Trail Runnnnnniiiinnnnnng {And $100 to Sierra Trading Post!}

You like how I put all those extra letters in there?

Aside from my morning jaunt at the gas station, this past weekend was filled with time on the trails! I knew I had evening plans with my sister on Saturday but there was a weird overlap in schedule for a couple hours. So, after I left the Conoco and ran some errands, I headed over to Deer Creek to do a lil’ running.


Enjoying the view while on the climb at Deer Creek

Deer Creek is an area that I’ve heard tons about from others, but I’ve never actually been to before. You see, it’s way in the southwestern part of the city which is a good hour from where I live. Obviously, I don’t typically drive that far for trails when I’ve got some great ones within 10 minutes! But, it was close to where I already was, so I thought I’d give it a shot.

Naturally, the area didn’t disappoint! I only did 4 miles round trip but I climbed 650 feet of gain so I’ll take it. And, I did love the trail although it was mad crowded. The parking lot was packed full of cars and the majority of them had mountain bike racks attached to the back. I love biking myself but admittedly, sharing the trails can get stressful on both parties. I was happy to learn that they had a separate 1.6 mile trail from the parking lot that was for hikers only. Score!

After Saturday’s singletrack foray, I knew I wanted to get a few more miles in yesterday so as to keep up with my bizarre November goal. Sadly, I had to say goodbye to my sis first since she flew back to Hawaii yesterday morning. Per usual, I cried my face off and got all depressed. Y’all, I seriously wish my sis lived in Colorado….or even somewhere within driving distance!


Tals doing what she does best: playing!

I said goodbye to her before my mom took her to the airport but knew I needed something to cheer up my day. I took one look at Tally’s furry face and knew she wouldn’t mind a day outside either, so we headed to the local open space area by our house for another 4 mile trail run. Again, there was nothing major and the trail was pretty flat and mellow, but it felt amazing to get out. It’s been dumping snow in the mountains but incredibly sunny and warm in the city—not a bad combination!


I told y’all  awhile back that I was chosen to be one of ten writers for Sierra Trading Post’s newly formed #TeamSierra on their Social Hub. I’ll be writing a series of six posts over the next half year on a variety of topics, but my first was a very tongue and cheek approach to prepping for ski season. If you haven’t already, check it out and let me know what you think! (If not for me, then at least check out more of Will’s badass ski photos—the one of Steve is my all-time favorite!)

Sierra Trading Post

I’m pretty excited to be involved with STP because we have a lot in common on all fronts. I dig their site (and buy far too much gear with their crazy sales!) but I’ve also gotten to know the people behind the brand and they’re pretty great. We had a blast hiking the 13ers last month and we’re making some plans for a spectacular snow-filled backpacking trip this winter. Stay tuned!

All that aside, the good stuff: Sierra Trading Post wants to give one of you a $100 gift card to their store! For no reason at all other than they likely want you to read all of my posts on their site…but you’ll do that anyway, right? RIGHT?!

{Had to give it a shot}

Here’s the deal: if you want to enter to win the $100, just leave me a comment below, telling me what you would purchase with the gift card. That’s it!

If you want an additional entry, tweet something about the giveaway and come back here to tell me that you did. Simple enough.

The giveaway will be close Sunday, November 17 at midnight. I’ll track down the winner on Monday to get you sorted with your winnings.

OH! And if you just want to buy stuff from them anyway because you’re looking for new gear? Use the code SHUBTS0213 to get 30% off any purchase. It’s good starting today through Sunday at midnight. Happy shopping!



  • Reply Kathleen at

    I really think I need a down vest, so I would def use it towards that purchase! Aw it sucks having to say goodbye, but glad you got to enjoy the day!

  • Reply Miz at

    Id get me some cold weather tights.

  • Reply Katie at

    Sleeping bag or pad for camping maybe a backpack? Want to get into backcountry and have zero gear!

