Warren Miller’s No Turning Back: Giveaway

It was 70 degrees in Denver yesterday and it’s looking like this weekend will be no different. Sure, I’ll enjoy that weather while frolicking around the sunny trails of Moab this weekend, but truthfully, I’m over it. Bring on the snows!

Fortunately, we’re smack in the middle of ski film season and there are a plethora of powder-shredding movies to enjoy while waiting for the fluffy stuff to fly. And, if you’re interested in that sort of thing, I’ve got some free tickets for you!

No Turning Back, the latest from the famed Warren Miller, is coming to Denver on Friday, November 21. Even better? There is a VIP meet-and-greet ย with Seth Wescott prior to the event!

{If you don’t know who that is, give him a quick Google. You’re welcome.}

Seth Wescott WM poster

This entire night of goodness takes place at the Paramount beginning at 3:30. The VIP event ends at 5:30, and the special screening of No Turning Back starts at 6pm.

So, do you want to come?! Thanks to LL Bean, I have FIVE TICKETS to give away to this double feature evening {meaning you get to go to both the meet-and-greet and the film}. Additionally, each ticket includes a +1 option so you can bring your husband or wife or neighbor or dog….or whoever.

And I’ll be there too, so there’s that.

Rob Kingwill WM poster

To enter, just leave a comment below telling me why you’re psyched for ski season. If you feel like sharing this on Twitter too, leave a second comment for a double entry. Giveaway will close at midnight on Thursday, November 13. I’ll contact the winners on Friday, November 14.

Good luck!



  • Reply Lucas at

    I would love to go to this! I can’t wait for ski season. Signing up for the Grand Traverse so I’ll be needing all the motivation I can get!

  • Reply kia at

    I am psyched for ski season because being psyched for the inevitable cold and snow is better than dreading it. I suppose I am psyched for the soaking in hot tubs and springs after playing in the snow the most.

  • Reply Kim Daly at

    I love ski season because we got our 4-year-old daughter on skis last year and she can’t wait for her next run; it’s so fun to watch her excitement beforehand AND on the hill! We also brought her to her first Warren Miller film last year and well, let’s just say some free tix would totally help psych this little skier up for a second year! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Reply Kovas - Midwest Multisport Life at

    This will be my first season for Ski Patrol, so I’m psyched and terrified for that. I would happily trade our 40’s for your 70’s. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Reply Heidi Kumm at

    Since I don’t have a season pass this year…I’m pumped for backcountry wandering and snowy trail running. Where is the snow?!

  • Reply Somer Nelson at

    Wish I was there. Looks like a good time. Have fun in Moab. Love that place!

  • Reply Lindsey at

    I’m psyched for the stillness. Of looking out over the top of my favorite run (Belle Fourche at Mary Jane) and hearing nothing but the wind and the rustle of the pine trees. Of my skiis gliding over fresh snow and the sound of my heart racing as I gain speed through the trees. Then reaching the bottom and realizing I now have a mile-long cat walk in front of me to make it back to the lift!

  • Reply Corinne Baur at

    My hubby is dying to ski this season! He is bemoaning the hot weather too. This movie might tide him over until he can get into the white fluff himself.

  • Reply Austin at

    Psyched to shred the pow all across CO! May Mother Nature bring us epic dumps and knee deep in short order. Bring on winter!

  • Reply AustinB at

    Can’t wait to float through the pow with face-shots at every turn! Bring on Winter.

  • Reply Kate at

    I’m psyched for ski season because I just can’t wait to ski again!

  • Reply Anna at

    I have Wednesdays off from my new job so I’m looking forward to weekday skiing with no lines and no traffic!

  • Reply Jerica at

    I am so excited for this season because I bought a new snowboard and I’m going to focus on getting better at riding switch! I can’t wait!

  • Reply Martha at

    I have been living in Florida for the last 6 years, and I am really excited to finally be close to the mountains again and to go from intermediate to advanced this season!

  • Reply Rachel Laux at

    I do love rock climbing, hiking, paddle boarding, tubing, camping, etc. but all of those combined do not even compare to how much I love snowboarding. I just graduated and I was worried I wasn’t going to be able to afford it this year so I just put it on my credit card early and nearly have it paid off! Needless to say I AM SO PUMPED! I look forward to getting better each year and last year I started doing some tricks so I get to continue working on those… AH! CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS WEEKEND!

  • Reply Marty Dickinson at

    I’m psyched for ski season because skiing is the one place I can go with my 16yo son and 10yo daughter where dad (me) is still cool because the kids (who both started skiing at 2 1/2) still consider me a “rockin’ skier” and I still have a few more years where I can go first to last chair ๐Ÿ™‚ Skiing also keeps me away from my computer which is really the only true full day break I get throughout the week. I would be equally excited to go to the Warren Miller movie! My son and I went every year for seven years as we are here in the Denver area. We even got to shake Warren’s hand once in his last travel year. But it’s been three years since we’ve gone due to money constraints. My daughter has never been to WM and I sure regret that.

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