Workout: Fail

It’s been awhile, but it finally happened. My workout yesterday seriously sucked!

I’m not meaning to say that all my runs and CrossFit workout are rainbows and puppies, but usually I can finally get myself moving and find my motivation. Motivation is one thing, but yesterday had nothing to do with that…. I was just toast!


Photos aren’t from yesterday’s workout, but Will took them a few weeks back during a workout and I like them. Plus, I wouldn’t have any photos for the post!

I decided to head to CrossFit at 4:30 after I finished up a long day of computer work for my job. Usually, I prefer to exercise in the mornings, but now that I’m back at work, I kinda do it whenever I can. Sometimes I make it in the morning, but sometimes that just can’t happen. It’s not ideal, but it’s better than most work schedules, so I’m definitely not complaining! I walked into Big Horn feeling good and ready to go; I was even excited because Fran was on deck. For those of you that aren’t familiar, Fran is one of the tradition CrossFit workouts that everyone loves to hate. In short, it’s a series of 21-15-9 thrusters and pull-ups.

What does that mean? You do 21 thrusters, then 21 pull-ups, 15 thrusters, 15 pull-ups, and then 9 thrusters followed up with 9 pull-ups. The weight is moderately light because the point of the workout is to get an insane cardio burn. If you’re curious, check out this video:


I knew the workout wasn’t going well during the first half of the hour. We were doing some strength work by practicing snatches. If you don’t know what a snatch is, don’t worry—the takeaway is that for the life of me, every single weight felt insanely heavy! I couldn’t get my form right, I couldn’t get into a rhythm, and I finally concluded that portion of the hour by practicing with a 15# bar because I just couldn’t get my shit together!


Wearing my Reebok PWR pants and my pink Nanos!

Because of this, I headed into Fran a little wary. The prescribed weight for the thrusters is 65#, but I knew that was off-limits. Typically, I can handle 55#, but that sure wasn’t happening yesterday! I settled on 45# and hoped for the best.

Welp, my best sure didn’t happen! Did I survive the workout? Sure, and I completed it in 5:58. However, it was painful and awkward and far more difficult than it needed to be. The thrusters were insanely heavy when they should’ve felt the opposite, and I damn near puked all over myself doing the pull-ups. So not even kidding. I finished the workout barely feeling like I was able to push my cardio levels because everything had felt so heavy. How was I supposed to get my heart rate up if I could barely lift my water bottle? Weak sauce.


FYI: I didn’t do any clean and jerks yesterday!

In short, the takeaway from the workout was this: I need a freaking rest day! So, today I’m doing nothing! I took Tals for a walk, just finished up at work, and I am sitting here on the couch and reading all night. It’s gonna be great!


What do you do when you just can’t seem to get it together during your workout? Suck it up or bail?

I’m glad I didn’t bail, but man… it wasn’t pretty.


  • Reply Kovas - Midwest Multisport Life at

    Depends whether it’s to the point of possible injury – I never chance that.

    • Reply heather at

      Agreed. Usually a bad workout doesn’t mean injury to me though. I want to stay intact so I can suck it up long enough to avoid something that will cause me pain!

  • Reply Ed at

    I suck it up…but the last two times I have been to crossfit I have been so far behind everyone and almost dead. I think everyone has those days…it just happens to be twice in a row for me lately. Sounds like u got worked though…and remember that is the point to all this!

    • Reply heather at

      I think the days when you are dead last build character!

  • Reply Dave Sandel at

    Bail. Definitely, always, bail. Unless I can do something else to change my psychological state in short order and return to the workout.

    • Reply heather at

      Haha, really? Do you give it a try first before deciding game over?

      • Reply Dave Sandel at

        Oh, definitely. I mean, if I get going on my working sets and find that the weight feels enormouslier heavier than it should, I usually go a lot less (like you did, kudos) or try a different movement. If it turns out that I’m just in a crappy mood or absolutely everything is going horrible, then I bail. And that might seem like a lot of time to figure it out, perhaps more than just finishing it, but I can usually tell within 5 min.

        And then I go and do something that makes me happy (like you’re doing today), forget about a missed workout, and look forward to the next session.

  • Reply Alyssa at

    I usually just push through like you and take what I can get, but it’s super frustrating! If the thought of continuing truly makes me want to cry, I call it a day if it’s not an essential workout (like a long run). If it is a long run, I just cry my way through it. Kidding.