  • Reply Amanda @runtothefinish at

    AHHH every one of your posts just pushes me further into the job hunt in Colorado so we can move SOON! 🙂 Let’s see what would I purchase, well if we moved to CO I’d want snowshoes!!!

  • Reply Amanda @runtothefinish at

    Tweeted of course!

  • Reply Logan @ Mountains and Miles at

    I took my furry friends on a trail run this weekend, too…pure puppy joy!

    I would by ALL THE THINGS!!! No, really. I would probably look to add to my winter weather camping gear…it’s sadly lacking. Maybe a bag liner or a new pad.

  • Reply Liana@RunToMunch at

    I really need a new pair of hiking pants that zip down to shorts when it gets hot.

  • Reply Natalie @ Free Range Human at

    I think I’d have to go with a new pair of Keens. Mine are just about worn out!

    Hope you’re feeling a little bit better today. I know living away from your sister must be so tough. My sister and I don’t live very close (though no where near your distance!), and it can be really difficult at times!

  • Reply misszippy at

    Ohhh…love STP! So great you got that gig. I would buy a Marmot down jacket!

  • Reply Sara at

    I love STP!!

    I would get some new base layers for skiing or some new snow boots!

  • Reply Christine @ Love, Life, Surf at

    I love Sierra Trading Post. It was the first place that I started buying stuff when I started my outdoor adventures. I really need a new ski jacket! And pants. And googles. And helmet…

  • Reply Sara at

    Tweeted to you!

  • Reply Julia at

    Oh man, those Sierra Trading Post sales are always so tempting. If I won the gift card I think I’d have to spring for some snowshoes. Or a sleeping bag. Or new boots. This is my first year in Colorado and I definitely don’t have all the gear I need!

  • Reply Kaitlyn at

    I am in desperate need of both new high top hikers and trail running shoes. I blew out the side of my hikers on a 3 day backpacking trip this summer. So, I’ve been using my trail running shoes in the meantime. Yesterday I blew those out. By “blow out” I meant that the sides literally get a hole in them from too much wear and tear.

  • Reply Kaitlyn at

    I tweeted!

  • Reply WIL COLQUHOUN at

    I need some new winter weight waterproof pants for winter hiking.

  • Reply Jill E at

    awesome giveaway, thanks so much!!i would probably get a pair of asics kayono’s my favorite running shoe.

  • Reply Chris at

    I would buy trail running kinvaras and a new running belt for my trail runs! I have to tie my together right now!! Also I tweeted about this giveaway!
    That’s two entry’s right??

  • Reply Jon Bausman at

    I would buy a new tent! I’ve had mine for a while and could either use a lighter tent for backpacking or a 4 season tent for some winter escapades! And I totally scheduled a shout out on the twitter too ;).

  • Reply Jason at

    I usually just buy running shoes at STP, so a pair of TNF trail running shoes (Ultra Guide) or a pair cycling bib shorts. (PI Pro Leader bib or maybe the Giordana Tenax)

  • Reply Tanya Patrice at

    I’d probably get some cold weather cycling gear – jacket and tights. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Reply Kate at

    Woot! Fun weekend for you and your pup 🙂

    If I won your STP GC, I’d buy the Vasque high-top Goretex hiking boots I’ve had my eye on. My dad bought my current boots when I was 15 and going away on a two-week Outward Bound type camp. That makes my boots very nearly 20 years old LOL! I’m emotionally attached to them, of course!

  • Reply Jason at

    I would love to start buying my son some camping gear so we can take some adventures next spring.

  • Reply Rachel @ Betty LIVIN at

    I would use that gift card to get a pair of really good snowboarding gloves. I am lucky to have money for a lift ticket so I have been using the same cheap glove for ten seasons! A nice warm pair should would be nice.

  • Reply LeeAnn at

    I need cold weather running pants…and a new jacket…shoes?…and of course, something for my furry little guy! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Reply Paul Osborn at

    An Elephant… They do sell elephants don’t they?

