I have an infection….otherwise known as the travel bug!

The Pyramids of Giza

After years of exploring the mountains of Colorado, I had the urge to travel internationally and experience cultures beyond those that I already knew. As a junior at the University of Colorado, I made the random and spontaneous decision (filled out the paperwork the night before it was due!) to study abroad in Alicante, Spain. I spent six months living with a host family, perfecting my Spanish skills, and getting into all kinds of trouble in Europe. I trekked the Camino de Santiago in Northern Spain and got into serious mischief on a train in France. I slept on a beach when hostels were full and hiked the extra miles when I couldn’t find a bus to take me where I wanted to go. I lived life the way it should be done, and loved every minute.

The problem? Once I came home to Colorado, the travel bug was insatiable. Not only had living abroad not “gotten it out of my system,” but instead, it had fueled the exploration fire! How did I solve this problem?

Riding an elephant in Northern Thailand

Naturally, I took off again! I spent months traversing the United States via my Trek bicycle, living out of a Mountain Hardwear tent and checking out people and places in my own backyard. I then followed that up with a year in South and Central America where we did nothing other than explore the continent, its people, its peaks, and its valleys. I got pick pocketed and abandoned in the Ecuadorian Amazon for New Year’s Eve and ate a rotten guinea pig (cuy), but it was all part of the adventure!

Piranha fishing in the Ecuadorian Amazon

I arrived home after 13+ months of living out of a backpack….and promptly left four months later. Yes, again! This time I headed to South East Asia where I wandered around Thailand, Cambodia, and Tokyo, comparing the eastern part of the world to the Latin cultures I had left behind. The traveling was different this time because I was traveling with my parents, but it was equally amazing and eye-opening. Of course, the shenanigans didn’t cease just because I was on the other side of the world! My favorite story describes the time when I had to bribe a Cambodian official to allow me into the country… but that’s a story for a later date 🙂

Mountain biking the “World’s Most Dangerous Road” in Bolivia

After returning home, I finally decided to settle down *a bit.* The travel bug is not gone, but I do enjoy having a home base to return to once I’ve worn out my backpack and traveling shoes. Our company closes in the winter so I have three months every year where I can travel or go wherever I want. My last adventure was to Egypt to visit the pyramids, but who knows where my next adventure will take me!

  • Jordan jones at

    Hey my name is Jordan. My girlfriend and I would like to take our dog backpacking in Colorado and it seems that all of the national parks won’t allow dogs on the trails. What are some other options?
    Thanks, Jordan

    • heather at

      Hey Jordan! Yeah, national parks don’t allow dogs on trails unfortunately. That’s not a Colorado rule; it’s a rule across the entire US! But, there is still tons of options! What month are you coming in? Snow has hit in the high country so it will be winter camping until next summer for sure. Maybe shoot me an email and we can chat:

  • Jess at

    I’ve definitely got the travel bug infection too! I hope to read more about our travels soon 🙂

  • Aron at

    You are right that you open up a world to himself in fullness! This is really cool, So you start to feel your planet! Especially if you do on the road a good deeds you become its ruler!

  • Erin Vandiver at

    Hello! I definitely have the travel bug, I could take off and never come back.. my husband doesn’t necessarily agree. Mainly because of money, what is the best advice you have as far as money is concerned? Thanks in advance 🙂

    • heather at

      Hi Erin, I’m not sure I understand your question. Are you wondering how to earn money while you travel? Or how much to save up before?