    • Reply heather at

      Since it so rarely happens to me (to this extent), I was beyond frustrated! I left in such a mood!

  • Reply Kayla @ kpLOVINGit at

    Gag. I hate days like that. I suck it up (except for those few times when I’ve actually driven to the gym, sat in the parking lot, and driven back home before doing anything because I was too tired!! haha), but definitely take the hint that my body needs more rest. Working long hours on the computer probably didn’t help much with giving your body energy, either.

    • Reply heather at

      I’ve done that before! I’ve totally gotten there, turned around, and driven home because I knew I just wasn’t with the program 🙂

  • Reply Jess @ Blonde Ponytail at

    Fran is such a mean WOD. I think just like race days, CrossFit days can simply suck for no reason. Glad you are recovering and enjoying time with your best girl!! 🙂

    • Reply heather at

      We had a cuddle puddle 🙂

  • Reply Heidi @BananaBuzzbomb at

    Oof hate when that happens. When I know my heart isn’t in it as well as my mind and body I take a pass. Hope you enjoyed your rest day!

    • Reply Dave Sandel at

      Clap, clap! I read your recent post about this, and agree 100%! I’ve been trying to spread the word for the past 4 years with everything you mentioned.

      I tried to comment, but your facebook comments weren’t playing nicely with my phone.

      • Reply heather at

        Ha, are you talking about Heidi’s post re: bucket lists? I’m so confused 🙂

        • Reply Dave Sandel at

          Yeah, I was replying to Heidi, re: her post a couple days ago about pushing through pain and walking away from workout (not bucket lists, I don’t think; I can’t remember).

  • Reply Christy at

    Depends on the day and e workout, nothing wrong with listening to your body and downgrading your workout if you need to.

  • Reply Christy at

    Depends on the day and e workout, nothing wrong with listening to your body and downgrading your workout if you need to.

  • Reply Miz at

    Im a bailer
    which, sadly, is different than a BALLER 🙂

    • Reply heather at

      However, sometimes a bailer can be a baller! Yeaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!

  • Reply Lindsay @ The Lean Green Bean at

    i feel ya girl. i had one of these workouts this morning. not exactly the same, but the whole wod was stuff i couldn’t do…and i just hated every minute. hands down my least favorite crossfit workout i’ve ever done. oh well. tomorrow’s a new day.

    • Reply heather at

      Those are the worst! Luckily, I went in this morning and it was a bunch of stuff that I liked– deadlifts, knees to elbows, and jump-over box jumps. Score!

  • Reply Laura @ Mommy Run Fast at

    Those workouts are so tough! Definitely the body’s way of letting us know it’s time to step back. Enjoy the rest day!

    • Reply heather at

      Agreed. I rested yesterday and today was so much better. Lesson learned!

  • Reply Christine @ Love, Life, Surf at

    I definitely have a tendency to push through and I’ll mean to take a rest day but then end up working out. I feel like my body has been dragging lately so I AM going to take a rest day today. Hope you enjoy yours!!

    • Reply heather at

      Yay! You should throw a little extra chocolate into your rest day 🙂 I hear it cures all!

  • Reply Danielle @ itsaharleyyylife at

    some days my body doesn’t get with it at CrossFit either. It is so annoying! but good news is you kept moving and there is always tomorrow! (:

    • Reply heather at

      This was the first time I really just felt like I couldn’t do it. Usually, I’m just blah, but I was just toast. Oh well!

  • Reply misszippy at

    I think you did what you could do on that day. They won’t all be perfect. Resting up is the perfect answer and you’ll be back to crush it next time!

    • Reply heather at

      You know, I think your comment applies to your run this weekend too!

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  • Reply Katie @k8tlevy at

    I had the same thing happen last night…we did a 2RM hang clean max first and I failed at a weight I shouldn’t have failed at. I just couldn’t get myself together! Then, we did Fran too, and I know I can go faster than I did, but my body just wasn’t cooperating. It happens! We can learn from these nights, accept that we have off days, and move on 🙂

    • Reply heather at

      Man, it was no bueno. But at least it’s done so I can plan on it not happening again for awhile! 😉

  • Reply Kelly @ Cupcake Kelly's at

    I know some days I am still sore from the previous day workouts so I lower my weights, making sure my form is perfect and that I am not slouching or something, but I also know that if I am feeling angry about my workout it is time to rest.

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