    • Reply heather at

      Yes, as well as various other animals of large sizes 😉

  • Reply Becki @ Bites 'n Brews at

    I’d get a real overnight pack. I used my day pack back in California but the hip padding was sadly lacking and painful!

  • Reply Art at

    The Carhartt Sandstone Hooded Multi-pocketed, Sherpa-lined Jacket…and I’d still have $29 left to have some more fun!

  • Reply Art at

    Or the Marmot Pre-cip Waterproof Jacket with $30 left over!

  • Reply mike at

    Climbing pants! And a base layer for winter rock climbing!

  • Reply Ian McCanless at

    I would buy a ski rack for my dad’s car.

  • Reply Marissa @ Barefoot Colorado at

    I need a new ski coat! So that would be first on the list!

  • Reply David Skinner at

    I just froze my toes hiking Mt. Whitney last week and my campmate’s down booties were so enviously warm looking! STP’s site always feeds my outdoor addiction!

  • Reply Jillian at

    I’d get my husband a pair of lightweight snow pants for this winter. We have a lot of snowshoe and hiking plans, so it’s time he gets some more comfortable gear!

  • Reply Eric at

    I would put it towards running snowshoes – I am racing a 6 hours snowshoe race this feb and cant do that in my hiking snowshoes!

  • Reply Jerilee at

    How fun! I really need new trail running shoes and/or a vest I can layer with during these cold running months.

  • Reply lynne @ lgsmash at

    AVALANCHE BEACONS. Top of my list for this winter.

  • Reply Paulina at

    Am in desperate need of more merino wool shirts!!

  • Reply Jane at

    I would definitely put it towards a new pair of skis! Moving to Denver next month and excited to explore!

  • Reply Julia Tock at

    Great give-away! I’d buy the OR Verglas gaiters and a new Mountain Hardwear Monkey Woman jacket. Oops that’s over $100 but so it goes every time I shop at STP!

  • Reply Julia Tock at

    Just tweeted about giveaway for double entry!

  • Reply Anagha Bharadwaj at

    Also, I tweeted 🙂

  • Reply Mona at

    Just spent quite a bit of time browsing their website….so many things I could get for $100.00! Boots or a coat would be on top of my list.

  • Reply Jacqueline at

    Definitely the Outdoor Research Alibi Jacket, though I can’t decide which color…

  • Reply RFC at

    SO MANY WARM THINGS! That is what I would buy! I’m bound and determined to LOVE the winter this year in Vermont, not dread it!

  • Reply Alyssa Erickson at

    I’d buy my husband new ski pants!

  • Reply Alyssa at

    Get my husband some ski pants!

  • Reply Alyssa at

    And I tweeted it!

  • Reply Rich Kolb at

    A sweater maybe, I love sweaters, or some wool socks. If they had a ski helmet, I’d love a blue ski helmet.

  • Reply Rich Kolb at

    And I tweeted, but I suspect you know that.

  • Reply Leah at

    I’d buy a new winter coat!

  • Reply Sarah C. at

    Awesome give-away! I’d buy all the warm things for winter running and hiking – now that I live in the high desert I realize that I’m unprepared for actual cold winter weather!

  • Reply Dennis at

    I really need a new sleeping bag or maybe dakine luggage

  • Reply Whitney at

    I need me some new running shoes!

  • Reply Lauren at

    I would buy new bike shorts – I DESPERATELY need them since the ones I have are from when I was 65 pounds heavier. Helloooo diaper status!

  • Reply Lauren at

    I would use $100 towards a new set of skis for my husband. He has been using a hand-me-down pair for a few years and I think it’s time to surprise him with a brand new set from Santa!

  • Reply Axel (@apkussma) at

    We just visited a new outdoor retailer (I had a gift card). I got some great Columbia hiking pants and a hat, but we didn’t find the ‘mud suits’ (one piece waterproof shell) for the kids we wanted to find. It doesn’t look like STP (hah! a favourite band) has them either, but there’s always triathlon gear, or snowshoes…

  • Reply cassidy at

    I would go for a pair of rock climbing shoes!

