Xcel Energy’s Windsource Program: Renewable Energy

If I’ve learned anything from my readers over the past few years of blogging, it is this: tread lightly when it comes to sponsored posts. When Xcel Energy approached me about this content, I immediately shook my head and thought, “No way, man! I will get hammered!” However, I thought about it a bit more and changed my mind. You see, renewable energy is something that Will and I are both passionate about. We’ve looked into installing solar panels on the roof of our house, but unfortunately, it out of our budget right now. Additionally, we’ve got out eyes set on purchasing land and building a cabin in the next few years, and we’re hoping to power that property entirely with green energy. Maybe it comes from my years of living in Boulder, but truthfully, I think it’s just personal responsibility. In my opinion, renewable energy is where we need to focus for the future. Period.

When I lived in an apartment, I was less aware of how much energy I used. First of all, I was single. Secondly, my apartment was less than 1,000 square feet, so it required minimal energy to heat and cool. These days, our house is significantly larger and it requires much more power. I can’t help but think of our footprint as we continue to use more resources. In fact, it’s a scary thought.


Wind power is another form of alternative energy that is worth looking at. Fortunately, we get some wicked winds in Colorado, regardless of whether I like it or not! Moreover, we don’t have to erect a windmill in our suburban neighborhood to harness the wind energy — Xcel’s Windsource Program takes care of it.

What is Windsource?

In a nutshell, Windsource is Xcel’s voluntary energy program that allows customers to choose to support green power. In 2013, it was ranked third in the nation in terms of the largest number of participants in a voluntary green energy program. Currently, Windsource is offered in five of Xcel’s eight states: Colorado, Minnesota, New Mexico, Wisconsin and Michigan. The program is also certified through Green-E, the leading consumer protection certification for green power programs.

How Does Windsource Work?

Again, this program is voluntary. Windsource allows Xcel customers to choose how much of their power they would like to receive from wind energy. They can start with one block per month, which is the equivalent of 100-kilowatt hours of electricity. The cost of the block varies by state, but one block basically provides enough electricity to power the lights in an “typical” home for one month. Naturally, customers can also opt to 100% power their home through Windsource.

Windsource customers do pay a premium in return for the environmental attributes of the renewable energy, giving them the right to make the claim that they are powered by renewable energy {This premium shows up on the monthly bill.} Business customers can use their Windsource participation toward LEED certification points, as well as displaying an overall green sensibility and respect for the environment.

How Do You Sign Up For Windsource?

If you’re a residential electric customer, you can call Xcel at 1-800-895-4999. Or, since most of us prefer the internet anyway {!}, you can visit ResponsibleByNature.com/Windsource to enroll.

If you’re a business customer, contact Xcel’s account manager or call the Business Solution Center at 1-800-481-4700. Sadly, you don’t get to use the internet!

Want More Info About Windsource?

I realize this is a lot of info in a small space, but if you’re curious about green power and want to look into Windsource some more, here are a few links:

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Xcel Energy. The opinions and text are all mine.