dia Dopp Kit

**One Cotopaxi Kilimanjaro 20L Backpack

**One currexSOLE insole {choice of running, hiking, skiing, or cycling}

**One Heat Factory Holiday Big Pack

**One Krimson Klover sweater {choice of Moxie base layer, Banded Base Layer top, Bundled Cable Vest, Tracing Circles Sweater, or Stacks Cashmere Turtleneck}

**One Leatherman Signal Multitool

**One LEDLenser Neo Headlamp

**One Mountain Hardwear StretchDown Puffy {men or women}

**One tasc Performance outfit of your choice {top and bottom}

How do you win? Check out the Rafflecopter widget below. Giveaway ends at 12am on Friday, December 9. Good luck!

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    Hey thanks for the contest! Been occasionally reading your blog for a while now. I’m friends with your friend (sister’s friend?) Jessie who used to live in FoCo!

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    Pretty awesome giveaway! That Mountain Hardware Stretch down jacket looks awesome!

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    best of luck Down Under, and on the new book!


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    I love all the products, but I would be most excited to win the Proton Hoody … Justin has one and I am jealous:)

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