  • Reply Kevin O'Toole at

    A backpack for my dog and some trail runners for me.

  • Reply ADKinLA at

    I am planning on going to some Utah parks and need a new pair of lightweight boots for all the rock scrambling. I was thinking about grabbing a pair of the Asolo Synchro boots if I win!

  • Reply Melissa M at

    I need a new coat for my trip to Seattle this Christmas! I doubt my coats for the TX “winter” will work.

  • Reply Lauren at

    I’d get a combo of running capris and warm warm warm gloves. They’re desperately needed soon!

  • Reply Lauren at

    also tweeted @runninglaur

  • Reply Chad at

    I like the weather here in Colorado lately too. Snow in the mountains, sun on the Front Range. I’ll take that. As for a gift card, I’d have to go with snow shoes. I did a lot of hiking in “Rocky” last winter when I first moved here. It would be much easier this Winter with some snow shoes.

  • Reply Chad at


  • Reply Teri Pitman at

    I have always wanted a down jacket since I moved to Colorado, I honk this is the year…8 years later:)

  • Reply christy at

    I would buy some sort of jacket that would be good for biking in the winter. I rode my bike in 40 degree temps yesterday in my poofy work jacket. No good!

  • Reply Pam Lambert at

    I would love to get some lightweight clothes to go snowshoeing. I have to many bulky items

  • Reply Jen T at

    I might get some new gloves or boots (or both!). It’s too dangerous to look on their site to see what I would buy because then I’ll just end up buying it – so hard to pass up a good deal!

  • Reply Pam Lambert at

    I would definitely get some lightweight clothes for snowshoeing

  • Reply Jen T at

    Just followed and tweeted as well 🙂

  • Reply Pam S at

    I was just on their site looking at trail running shoes this past weekend, so that’s what I’d pick.

  • Reply Kim @livingdomestically at

    I would buy a new jacket for the cooler temperatures. I love comfy jackets and hate wearing the same jacket every day 🙂

  • Reply Deniz at

    Wow! What a great giveaway and perfect timing with winter fast approaching here in the mid-Atlantic. I am in desperate need of some good sturdy warm boots. I have a bunch of dressy pairs but nothing that will keep me toasty during those snowy cold days.

  • Reply Anna at

    Amazing giveaway!!! I would love a black down vest. I’ve been wanting one for awhile, but never like the price tag that comes with a quality vest. This would be the perfect opportunity to get one!

  • Reply Cassie @ Rural Running Redhead at

    This is a terrific giveaway! I would get either gloves or snowboots. My hands and feet get so cold!

  • Reply Cassie @ Rural Running Redhead at

    And I tweeted. 🙂

  • Reply Karl at

    A cozy mid-weight fleece or jacket. I have a light one and one for the snow, but nothing in between!

  • Reply Krista C. at

    Sierra Trading Post always has such great deals. I would probably get a new pair of event hiking boots by Teva.

  • Reply Laura Anderson at

    LOVE STP, always some great deals. If I won I think I would go with a pair of snowshoes- my fiance and I are always looking for ways to stay active especially when off season rolls around (both runners/triathletes) and we have a lot of places near us where we could use the snowshoes!

  • Reply Laura Anderson at

    I tweeted 🙂 Tweet Tweet!

  • Reply Jenna (@urbanfitopia) at

    Love the post! I would by some minimal New Balance running shoes!

  • Reply patrick voo at

    i’m hoping to start trail running next year (transitioning from road marathoning) – and ihear that the new balance mt 1010v2 are a great shoe!

  • Reply Kiley @ DVF at

    I’d spend it on my 2 boys, maybe coats or shoes…can’t decide!

  • Reply Cathryn at

    I really need some new winter boots. Maybe not NEEEEED but REALLY want 🙂

  • Reply Caren at

    I could use a new ski helmet and some winter boots!

  • Reply Kristen M at

    I would purchase sleeping pads for camping.

