Winter Wonderland

Spending the holidays at my parents’ log home has been magical in some regards. There is something completely serene and peaceful about nestling yourself into the side of a mountain and watching the snow fall. Luckily, we experienced the rare occurrence of snow actually falling on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, and this seemed to make everything more special. In fact, we didn’t just get a dusting of snow: we received a foot on Monday, another six inches on Tuesday, and then another 4-6 inches last night!

It seriously is a winter wonderland out there!

Tiger wanted to explore too, but it was a lot for his little legs!

Everyone else left the cabin this morning, so I took Tals out for a walk in the snow after waking up. I am headed to Park City tomorrow (more on that later!) so my parents took Tals with them back to the city. I wanted to make sure she was behaved on the car ride — which we all know is near impossible! — so we tromped through the snow for a good 40 minutes to let her exercise her demons.

See Tals romping through the center of the photo?

Nothing like a couple feet of snow to wear a crazy mutt out!

She lays down in the snow every time she gets overheated— cools her lil’ body right down!

I was out there around 8am and everything was completely silent. There was no traffic, no voices, no hustle and bustle sounds that come with rush hour in the suburbs……just silence. Tals kept running off to chase deer and squirrels, but I just needed to stop walking and listen for the jingle of her dog collar if I couldn’t see her. As far as I’m concerned, there is no better way to enjoy a beautiful morning after it snows!

Unless I’m using these suckers, of course….

That’s right! My parents got me new alpine (downhill) ski boots for Christmas! For those of you that are curious, they are the Nordica Hell and Back boots. I chose them because they are great for in-bounds, but also for sidecountry. I don’t plan on using them for too much backcountry (especially since Will got me the new AT setup!), but I like having the option. I do some hike-to skiing in the back bowls of both Copper and Winter Park, so hopefully these work well on-piste as well as off. I’ll be sure to do a review at some point for those skiers out there!

The winner of the $125 gift card to Road Runner Sports is Caroline from Canadian Runner in Exile. Caroline, shoot me an email and we’ll get you hooked up!
How do you feel about massive snowstorms– love to get out and play in it or stay bundled up inside?

To all those skiers out there: have any of y’all tried cross-over boots such as these? Thoughts?


  • Reply Ali Mc at

    We got hit last night and we were outside ALL morning playing in the snow!!!! why stay inside?!?!?!

    PS: I am LOVING those new boots. they look sick.

    • Reply Ali Mc at

      Oh and hope you had a great xmas and I heart Tals <3

  • Reply Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog at

    I love massive snowstorms as long as I don’t have to drive in them. beautiful pictures, and what a great place to spend Christmas!

  • Reply enlightenedrunner at

    I actually miss the snow! Being stuck in San Francisco has me homesick for the Midwest, especially at Christmastime when it’s bound to snow. Amazing pictures!

  • Reply lynnb1984 at

    I normally love the snow, but between digging my car out of two feet in the airport shuttle parking lot, two hours of shoveling my driveway, the two foot ice berm that appeared behind my car this morning, and the fact that my pass is blacked out this week, I am a little bit annoyed by it.

    But I’m sure as soon as I can get out and play in it, I’ll be back to loving the snow.

  • Reply Jamie at

    Beautiful pictures! We got snow last night at Mike’s parents’ house (and our house too but we’re not there) and we ran in it today. I love it! I don’t really like winter too much but running in the snow is a great workout.

  • Reply Caroline at

    I am so happy!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!
    You made my day!!!!!!

    thank you!!!!!

  • Reply Life After Swimming at

    Holy cow you had much more snow than we have in PA! Look at those adorable doggy pictures 🙂

  • Reply greengirlrunning at

    love snow storms… probably because i live in a place where it never snows! we were just in tahoe during a snow storm and it was great!

  • Reply Heidi Nicole at

    So much snow!!

    I’m curious to know how much of a difference there is between in bounds, side country and back country ski boots. I might well just be completely uneducated in boarding, but I’ve never heard of a true difference in boarding boots when it comes to this. Is it something to do with the rigid support of ski boots and how unforgiving they can be when hiking? Just curious…

  • Reply Kayla Carruth at

    OMG. Callie wouldn’t even step foot outside the last few days because of the snow. She would get all excited about going outside, then I’d open the door, she’d take a peak, see the ground, and turn right back around and run from the door. Such a sissy!

  • Reply Heather @ Better With Veggies at

    Christmas in a log cabin?! Kirk and I were just talking about how we would love a small log cabin at some point, it’s just so calm and peaceful. And definitely Chrismas-y. Awesome! And I LOVE all the snow!

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