  • Reply Mark Peesel at

    Hi Heather, I would buy hiking and/or running shoes for my kids! Boy do they outgrow them quickly! Deer creek is beautiful! I used to hike there a lot with my dogs, but now hike more in Evergreen and further west. Enjoy your posts!

  • Reply Rachel at

    Awesome giveaway! I’d definitely get a base layer. I will e needing it in Montana this winter!

  • Reply Kelsey @ Ramblings of Change at

    I would look into a new winter coat – Both of mine are a little big! I would look into Marmot or Mountain Hardwear! Too many options to make a clear decision. =)

  • Reply Maggie at

    I nearly always stop at STP on my drive back from Ft. Collins or Denver…I love browsing, even if I don’t buy anything. I think I’d get either one of those fancy bike jackets with zip-off sleeves or one of their lightweight down jackets.

  • Reply Matt at

    About to go on a yearlong trip, and need some sturdy everything shoes!

  • Reply Denise G. at

    I used to be a huge STP addict, but I’ve toned it down in the last year (since being pregnant). I’d use the gift to get a hiking backpack for our little guy. I know it’ll be a few months before he’d be ready to be on dad’s back, but we’ll get a lot of use out of it as I love to hike and dad’s a big backpacker.

  • Reply Charlene at

    I would be buying running clothing or a new pair of sneakers!

  • Reply Robert David at

    I need to replace my Lowa boots. Suggestions for an all leather all weather boot?

    • Reply heather at

      Are you looking for insulated? And why all leather?

  • Reply Whitney Sutherland at

    I love Sierra Trading Post and love to stock up on swimsuits for my lunch time lap swimming workouts. I can always find awesome deals and fun prints!

  • Reply Whitney Sutherland at

    Here the tweet that I sent out about the giveaway!

  • Reply Kristen at

    I would purchase some cold weather tights! THanks!

  • Reply Stacie M. at

    I would buy some new hiking boots!

  • Reply Stacie M. at

    Also tweeted about the contest

  • Reply Kayla @ kpLOVINGit at

    For some reason, blogger didn’t show any of your posts for the week on my homepage until all at once!! Looks like I’ve been missing out on all your exciting news! Love your top picture. Sorry you seeester left you.

    Per entry rules, I’d love to get a new pair of shoes or pants….I always need both.

  • Reply Kayla @ kpLOVINGit at

    I tweeted. 🙂 I’m too retarded to figure out how to get the pretty link.

    Kayla Carruth ‏@kpLOVINGit 1m
    Win $100 to Sierra Trading Post

  • Reply Welcome to the World of Airlines - Just a Colorado Gal at

    […] you haven’t already, don’t forget to enter to win $100 to Sierra Trading Post! Giveaway ends this […]

  • Reply Beth at

    I NEED new hiking boots NOW. I backpacked through Arizona’s lower Sycamore Canyon Wilderness which was mostly just a creek bed with soccer ball sized rocks … in worn out trail runners. Feet are unhappy…

  • Reply Laura at

    I’d get some new sports bras – STP has great prices and you can never have too many of those!

  • Reply Leanne at

    I’m in the market for a fleece and some new smartwool socks and I know Sierra Trading Post won’t disappoint!

  • Reply Alex M at

    I would definitely use this to stock up on some new cold weather accessories… hat, new gloves, etc.

  • Reply Erica G at

    I am torn between new sports bras or new running shoes. Please make me have to decide.

  • Reply Michelle Milligan at

    I would buy a winter coat or ski pants. and I tweeted too! Love ya Heather!

  • Reply Colleen at

    I would purchase new running tights!

  • Reply Becky P. at

    I would either get some cute boots, winter running wear. They have really cute cold weather caps too. Too many choices.

  • Reply Sue at

    Merrell shoes! Specifically the road glove.

  • Reply Apparently I Have No Friends {Giveaway Winner} - Just a Colorado Gal at

    […] Saturday, I had originally planned to hit the trails at Deer Creek with Heidi, Paula and Lynne. We had set a time that I thought would work with my gas station […]

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